when something impossible happens, there are only two possibilities.
either your assumptions are wrong,
or you have gone crazy.


Edits made by me :)


happy birthday to my #1 boy, kozume kenma~! ♪ ♡ (16/10)

                                     she’s the tear in my heart.
                                                     a sappy-ass mix. for kenna.

  • tear in my hearttwenty one pilots
  • alone together fall out boy
  • bulletproof heart my chemical romance 
  • i wanna be the one fun. 
  • girls/girls/boyspanic! at the disco
  • rangersa fine frenzy
  • ourstaylor swift
  • electric twista fine frenzy 
  • new romantics taylor swift
  • something good can worktwo door cinema club
  • when the day met the nightpanic! at the disco
  • favorite record fall out boy