“)(ow to Attract a Matesprite
by Fefetasprite 3833

  • tail t)(em )(ow you f33l (not reccomended!)
  • r33l-y hope t)(ey like you back
  • draw t)(em on your wall
  • pretend to be uninterested
  • get t)(eir current matesprit culled
  • write fanfiction about your future wit)( t)(em
  • go to an alternate universe w)(ere t)(ey pawsibly like you back
  • watc)( t)(em from a bus)(
  • purrtend to like someone else so t)(ey become jealous
  • fin someone else to s)(ip t)(em wit)(
  • f33l conflicted w)(en your crus)( messes wit)( your new OTP
  • ask your clueless moray-33l for advice
  • if all else fails, s33 step 1”