33rd Manila International Book Fair

091612. - 33rd Manila International Book Fair.

Look how the place is packed with lots of bookworms and cosplayers. 

I couldn’t help but linger on this shelf. :>

Why hello there, Miss. Welcome to the world of Shadowhunters! She looked at me after I took a photo. I wanted to talk to her how awesome TMI is but I was so awkward so we just exchanged smiles. :D

Guess what I bought. [ Mom paid half the price of the two books. lol. ]

CoLS was such a rare book back then. :))

Okay, I’m not racist but I find this creepy.

So a guy who took an interest to look at the plot of the book I bought.

I have found a new career: Be an illustrator for children’s books. Le derp face.


Thanks mom and dad for allowing and accompanying me to go~ :3