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33 years ago Johnny Depp’s first movie ‘A Nightmare on Elm Steet’ was released. 33 years later his amazing work still entertains, moves and inspires us. Words can’t explain how much you have done for cinema and the world. Thank you Johnny Depp for 33 wonderful years. Thank you for all your amazing roles/movies. We are forever grateful. Here’s to another 33 years!!! We love you dear man!

10 years ago, the 2007 SNL season (among other shows on television) was brought to a work stoppage due to a 100 day WGA writer’s strike.  For SNL, this took the rest of November (only Brian Williams hosted that month) up until February 2008.  But the thing about this as I’m sure you all know, SNL usually has hosts booked in advance. So who were going to be some of the booked hosts that were going to host that season that were cancelled during the writer’s strike?  Here you go:

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (This one was actually announced with musical guest Amy Winehouse. He ended up hosting the next season)
  • Jonah Hill (He would actually end up hosting later on that spring)
  • Ben Affleck (He would host the next season)
  • Edie Falco (She still, as of this post, has never hosted SNL)
  • Tom Hanks (It was rumored his episode was gonna be the Christmas episode. He wouldn’t host until last season)

palaeoart I’ve literally a mountain more matrix to remove from this Subhyracodon fossil but I thought I’d share a little progress I’m making. I believe this to be a pretty complete skull of a Subhyracodon which was an extinct early rhinoceros which would have roamed North Dakota around 33 million year ago. I’m currently working to expose the teeth on the upper jaw. Long way to go but will keep you posted!


Some of the lights for my dollhouses came in! Along with the vintage set for the farmhouse kitchen!!! I’m just waiting on the dishwasher and the kitchen is done! Well, except for some minor stuff like food and a radio. The living room (second pic) needs at least 2 more lights, it’s HUGE and very dark. I have one more on the way and I think I’ll get a couple more when I buy lights for the upstairs. This room just needs a vintage TV and a couple of the rooms rearranged and it’ll be set for the farmhouse! The last photo is of my Tudor Cottage, my Grandma made it 33 years ago and it’s basically complete, but she always wanted lights in it. One of them showed up, and I’m waiting on the other three and then it’s done.
All lights are battery operated LEDs. The cottage is the smallest of my dollhouses, the farmhouse is the biggest. Everything is 1/12th scale. Will update as changes are made :)

anonymous asked:

If k/ance fans reached, then ka//ura fans are dislocating their shoulders. Just because a boy and a girl happen to be protagonists and be side to side onscreen they shouldn't end together. And being canon 33 years ago shouldn't be enough premise. The same could be said about klance but the difference is that they actually had growth and chemistry, and their scenes were writen in a way it is very difficult to interpret other ways than romantically (I'm a sheith shipper but I have eyes)

Thank you! Your opinion as someone not biased means we’re not all crazy seeing something romantic between them.

The thing about me and all the ships in voltron is that I really actually like them all, even if one of my previous answers didn’t sound like it- I can see a certain charm in kallura too. It’s just…I really liked klance the most and it will be different watching season 3 without it on my mind.

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This is such a well designed poster .. get me those clothes and I shall wear then each day of the week .. so wonderful ..

After a 33 year gap, my colleague and I shooting for ‘102 not out’ on the same road 33 years ago .. quite quite incredible .. and so nostalgic .. it was the song ‘lambuji tinguji’ from Naseeb, then it was Father and Son in ‘102 not out’

There were sequences which needed to be in complete faith of the director, and so it was  .. even if it wasn’t, there would be hell to pay in the end ..

Anyway ..

When gaps occur on set and it is wet with the heat and drenched in the rain sequence .. for hours .. it is a prerequisite with the carrier companies .. but that is it .. no more said he and quit more the better  .. yes, i do my homework my self .. but for not too long .. timings and time has changed … and changed for the better .. wave to me as you drive past .. in what would have been a smacking housing the Defence Ministry and a star of value , it shall . not work at all  . ..

There are far too many ideas thoughts and for a possible Ll a W a L why  .. all bodies move, camera swings, etc and abort if possible .. there is some uniformity in what is done - conttinuos finnerty ..

sawsth raho khus raho ..

Amitabh Bachchan

so like 2 days ago I convinced myself to watch My Hero Academia. I haven’t properly sat down to watch an anime since Naruto, which was over 3 years ago.

And Uh.
I Love it.

The style is so fucking cute?? Its really funny??
All Might, holy shit. so cool but I hadn’t laughed that hard at an anime character in a long time. Deku is my fave of all, I can feel it in my bones. and my heart’s making a little room for dat izuocha ship <3

3 years ago I had been convinced that most new animes are garbage. But this one, this one’s good.