TI had a blast lifting with my friend today!!  She did great, but unfortunately I had to drop her off at home before we could take pics of her stuff.  She snagged a backpack from Target using the walkout method, and then got some goodies at Ulta.  I’d estimate she saved over 100 bucks!  

Japonesque Eyeshadow Brush: $19

Japonesque Pointed Foundation Brush: $25

Tarteist Contour Brush: $34

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons: $49

Urban Decay Eyeshadow x2: $19

Lorac Nude Necessities x2: $30

Essie Nail Polish x6: $8.50

NYX Lip Cream x3: $5.99

Too Faced Melted Chocolate x4: $21

Tarteist Contour Palette: $45

Tartelette 2 In Bloom: $45

Lorac TANtalizer Highlighter and Bronzer: $33

L’Oreal Intense Smoothing Shampoo: $6.99

I Am Malala: $16.99

Strong Looks Better Naked: $26.99

Yes Please: $16.99

Furiously Happy: $20.24

Cute Bubble Mailers x10: $1.79

Grand Total: $607.07