33 years ago

Lots of people have done things at age 13 that wound up following them the rest of their lives, but it’s rarely anything good (most likely an event that resulted in a crude genital or feces-based nickname). Well, Zack Ward made this little Christmas movie 33 years ago, and still gets stopped on the street. He probably always will.

“It happens all the time, it’s bizarre. I’m 47, I wear glasses, and still everywhere I go, two or three times a week. Johnny Depp came up to me once, Snoop Dogg came up to me and was like ‘Hey, man, aren’t you that guy I wanted to beat the shit out of when I was a kid?’”

Keep in mind, when A Christmas Story was released in 1983 it only made $19 million (for comparison, the long-forgotten helicopter action movie Blue Thunder, made 42 million that year). But now it’s impossible to get through the holiday season without seeing at least a clip of it (TNT does a 24-hour marathon of just this movie on Christmas Eve every year). It took the cast a few years to realize they had something iconic on their hands.

My Bizarre Life After Playing The Bully In A Christmas Story


Some of the lights for my dollhouses came in! Along with the vintage set for the farmhouse kitchen!!! I’m just waiting on the dishwasher and the kitchen is done! Well, except for some minor stuff like food and a radio. The living room (second pic) needs at least 2 more lights, it’s HUGE and very dark. I have one more on the way and I think I’ll get a couple more when I buy lights for the upstairs. This room just needs a vintage TV and a couple of the rooms rearranged and it’ll be set for the farmhouse! The last photo is of my Tudor Cottage, my Grandma made it 33 years ago and it’s basically complete, but she always wanted lights in it. One of them showed up, and I’m waiting on the other three and then it’s done.
All lights are battery operated LEDs. The cottage is the smallest of my dollhouses, the farmhouse is the biggest. Everything is 1/12th scale. Will update as changes are made :)

November 2nd

11 years ago, Sam Winchester watched his girlfriend burn on the ceiling.
33 years ago, John Winchester watched the same thing happen to his wife. Sammy began infected with the blood of pure evil. Dean Winchester carried his baby brother out of his burning house in his arms.
43 years ago, Mary Winchester made a deal with a demon to save her fiancées life. She lost her mother and her father in the same night… And that’s where it all began.


#DepecheMode Release single ‘See You|Now this is fun’ 29-01-1982

See You is the 4th single by #Depeche Mode recorded November 1981 at Blackwing Studios, London (UK) and the 1st written by #MartinGore. The single was released on 29 January 1982, 34 years ago & was later included on the band’s 2nd album ’A Broken Frame. The single launched a small world tour, with extra band member #AlanWilder, although he did not contribute to the song or the album. There are two versions of ‘See You’ -the 7" single version, and an extended 12" version with a longer intro. This latter version was included on ’A Broken Frame’.

The B-side to “See You” is “Now, This Is Fun”. The extended version has a longer bridge in the middle and an extended ending, with #DaveGahan sometimes shouting “This is funny!” instead of “This is real fun!”. Before the release of “Now,this Is fun” the song was called “Reason to Be” & was one of #DepecheMode’s first attempts to create a different sound.

The video for “See You” was also the first video with Alan Wilder. He can be seen briefly playing the keyboards and he also appears in several photo booth strips. The first part of the video was filmed at Hounslow Railway Station in London.The band did not like the video, and it did not show up on the 1985 video compilation ’Some Great Videos’, which included the band’s videos up to 1985 except the A Broken Frame singles and “Get the Balance Right. Finally in 2016, it got its re-release on the 3dvd Video Singles Collection

Highest Chart Peaking; UK #6 [Silver retrieved] Ireland #9

After Negan kills Glenn
  • Dean: Dad?! What the hell are you doing?!
  • Negan: [Yells out] FATHER? WHO IS THIS FATHER YOU SPEAK OF?! [Moves closer and whispers to Dean] What the hell are you doing here? Arent you supposed to be looking after Sammy?
  • Sam: Right here dad.
  • Negan: [Turns towards survivors] I DO NOT KNOW THESE MEN AND I AM NOT THEIR FATHER [Turns back] Can you guys get out of here? You are ruining my vibe here. I dont need these guys knowing what kind of father I am.
  • Dean: Really? You just killed two of this groups friends... Do you really think they care what kind of dad you are?!
  • Sam: Why are you killing them dad?
  • Dean: You didnt even throw holy water on them!
  • Negan: FINE! I am still a little pissed about your mom
  • Dean: Dad...That was 33 years ago....
  • Sam: Plus she is standing right here...
  • Negan: Oh fuck

9 years ago, Sasha and Charlotte were in attendance for Wrestlemania 24 in the same stadium. The same stadium they are gonna wrestle in for the Raw Women’s Championship in less than 2 weeks. Wow. It’s crazy how life turned out for both of them. Sasha making her dream come true and Charlotte finally finding something she could put her heart into. None of them knew the history they were going to make together some years later. Incredible.

Trail Magic

03/19/17. Trail magic is already happening. On Thursday evening my dear friends at Living Well performed an amazing ceremony to bless me as I embark on this amazing journey. This morning while waiting to board the plane for Atlanta a couple noticed my walking stick and shared their stories of thru-hiking the AT 33 years ago. Interesting “33” as double digits are popping up everywhere. I was telling my friends about this the other night and giving multiple examples like thinking about it looking up and noticing the license plate in front of me with 8585 VG. On Friday I was making a bank deposit and the first check number was 5555. Anyway, everything feels really magical and I haven’t even reached the trail. This is going to be an amazing adventure. Oh yeah, the gentleman sitting in front of me this morning just happened to be a ranger from Baxter State Park which is at the end of the AT.

Plan continues to be the same which is to launch on the 22nd. I will keep you posted. Thanks for following.

My ‘No-Place’

For my ‘No-place’ I have selected a small clearing in the garden outside the Edward De Courcy Clarke Earth Science Museum. The clearing is a bit sunken down from the level of the path which runs alongside it, so when sitting in it you are able to see people walking past but they can’t really see you. I chose this spot partially because of the beautiful ferns that it’s filled with. When I spoke to the director of the museum to ask him whether I would be able to use the spot throughout the semester he told me that I had to know the history of the plants if I was going to use it. Apparently the ferns are from the Eocene geological era (56 - 33 million years ago) which I thought was wicked cool. 

I demarcated my space with origami dragonflies which have probably already dissolved to a soggy mush, but they looked beautiful perched in the ferns initially. I like how private the space is. You can see everything that’s going on, but it feels like no one knows that you are there. It’s like being in Narnia but being able to observe the outside world.

Mary Drake teases we learnt from Spencer-

Mary Drake is around 51 years old, and Spencer said she was in and out of Radley for a significant part of her life, she was admitted to Radley for an incident involving the death of a child in her care whilst babysitting, ‘she was forced to stay in Radley till she was 18′, therefore she was younger than 18 when the child’s death happened. So say she was 18/ younger, that means it was around 33 years ago that the child died, so she wasn’t Spencer’s babysitter because Spencer isn’t 33 or older.

She was apparently readmitted several times, so more than once, until she was allowed out for good 23 years ago. So she’s been out of Radley for 23 years. The girls are all approximately 23 or so years old, coincidence? i think not. 

She didn’t kill Spencer’s ‘twin’ whilst babysitting, but she could potentially be a mother to one of the girls. Also if she wasn’t out of Radley till 23 years ago, does that mean Charlotte was born in Radley? Did Mary sneak out to be with Charlotte’s dad? Or could her father be a Radley patient too?