25th April 2017
Brydie is 2yr 5mth
Natalia is 8.5mths (33wks) pregnant

Hi guys!
Long time no talk. Natalia here :)
On Sunday we all decided to take a trip to the Zoo. Funnily enough, not many people were around when we went later in the afternoon, which was great! Brydie had a blast, and she fell asleep in the car, and didn’t wake up until 10pm! Which was a nightmare for Silas, who was up at that time and had to stay up with Brydie but they both ended up falling asleep on the couch.
As for me, I am now full term with my pregnancy! Time has absolutely flown by, before we know it our son will be here! His due date is on the 10th of June, but I have a feeling he’s gonna be an early bird. :)
This weekend we’re holding my baby shower, where everyone’s going to find out the name we chose for our son. I like to have my baby showers late, because all I get to do is sit (or lie) anywhere and eat food and open presents all day. Since I’m such a small person, I can’t be walking for long before I get out of breath. It makes everyday tasks such a struggle and I hate hate hate making Silas do everything but he does it all without complaining which is a godsend.
I’m gonna try picking up the posts from now on, as all I’m doing all day is hanging out with Brydie, although I’m pretty immobile so Silas’ parents or family friends help out and take her on little day trips. I love having mommy-daughter time with her, even though half of the time I can’t catch up with her. It’s moments like these that I’ll cherish, because our playtimes are going to be shared in a few months, and Brydie will start kindergarten when she’s 3. Busy times ahead! 

Until Next time,