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Hey, I'm confused. I saw people making posts and tweeting about 3/30 being misawa day but I can't see how? Then I saw you tagging that misawa fanart 3/30 is misawa day so I hope you know? Can you please enlighten me? Thanks a bunch hun.

hi, no worries. anyway, i think the japanese fandom refers to 3/30 as misawa day because 330 can be read/said as MI-SA-WA in their wordplay (goroawase). 

japanese has kunyomi and onyomi right? their readings for a certain character/word. so, look here:

if you look at 330, you get みさわ thus MI SA WA.

**Goroawase substitutions are well known as mnemonics and Mnemonics are formed by selecting a suitable reading for a given number; so i don’t think there’s really a rule for it, because this is made to remember dates/important numbers/words to them so anything would be applicable as long as you get it. And for Misawa japanese fandom, 330 is thus a misawa day too lol.