33 balls


Never thought this would happen, Vegeta holding his wife in his arms in front of everyone for like half the episode and just refuse to let her go. Especially the third picture where he puts his hand around Bulma’s waist looks so sweet. (And the last three pictures together makes Vegeta look like a pervert :33)

Things I Want To Do With Him:

1) Go on a picnic
2) Watch the sunset
3) Watch the sun rise
4) Cook breakfast
5) Find the spot under M-14 we found while canoeing
6) Visit the Stacks…
7) Go on a roadtrip!
8) Visit Chicago
9) Live together
10) Less than $10 date
11) Bake cookies/brownies
12) Build a blanket fort and watch movies in it
13) Lazy Sunday mornings in bed
14) Visit Traverse City
15) Go to Mackinac Island
16) Go camping
17) Play the Game of Love
18) Go to a drive-in movie
19) Make dinner together/ for him
20) Watch cheesy movies and eat popcorn
21) Traditional dinner/movie date
22) Stargaze
23) Go bowling
24) Go to a haunted house
25) Go to a sporting event
26) Go to Cedar Point
27) Go to Disney World/Universal
28) Travel the world
29) Go to concerts/shows
30) Take a class
31) Coffee shop date with long, deep conversations
32) Paint (ball) war
33) Water balloon fight
34) Skinny dipping
35) Go to the zoo
36) Take pictures in a photo booth
37) Boudoir photo shoot
38) Shop for lingerie
39) Kiss at New Year’s
40) Go canoeing (again)
41) Write letters to each other
42) Go to an aquarium
43) Nerf gun war
44) Play card games
45) Play board games
46) Go dancing (recreate the night we met)
47) Recreate our Detroit date
48) Ride go-carts
49) Take a bubble bath
50) Watch fireworks
51) Finger paint…on each other
52) Exercise
53) Harry Potter marathon
54) Have a bonfire with s'mores!
55) Read a book
56) Go to an arcade
57) Go mini-golfing
58) Get a couple’s massage
59) Go to a bed and breakfast for a whole weekend
60) Rent a little cabin/cottage for a week, get to know each other really well
61) Play with a frisbee
62) Go out on the boat/jet ski
63) Meet each other’s families
64) Go tubing down a river
65) Go to a carnival
66) Play video games
67) Karaoke
68) Play volleyball at the beach
69) Get drinks at a bar
70) Go to a waterpark
71) Go on a hike
72) Play Twister (naked)
73) Play laser tag
74) Go ice skating
75) Go wine tasting
76) Go sightseeing
77) Rent a hotel room
78) Build a snowman
79) Make playlists for each other
80) Decorate a Christmas tree
81) Play on a play ground
82) Explore an abandoned place & take lots of pics
83) Pretend it’s our first date – get ready separately & meet somewhere
84) Sneak into somewhere we aren’t supposed to be
85) Get frisky at an event
86) Play Truth or Dare
87) 3 hour make out session (nothing else)
88) Have an ice cream sundae bar
89) Organize a scavenger hunt for the other person
90) Take a scenic drive
91) Have a themed night
92) Have a spa night
93) 20 Questions
94) Write a bucket list & do something on it!
95) Go house hunting just for fun
96) Go pumpkin picking and then carve them
97) Spur of the moment trip with a to-be-determined destination
98) Play hide and seek, make the prize interesting
99) Play pool
100) Play strip poker
101) Striptease to “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
102) Photoshoot on his car
103) Record a video of…you know (;
104) Fuck while wearing Halloween costumes
105) Family game night
106) Holidays with each other’s families
107) Spend a day in the sun, do anything
108) Go swimming
109) Go to the beach, but only to read and sunbathe
110) Go to a party and get together in one of the bedrooms
111) Be beer pong partners
112) Day drink in the sun
113) Give each other full body massages
114) Sex from dawn to dusk
115) Drink hot cocoa, curl up on a couch watching movies
116) Dance around the kitchen while cooking
117) Spend the 4th of July together (the day we met)

12th April

Unless i train with someone i really struggle to film myself. I like seeing my form improving and catching PBs and seeing my body changing so going to make do

Technically im meant to do 8-12 reps depending on the machine but yesterday i did 8 and worked up and down in weights, and felt so good!
5x8 back squat 30/40/50/50/30kg
5x8 leg curl 23/28/33/38/23 (i think, i need to check this)
5x10 each leg glute push down 68kg
5x10 horizontal leg press 71/81/91/91/71
5x8 leg extension 33/45/53/45/33
10 wall balls 12kg + 10 45cm box jumps

Felt pretty great after. And i recovered pretty well. My quads are a bit sorr and im fairly sure its because the 50kg squats and how slow i took them. Improvement comes with consistency.

I also went to my specialist, and have tonsilitis 😣😣😣 so that means surgery, which has 2 weeks recovery, so cant do it until after exams in end of June! There goes my holiday plans. It has really hit me, i am just grateful i have private health insurance because without it I would not be able to have the surgery for goodness knows how long.

I had half a chocolate rabbit at night, and did not eat properly at all. I stress-eat so badly but luckily im at the end of my food rations (i go away for 2wks on Monday) so just anhailated 2 protein bars and 2 cans of pepsi max then a bowl of pasta coated in cheese. Not my worst stress eat session for sure.

Its a long weekend now so will be hitting the gym and mostly staying away from chocolate.