I don’t do guilt. So I am asking this question in the gentlest tone you can imagine: how do you feel in the second month of the new year? I’d guess you are managing to eat better and one New Years Resolution is doing OK. However have you actually done anything about writing that script, finishing your great American novel or starting to write monologues for your next show?

I started writing this post yesterday at 7am on the London tube next to a young lady reading Sand by Hugh Howey and on the front it proclaims ‘Bestselling author of Wool!’

What I do know about Hugh Howey was he took a ten dollar an hour job in a bookshop so he could work 30 hours a week, live small and write novels. He figured he would not get published for years but he wrote, self published and wrote again. His coworker thought he was mad, this endless churning of novels without any obvious reward. His 9th novel Wool he realised was actually a series of continuous novellas, by that time he was trusting his writing instinct and writing everyday he was in the flow, doing that ‘I am going to create no matter what’,  ‘today I am writing for an hour no matter what’. That series of novellas he wrote, started charting in the Amazon charts – at one point all 5 novellas were the top 5 of the chart for his kind of fiction.
Then every book, including his old ones started selling, then a publishing deal. The final cherry on the top was 20th Century Fox buying the rights to the screenplay for Wool.

My point is in the craziness of life you have to commit to carving out time to create. That nowadays we all get to pick ourselves, we no longer have to wait for a record label  to fund our album or a great acting agent to make our own film. Choosing yourself means committing to find time for yourself to create, market and fulfil your dreams. There is often no one asking you when your work is going to be ready, no editor or director waiting for your work.

Production still image from LATENT Marysia Trembecka

The only real way I find that works for me is external deadlines. I booked before Christmas a one hour slot for my next solo show The Singing Psychic at the Tristan Bates Theatre. This morning I flew off to the Berlin Film Festival for 5 days, I am currently filming three days a week on a commercial modelling job for the next 8 months and fitting in short films where I can. I even got to go to BAFTA last week for a screening of LATENT. The shot of me mid death scene was even turned into the flyer for the whole BAFTA event.

Still over hanging all this work and the busyness of a life as a working actress is the knowledge that now, two weeks yesterday, on Feb 19th at 6pm I have a stage for an entire hour and I need to do the best I can for my audience, tell my story in the most authentic way.

I have even set myself mini deadlines. I have booked 3 times in the last few weeks to see my director Colin Watkeys whom I have brought in to help me focus my piece. I started working with him last year on a solo theatre workshop at the Actors Centre. I have produced and performed many solo pieces, even toured Edinburgh, Montreal and Brighton Festivals before with my solo shows. But in signing up to do a workshop it made me create, made me ‘do my homework’ , make sure I had some new script written to try out. An 8 minute piece became a 20 minute piece and I did one to one theatre – so one audience member to one performer – perfect for my Singing Psychic character as she could do readings. I then had to have the bravery or insanity (depends on which family member you ask) to commit to booking the full show. Now as each week flies past I know that seeing Colin is the pinpoint for me to move the show forward. No matter what happens in my daily life I have a director who is expecting me to have moved the show forward.

Link to my podcast interview with Colin Watkeys on How to Create a Solo Theatre show.

Colin Watkeys is a fantastic director of solo theatre, having worked with many award winning solo theatre artists including Ken Campbell and Claire Dowie and it is good to have that external eye to what I am creating. However that focus/deadline I have set in seeing him on a weekly basis means it makes me work, I stop banging on about how much work I have to do and actually knuckle down to doing the work in the corners of my wonderfully busy life. Blocking entire days frightens me, learning the words to my finale song on the plane to Berlin this morning amuses me.

I am an artist, I like to play!

FIRST 2015 Poster for Tristan Bates Theatre


This is also a first, being on the same flyer as Diana Rigg who is opening the festival with her solo show (Her photo is below mine in the top right of the poster as above!)

So the question is what can you fit in your daily life, maybe commiting to a class or a group of friends to discuss your work could be the key to becoming a successful creative?

Details of my Singing Psychic show at the Tristan Bates

Thursday 19th Feb 6pm, Tristan Bates Theatre, 1A Tower Street, Covent Garden

Booking and details of my Singing Psychic show atthe Tristan Bates

How to be a successful creative: create in the corners of your life I don’t do guilt. So I am asking this question in the gentlest tone you can imagine: how do you feel in the second month of the new year?
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Astronomy Picture of the Day: April 23rd, 2012

No, they are not alive – but they are dying. The unusual blobs found in the Carina nebula, some of which are seen floating on the lower right, might best be described as evaporating. Energetic light and winds from nearby stars are breaking apart the dark dust grains that make the iconic forms opaque. Ironically the blobs, otherwise known as dark molecular clouds, frequently create in their midst the very stars that later destroy them. The floating space mountains pictured above by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope span a few light months. The Great Nebula in Carina itself spans about 30 light years, lies about 7,500 light years away, and can be seen with a small telescope toward the constellation of Keel (Carina).

Credit:  ESA/Hubble, NASA

Michael Bublé's son doing well after scalding

Michael Bublé’s wife has thanked fans for support following their son being admitted to hospital for burns.

News broke this morning that the singer and his wife Luisana Lopilato’s little boy Noah, 22 months, had suffered serious injuries yesterday after coming into contact with scalding water. He was said to have been rushed to Hospital Aleman in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for treatment.

The blonde beauty has now responded to the reports made by local newspaper and thanked those who sent well wishes to the tot via social media.

“Thank you all for joining me even in these moments!” she posted on Facebook. “My son is very well. God willing soon we will return home.”

Michael was apparently busy in the US working, but was kept informed on the accident by his wife.

Noah is the couple’s only child and turns two in August. Earlier this year the trio were spotted looking content during an outing in Miami, Florida, with the youngster held in his father’s arms.

Showing how much they love every minute of parenthood, Michael and Luisana often post snaps of their son on their Instagram accounts. It was Father’s Day last Sunday, giving the crooner a chance to share how lucky he feels to have such a wonderful family.

“I woke up to this when I walked outside this morning. Thanks Luisana Lopilato You make me feel very loved

#happyfathersday #cookies #luckyman (sic)” Michael wrote alongside a photo of silver balloons reading Best Dad floating above a small box.

In another snap the star showed what was inside the box, revealing a chocolate chip cookie with a rice-paper photo of Noah on top.

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Bollywood Celebrities Like Kriti Sanon, Tiger Shroff And Many More Celebrate Yoga Day!

Bollywood celebrities such as Shweta Khanduri, Raju Srivastav, Aneel Murarka, Rakhi Sawant and Raj Zutshi were also spotted celebrating Yoga Day together!

Source: Business of Cinema

Bollywood actor Sooraj Thapar was also spotted at the event doing Yoga alongside Shweta Khanduri. The two were seen meditating and performing Yoga.

Source: Business of Cinema

On June 21, 2015, the world celebrated International Yoga Day. Several events took place where different Bollywood celebrities such as Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Elli Avram, Rakhi Sawant and many more were spotted celebrating Yoga Day.
Inundan lado Pacífico de ampliación del Canal de Panamá

PANAMA (AP) — Panamá comenzó el lunes a llenar las nuevas esclusas del canal ampliado en la entrada del Pacífico y ve cada vez más cerca la conclusión de la obra más importante de su historia.

Las autoridades del canal y miembros del consorcio de empresas constructoras del nuevo complejo comenzaron a inundar las cámaras en Cocolí, casi dos semanas después de iniciarse ese trabajo en el Atlántico. El proceso en los dos complejos de esclusas en ambas entradas de la vía interoceánica se extenderá hasta fines de año para dar paso a las primeras pruebas de navegación en enero, según las previsiones actuales.

A diferencia del llenado en el Atlántico, que se realiza por gravedad, para el lado del Pacífico se instalaron 18 bombas que impulsan el agua del Lago Miraflores a través de una serie de tuberías. Trabajadores de la Autoridad del Canal y del Grupo Unidos por el Canal, el consorcio de constructoras europeas, dieron comienzo al proceso en una mañana con un sol candente.

Durante la ceremonia se hizo reconocimiento a los 50.000 trabajadores que tomaron parte de la megaobra y se recordó a los fallecidos en accidentes. La semana pasada, la muerte de un trabajador pospuso el inicio de la inundación que se había previsto originalmente para el sábado.

El administrador del canal Jorge Quijano dijo que ésta es “una gran obra que ya la vemos en su recta final”. Agregó que el martes se moverá la primera compuerta en el Atlántico, lo que será la primera prueba de las gigantescas estructuras de acero con un nivel de agua en las cámaras.

Quijano sostuvo que la meta es que el canal ampliado esté operativo en abril de 2016, más de un año y medio después de la fecha prevista originalmente.

Los trabajos en general llevan un 90% de adelanto.

Los panameños aprobaron hace una década en un referendo impulsar la mayor reforma estructural de su canal interoceánico por un costo de 5.250 millones de dólares para duplicar su capacidad para buques gigantes y enfrentar la competencia de otras rutas marítimas.

Debido a los atrasos y conflictos con las constructoras por reclamos de presuntos sobrecostos multimillonarios, que llegaron a paralizar los trabajos, cada avance en la obra es celebrado por las autoridades.

Heart in the Tempest

by Nesira_lavellan

An AU Story where Cullen Rutherford is the Prince of Ferelden. The King has declared all magic evil and all mages are sent to the tower where they are automatically turned tranquil. The King is also a purist, who removes all who are not human from hte lands. The story opens up with Nesira Lavellan, a Witch of the Wilds who refuses to go to the circle and is alone after the lost of her clan and must convince the Prince that magic is not evil but a tool for good. It is a travel through their developing relationship and how change comes in many ways.

Words: 3372, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1HCmMqm