For this weeks vinyl Party, Im set for the @paulrehm ’s pick,
PINK FLOYD’s dark side of the moon, but I will go crazy only spinning one album. , sooooo, here is my Collection,
Original, First Pressing of all the David Gilmore years, - the two 180 remasters of wish you were here and Dark-side.
Floyd, well, one of the best, easy, and if ya ever see us play live, I’m sure you’ll hear a twist or two from these fine Albums.
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The holly grail of the mighty Nineties. Extremely ( near impossible to find) such a limited run and Pressing, way way under 20,000 in all of North America, (remember, it was CD craze time)
Capitol records,
Original, 1992 first US pressing.
For @paulrehm and this weeks #vinyparty.

My kid brother and I had an Agreement, he buys the CD, and I buy the Vinyl. Always worked out well, except this time.
One day JJ, ( my brother) comes home and says hey man! Check out this band, Blind Mellon, all over MTV with the smash hit ( No- Rain) I was like are you kidding? This is amazing!! I was hooked. Boom. Massive fan. Changed my life. Shannon Hoon was a massive Dead head, and he is the ONLY reason I started searching for Dead Albums.
( different story all together)
Well, I never did find this Album on Vinyl. It just didn’t exist , even then. I’m glad I own it now, and it’s close to one of my more valuable albums, and even thou I was PISSED that I didn’t get the Re-issue on RSD, I’m awfully glad I Have a NM cover and Wax original. When Shannon died, I was heart broken. I was lucky enought to have seen him and the boys play 3 times. I’ll never forget the time he pissed on the Vancover front row because they were hounding him to play ‘No Rain’ haha, talk about balls. With a career that started with back up vocals for Guns and Roses, 'No Cry’ (he’s even in the video) to a drug over dose in the back of his tour van, way to short, and I promise we all lost out in some amazing music because of it, cheers SH… RIP, you are not forgotten.

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Haha, I just had HAD too! I was in grade 8 when this Album came out, it was honestly the last Glam Rock Album I bought, and what an album it was. Powerhouse of good times and memories.
This is Rare Album, hard to find on the original Columbia Label.
‘Dirty rotten filthy stinking Rich’
Columbia Records
Original US 1st Pressing

Glam, you love it or hate it, and honestly, if you didn’t grown up in the 80’s, it’s hard to relate, I mean there was a pile of crazy good music, cheesy, fun, pointless rock and Roll. But, as a musician, regardless if your a guitar player, drummer, vocalist, what ever, this shit was not easy to play, or perform. ( not justifying my love for 80’s Glam Metal, cause I don’t give a fuck, it’s part of my life, and had a hell of a good time , drinking my first beer , kissing that first girl.

Cheers, to all of you Vinyl folks, that love it all… Jazz to metal. ;)

R.I.P Jayni Lane, thanks for the party.


‘Spilt Milk’
Originally 1993 Virgin Records, released only in Cassette Tape, and CD
2011, omnivore records, re-issue, first release on Vinyl.
Matrix reads- Got Jellyfish? 1/A
It’s my milk and ill cry if I want too, 1/B

What can I say about this Album, and Band? HUGLY Underrated, Overlooked. Considered Power Pop/Indie, ( not sure Ill agree with that) as to me it’s an are to label them, imagine, Queen Meets, Blind Melon, meets the Beatles meets The beach Boys, meets the Pixies?? Then Frank Zappa jumps in to add the falava..()
It’s bad ass, and I’ll give it a 100% recommendation.
Andy Strumer, the main writer and conductor played drums, while standing, very cool. Check it out if ya can.
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FINALLY!! The day had arrived, I hate keeping secrets, and this one was a few hard months!! We have an amazing site now for all you Vinyl heads, #vinyllove , to share, learn, love and laugh ( realized that sounded hippyish) but regardless , @paulrehm , a guy who I am to call a friend, has made an amazing website!! And if you like to collect, spin, grade or want to learn the tricks, what’s valuable, what’s not, what’s fun, overpriced this is the page. Please swing by! Check it out, join and support,
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‘Just one Night’
ROS records,Inc.
Original first US 1980 pressing, double LP with full live set song list.

Recorded live at the Budokan Theatre, Tokyo Japan December 1979, this is a perfect time to hear Eric Clapton and his trusty Strat Blackie in perfect performance and skill.
In all Honesty, I have great musical admiration for Eric, but have always found his playing to be a little to 'precise’ for me. To perfect. Not to mention I never liked reading about him fucking his best friends wife, (George Harrison) that’s a tough line to cross, but I have to admit, as clean and perfect sounding live albums go, this might be the one you should throw on, a perfect reflection of why Eric is highly regarded. See, open your ears folks,. More out there than what’s one the record store shelfs.

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When i was in Kindergarden in 1981, we were asked to go home and with our parents help, draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Hell, i didnt need to take it home, i knew with out a seconds hesitation. There , on the paper, I Drew a little orange Dodge 1969 Dodge Charger jumping over Rosco P Coltrains sheriff car, and in horrible penmanship, I want to be a ‘Duke boy’
Y'all know Waylon was the Voice, and the singer of Good old boys… Here is the Album,,.
This Album was , and still is my all time Fav Waylon Jennings album.
It’s truly Bad Ass, in every possible sence of the word Waylon didn’t give a shit about Nashvile, and he sure as shit didn’t do anything he didn’t want to do. That’s why they dubbed him the Original Outlaw, a nick name he hatted, yet, everything he did with his career was against the grain.
Music Man, released Im 1980, was decently received, that for sure, it was also a chance for him to throw down some classic distaste for Nashville and the country music making monster it had become.
'music man’
RCA records 1980
CND first Pressing.


I grew up a Dreamin, of bein’ a Cowboy, and Lovin’ the cowboy ways, perusing the life, of my high riding heroes, I burned out my childhood days..
My heroes have always been cowboys, and still are today.

THE OUTLAWS, featuring,
Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, Willie Nelson, and Tompall Glaser.
RCA records 1976,
APL-1-1321 CND

This is real Country, anything with Waylon is gold. This is a great comp album featuring some of his early duo work.


‘Back Spacer’
2009 Universal Music.
I love this Matrix , it reads, “Gramma Marge, Daughter of Pearl 1913-2009 1/A” how cool is that.

As far as I’m concerned, there will never be a cooler More dedicated Band, than Pearl Jam. A band who continues to go against the Grain, stands up for the bullshit in the music industry, and all in while, spoiling there Fans rotten with special goodies.

Anyone? help?
On the Left,
Lightnin’ Hopkins
‘Lightin’ strikes’
On a Verve Folkways,
Brown Label.
FVS-9022. USA release and make.
Compleatly different song track, and songs.
On the Right,
Same Artist, same Album name,
VeeJay records

Does anyone out here know of this album on the Right? I’ve seen a UK pressing, but different track list and Songs.
Totally confused.
@paulrehm @designerjohnson_ @father_and_son_records @cuyahogabend @clgoss1

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