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Halo: Escalation - Issue #12, Exposure (Part 2)

Disaster looms as Spartans Ray and Thorne race against time to track down a mysterious new weapon of mass destruction.

This is the very last issue of Halo: Escalation, releasing November 26th. Sounds like it’s going to lead directly into Halo 5, and it’s going to be linked with Halo: Nightfall as well regarding this mysterious bio-weapon (Flooooooooooood).


Halo 4 Game Of The Year Edition

The Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition is now available to pre-order at the Microsoft Store and will be released on October 8th! 

The Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition is packed with hours of new content including the all-new Halo 4 Champions Bundle and the War Games Map Pass. As a bonus, the new edition also contains over 15 pieces of in-game and avatar content from the Halo 4 campaign and the all-new Master Chief Avatar Cloak inspired by Halo for Xbox One.

What’s included:

  • War Games Map Pass: Majestic Map Pack, Castle Map Pack & Crimson Map Pack
  • Champions Bundle: Steel Skin Pack, Infinity Armor Pack, and Bullseye Map Pack
  • Armor and Helmets: Recruit PRME, Venator RPTR, Gungnir PULS, Oceanic CRCT, Hazop FRST, CIO WEB, Strider, Scanner, Locus, and Deadeye
  • Emblems Row 1: Spartan, Prime, Mjolnir, Falcon. Row 2: Assassin, Bonebreaker, Bulletproof, and Corbulo
  • Weapon Skins: Battle Rifle ACT, Assault Rifle PRM, and LightRifle IMP
  • Avatar Items: Cloaked Chief, Ghost Prop, and UNSC shirt
  • Haven theme and Longbow theme

The Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition is available to pre-order now at the Microsoft Store for $39.99, and will be released on October 8th.

Will you be buying it?


Here is some leaked footage of the Spartan Laser in Halo 4. There’s not that much to say about the video other than: ¡Me gusta! Halo 4, as you will have already marked in your calendars (no doubt), is out on November 6th!

Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition Coming October

The new version of Halo 4 as being available for $49.99 this fall along with Spartan Ops Season 1, a War Games Map Pass, the Halo 4 Champions Bundle and the digital content previously available as pre-order bonuses or in the Halo 4 Limited Edition.

Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Opinion

I don’t like it.

I felt that the game was balanced enough before the update, the Mantis Chain Gun needed a bit of a beef up, but everything else was fine. Now I’m getting destroyed left right and centre.

Battle Rifle is a superior weapon compared to a DMR due to no bloom, SAWs kill in an instant it takes you to blink, Beam Rifles are spawning practically as soon as the previous one is drained, Assault Rifles are still too overpowered-the apparent decrease in aim assist feels non-existent.

And the fact that games still lag (which i know you can’t fix) makes dying even easier. I played a game where an opponent came out around the corner with a Beam Rifle and from my point of view he killed me before he even saw me.

I feel that 343 has completely taken away the skill component of Halo now, its become the COD basis of first see first kill-and if my weapon is better than yours i win.

Oh, and thanks for taking all the Scoprion tanks out, it’s not like I was going for that Commendation or anything

Am I the only one who doesn’t like it?