33 royal street

When Walt Disney designed his park, he realized that his teeny-tiny apartment on Main Street wouldn’t be large or roach-free enough to host big-time visitors. So in addition to building a second apartment for himself and his family above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, he also commissioned a secret VIP lounge for entertaining dignitaries and celebrities. As for the name of the secret club, you could say it was simply the street address on the door, 33 Royal Street. Or you could count up the number of original sponsors that made Disneyland happen and do the conspiratorial math. (It was 33. There were 33 sponsors.)

So how exclusive is this club? Membership is rumored at 500 people. Total. In the world. Sure, you can submit a written application to get on the waiting list, the same list that often goes years without bumping anyone up. But just know that if, by some miracle of the Lord of Disney, you’re moved to the top of the list, you should be ready to shell out $25,000 initially, then $10,000 a year for the privilege of just getting in the door.

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