You still value the things you’ve lost the most. Because the things you’ve lost are still perfect in your head. They never rusted. They never broke. They are made of the memories you once had, which only grow rosier and brighter, day by day. They are made of the dreams of how wonderful things could have been and must never suffer the indignity of actually still existing. Of being real. Of having flaws. Of breaking and deteriorating. Only the things you no longer have will always be perfect.
—  Iain S. Thomas

mbc fm4u - noon song of hope ♡ 160531

during f(x)’s luna’s guest appearance on the show today, kim shin young mentioned how, back when she was doing shim shim tapa with super junior’s shindong years ago (back in early 2008, most likely), he told her that two amazing singers were set to come out of sm soon. those two singers were luna and jonghyun. (source: hamsoonie)


What would happen if you sang Daniel Ingram’s “Find A Pet” from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic into a voice to text program… and then sang the translated lyrics?

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