34 inch waist 45 inch hips

weigh in! 4/9/17

HW: 220 lbs
CW: 168.6 lbs
lost this week: 5 lbs
total lost: 51.4 lbs

starting BMI: 33.1
current BMI: 28.9

waist (narrow): 34 inches { -1 in. from last week}
waist (widest): 40.5 inches { -1 in.}
hips: 45 inches { -1 in.}
thigh: 26.5 inches { -1 in.}
bicep: 14.5 inches { +0.5 in.}

body fat % at HW: 56.9%
body fat percentage: 41%

soooooo as of today’s weigh in I LOST 50 POUNDS!!!!!!! i finally hit that mark!! im so excited and never in my life thought i would ever step on a scale and see myself in the 160′s. im in complete shock and kept re-weighing myself bc i really thought the scale had to be wrong. and for a NSV — i have this pair of nike shorts that i bought my freshman year of high school and they never fit me. i was only able to wear these shorts as pajamas and yesterday i wore them for the first time since last summer and was about to cry of happiness because they were too big! this has just been a great week and i can’t wait to make next week better!