@flowercrownfairyprincess requested: Marichat vs Ladynoir 

I can’t pick between the two! They’re both too good.

(Line Art by - Bennie_Drowned) Me and my friend made this drawing of Tricky together, hope you like it Senpai x3 (I colored the drawing and made the background x//3)

AWWW!! <333 He’s wayyyy too cute!! ;//u//; <3333 I love how you did him sweetie with his smol shorts NAWWWW <333 THANK YOU TWO FOR THIS PRECIOUS THING <33

I have so much doodles of Tricky I need to finish…..


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Fontaine shifted his weight in the seat, not taking his eyes off the other man. “Well, it’s working.” He growled his words and messed with the food on his plate. This was supposed to be a nice dinner for the both of them. The worst thing of all was that it was his establishment, not Ryan’s. He couldn’t get him thrown out, though. otherwise, Ryan’s won.

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I love your blog so much and i love you art 😭 how did u learn to get your face and body proportions so good?


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tbh i spend so much time on one piece of drawing…AND THEN THERE’S THE MAGICAL Crtl+Z, if you know what i mean lol…

anyways, THANK YOU ANON >////< *secretly loves you back*

Also, for those who’re interested, I made a twitter account yay! Follow me on twitter because i’ll be posting wips and stuff  ✌(◕‿-)✌ ~~ 

happy hooting <3 <3

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Charlie Weber

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Solo llevaba unos días en el hospital y había encontrado un área fuera del hospital donde podía tomar su anhelado café. Se encontraba hablando por teléfono cuando pudo ver a la lejanía dos personas que parecían estar discutiendo. — Te llamo más tarde. — Dijo sin más para luego colgar y acercarse a paso lento con cierta seriedad. — ¿Se encuentra todo bien? — Preguntó mirando a la persona que parecía que buscaba problemas.