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Yup 100% sure.

100%? i’m in a bad mood 90% of the time, will you be ok with that? with my mood swings? i change my mind in the last minute, will you be pissed at me? sometimes i disappear for like a week, i only talk to my mom, because i need this time alone, and then i’ll come back as if nothing happened, will you be mad and ask 3456789 times “are you mad at me” even if i already said no? sometimes i just lay on my bed the whole day, i just get up to pee, will you bother me? or sometimes you’ll have to wake up at 7am so we can take the train to go to that x city just to eat something i saw on the internet, will you go with me? i complain a lot, will you make a bored face the whole time? 50% of the time im on the internet im googling things about the universe, will you do that too so you can tell me the cool things you found?

those are some of the things you have to think about before saying you are 100% sure you want me


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Hi, sorry, could you please tell me what does louis says in this video (1:48) that makes harry laugh? www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=Hwbjjha2Y-o

i can hear “should we save this” and i can hear a thing he says after that. but i think harry was laughing at james’s comment about harry being off the refined sugar?