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the trailer for ep 34 : *comes out on friday*

ep 34 : *doesn’t come out on monday*

me, knowing full well that if a trailer comes out on a friday the episode will never be released on a monday :

Sam Cooke, the American soul singer behind the iconic A Change is Gonna Come, was shot and killed just 11 days before the song was due to be released. Bertha Franklin, a motel manager said Cooke attempted to rape and rob her while she worked a night shift, although this has never been proven. Police found the 33-year-old singer’s body with a single gunshot wound through the heart, his last words were recorded on the phone call of Bertha Franklin to police; In the background Mr. Cooke can be heard sobbing “Miss, you shot me. Why’d you shoot me?”. The crime has been widely disputed as being premeditated and racially motivated, following Cooke’s powerful criticism on the racial tensions of 1960s America.


Hey guys! *w*  
It’s been a while  I hope you’re all alright!

My sister catched a a really bad cold so I decided to do a scene redraw from one of her Johnlock fan fictions! I couldn’t stop changing the perspectives.. so I drew more ^^ I can only recommend her fics they’re always so beautifully written ;w; so for all my german followers/watchers you should really check her stories out!   www.fanfiktion.de/u/Misheruu

I really loved how she wrote this scene.. Sherlock and John going to the sea and John finds out that it’s the first time for Sherlock to be this close ;w; I don’t want to give away to much.. you should really read it c: It play’s after s1 and is full of fluff and stuff <33 www.fanfiktion.de/s/5812336a00…


It was a great joy to model at premier concept design school Syn Studio today, demonstrating I:33’s 14th century European martial arts for artists who are training to go into Montréal’s vast video game industry.
Thanks so much to Salgood Sam for inviting me again!
This work is by the following artists (I’m not 100% sure of the order), Salgood Sam, Lydia Wong, Tatiana Tung Gerencer, Renée-Claude Dostie, and Dany DiSalvo.

lucario2012  asked:

So, something that never made much sense to me was how morphing works with age? Like, they're morphing whatever-age animals and that's perfectly fine, mostly. Then you have Ax and Tobias's human forms. Either A: Morphs age over time, in which case the kids should have had to get new bug morphs every few months or so, or B: They don't age, in which case Ax and Tobias's human forms are just perpetually 13-ish while the others go through puberty, which you'd think would be commented on. Thoughts?

Although it’s subtle, and only really comes up in the context of Tobias, I’m pretty sure that the morphs age more the more they’re used.  In the opening of #33 there’s a whole scene where Rachel shows Tobias a bulletin board at their school with information on raptors’ life spans, and both of them seem to assume that that will be how long he’ll live unless he goes human long-term.  It’s not 100% consistent, sure, because then there are questions about whether their morphs are also getting old and dying (especially the bug ones) over the course of the series, but I’m almost certain that Tobias’s hawk form ages three years over the three years of the series and that his human form ages three years.  

There are a couple reasons I think this.  In MM3, Tobias pops up at Princeton University—and promptly morphs human, grabs some books, steals outer clothes, and goes off to class.  That moment is revealing for a couple different reasons.  The first is that Tobias successfully blends in with the student body, and not just (as he notes) because 100% of Princeton students were white males at the time; presumably he’s old enough to pass for 18.  We don’t know how old he is or appears to be at the time, but we know that he started fighting the war at age 13 and ended it at 16—and 16-year-olds can pass for 18 a hell of a lot better than 13-year-olds can, because of a little thing called puberty that tends to happen in the middle.  The other interesting thing about that moment is that Tobias is worrried that the only thing which will give him away is his hair, which has gotten long.  So maybe he just had messy hair in #1 when he got stuck in morph, but it seems more likely that his hair is growing, which again suggests his human shape is aging.  

The other reason I believe that Tobias is probably aging as a human is that throughout the series there are a lot of moments (#29, #35, #44) where he and Rachel go on dates in public together.  (The fact that Jake and Cassie never do this, but only ever seem to spend their time together shoveling manure or doing other chores, also goes on the list of Fascinating Details That Make This Series Feel Real, but I digress.) This is an eeeensy bit of a leap on my part, but the fact that no one ever calls Rachel on being an outward 16-year-old dating an outward 13-year-old (have I mentioned the DRAMATIC difference those three years tend to make in most teens’ appearance?) tends to argue to me that they aren’t visibly different in age.

Tobias’s hawk form is almost certainly aging because he, like Rachel, seems to assume he’s going to die of old age unless he goes permanently human again.  He discusses the fact that he’s effectively shortened his own lifespan in the opening to #43 when he tries to justify his decision to go nothlit to imaginary-Taylor, and in #54 he says, “Marco, you’re not even twenty… I’m old, for a red-tail.”  The horrifying implication that our precious emohawk is probably going to let himself die of old age rather than rejoining human society aside, that suggests that he’s been aging in hawk years this whole time.  

Ax and the question of aging as a human is more ambiguous.  People are less likely to comment on his age, and many of them (#18 and the CinnaBon manager, #33 and the banquet caterers, #35 and the waitstaff) tend to treat Ax as much younger than he is, presumably because he’s so freakin’ clueless about human social norms.  There are several moments (#8, #22, #43, #38) where people ask him where his parents are, whether he’s got someone helping him, and whether he’s starving.  That last one is pretty self-evident given the way he eats everything in sight, but the other two might be because random strangers (like Jake’s parents) tend to think human-Ax is mentally ill… or it might be because Ax’s human morph is not aging, because Tobias’s human morph is the only morph that ages when it’s not actively in use.  

And here’s where I start to venture into the land of Extremely Wild Speculation, where I could be as wrong as Humphrey Belcher and his cheese cauldron (X).  However, my current hypothesis when reading the series is that morphs don’t age unless they’re in use—except for Tobias’s human shape.  As you mentioned, the kids don’t need new bug morphs every month, and Cassie’s wolf shape doesn’t show signs of aging the way most adult wolves would if they lived hard for three years.  There are many mentions of the DNA-acquiring process being a matter of creating a copy of the animal at the time of acquisition, but it’s a possibility that the morphs are developing (which probably totals to AT MOST a couple days’ worth of aging over the entire war), up to and including Ax’s copy of the other kids.  That would explain Tobias’s aging in hawk years after he gets stuck, Cassie’s aging as a caterpillar after she gets stuck, the fact that the kids don’t need new versions of morphs that they only use for a few hours at a time every couple of days… Everything except the fact that Tobias’s hair grows.  

So what if the Ellimist pulled something hinky?  Tobias already isn’t supposed to exist—he’s in a universe where Elfangor never lived on Earth and never knocked up Loren, within another paradox where Loren and Chapman have aged forward and not been killed in space, within another paradox where he acquired his own DNA by traveling back in time, within what is arguably a paradox with Ket Halpek and Jara Hamee finding him through teleportation.  What’s one more impossibility on top of that?  (Of course, I have my own Big Damn Theory that explains that.)  To me, that’s the version of Da Rules that makes the most sense given the evidence we have: morphs don’t age unless they’re in use… except Tobias’s human shape, because Ellimist.  

Cybertronian kisses

Okay I am not going to let go of the kiss thing yet. Everyone should know that Cybertronian kisses are basically when you put forehead against each other! I don’t remember the issue number but there was a kiss between Chromedome and Rewind.
But know I just thought of a scenario where.. let’s take Rodimus for example~ He is in his holoform and he is discussing about their culture differences.  Rodimus goes with the flow and puts his forehead against his s/o’s. The s/o is confused and then Rodimus explains it was a kiss and they start discussing about the kisses. Rodimus is surprised that there are so many ways to kiss. And well~ He wants to try them out~ ;33  But s/o has to take the lead because Rodimus isn’t sure you do them. S/o gets little bit shy but is able to give a quick peck on the lips. This leaves an empty feeling and Roddy pulls his s/o to full make out session~ ;3



First off, I’d like to say that I was totally inspired by @inabadromance!! I LOVE the idea of this and thought it was sososo cute ; u; <33 so s/o to her!!

I’ve gotten a few asks about my favorite simblrs in the past and I’ve finally came around to it (5yrslater)!!! I’ve been following these blogs from the get-go and I find each and every one of these blogs amazingly inspiring, enjoyable, and they all really make my simming experience a positive and wholesome one. :’) ilyguys ok *cries* thank you for being you!!

I bestow these medals of Annie’s approval upon: @inabadromance, @glitterychaostriumph, @bananahut, @bratsims, @essiesims, @lunarian-sim, @femmesim, @suzychi-sims, @ichosim, @plushxsims, @sims3melancholic, @onlypeachy, @obsimmian, @20-44-sims.

lacuna-matata  asked:

Hi there! Thanks for providing us with so many wonderful translations and other info about BTS <3. I was trying to figure out the screenprinting paddles shown in the Puma video, and I couldn't quite figure out 333/424 so I was wondering if you know what that might represent? I thought 333 might be the 3:33 dance from the Fire MV so I looked at 4:24 in the Not Today, Spring Day, & BST MVs but nothing really jumped out. Thanks!

lol the paddles are nicknames (if you can call it so) of each member
- 333/424 = jimin (3:33 = jimin’s 333 dance scene in fire, 4:24 = jimin’s riffle shooting scene in not today)
- 머슬 = muscle = jungkook
- cgv = taehyung (because his name’s v and he looks like a cg, hence cgv… get it?)
- sup = 슙 = yoongi
- monster = namjoon
- hope = hoseok
- princess (?) = seokjin (pink paddle)