the signs as favorite things
  • Aries:laughing so much it hurts
  • Taurus:baggy sweaters/cozy clothes
  • Gemini:rainy nights & sunny days
  • Cancer:long hugs filled with genuine affection
  • Leo:making people smile
  • Virgo:knowing you can just be yourself
  • Libra:british accents
  • Scorpio:cats
  • Sagittarius:books you can't put down
  • Capricorn:hot cocoa/coffee
  • Aquarius:songs that explain how you feel
  • Pisces:the kindness of strangers

Wishing you an Happy 33rd Birthday, my beloved snowflake.

The Zodiac Signs as Ancient Civilizations/ Empires
  • Aries:Vikings // War, courage, honor, adventure
  • Taurus:Mongols // Possessions, determination, economy
  • Gemini:Chinese // Rich culture, importance of writing
  • Cancer:Babylonian // Strong sense of community, protection of the weak and poor
  • Leo:Inca // Sun-God, magnificent buildings and art
  • Virgo:Romans // Engineering, efficiency, technology
  • Libra:Greek // Democracy, beauty, great works of art
  • Scorpio:Egyptians // Mystery, intelligence, CATS
  • Sagittarius:Aztecs // Nobility, extravagance, strength
  • Capricorn:Maya // Knowledge, studying, hard work, time
  • Aquarius:Atlantis // Universal consciousness, advanced technology, isolation
  • Pisces:Persian // Human rights, religious tolerance, equality
The zodiac signs as Orange Is The New Black characters & explanation
  • Aries:Suzanne 'crazy eyes' (Impulsive, easily irritated, loyal, creative) & Aleida Diaz (fierce, jealous, reckless, possessive, not so motherly)
  • Taurus:Norma (kind, helpful, loyal, occasional badass) & Yoga Jones (down-to-earth, peaceful, mature)
  • Gemini:Piper Chapman (talkative, quick-witted, restless, scatterbrained) & Sister Jane Ingalls (well-spoken, defiant, convincing, intelligent)
  • Cancer:Tiffany Pennsatucky (impulsive, sensitive, devout, determined) & Joe Caputo (honest, genuine, soft, lowkey manipulative)
  • Leo:Stella Carlin (SHE JUST HAS TO BE A LEO) & Sophia Burset (friendly, stubborn, talented, charismatic)
  • Virgo:Mr. Healy (stern yet kind, helpful, critical) & Brook Soso (complainer, principled, caring, talkative)
  • Libra:Lorna Morello (feminine, romantic, friendly, sweet) & Maritza (sassy, vain, outgoing, sarcastic, PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL)
  • Scorpio:Alex Vause (snarky, introvert, perceptive, intellectual, secretive) & Galina 'Red' (strong willed, fierce, strict but very protective, occasionally sentimental)
  • Sagittarius:Poussey (funny, straightforward, outspoken, avoids confrontation) & Taystee (humorous, outrageous, ambitious, very intelligent)
  • Capricorn:Bennett (Respectful, straight-faced, kind, pessimistic, doubtful) & Gloria Mendoza (protective, responsible, gets things done, motherly, strict)
  • Aquarius:Nicky Nichols (witty, friendly, funny, sarcastic, softer than she lets on, detached, truthful) & Carrie 'Boo' (hardened exterior, occasionally tender, wants to be seen as powerful and emotionless, honest)
  • Pisces:Daya Diaz (shy, emotional, caring, artistic, idealistic) & counsellor Berdie Rogers (understanding, friendly, wants to connect with everyone, good listener)


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