‘Singer’ Ruby-type pistol

Manufactured c.1914 in Eibar, Spain by Arizmendi y Goenaga based on the Colt M1903.
7,65mm/.32ACP seven-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, vulcanite grips, engraved nickel finish.

If they’re not good at respecting tight tolerances, at least Spanish gunsmiths rock the engraving jobs. This is one of the numerous copies made around WW1 in Eibar, the best known of which being Gabilondo y Urresti’s Ruby model.


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
CΔLIβΣR: 7.65 mm
CΔPΔCITΨ: 7 Rounds
ШΣIGHT: 568 g
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Pistolet Browning Mle 1900

Designed by John M. Browning c.1896 for the Fabrique Nationale Herstal, manufactured c.1900-1912 - serial number 456355.
7,65x17mmSR seven-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic with a slide. You might think “well duh” but it was a new thing back then.
A very fun design, from the dawn of semi-automatic pistols.


French contract Savage M1907 pistols

Manufactured by Savage Arms in Utica, New York c.1914-17 for a 40000 units order made by the French army - serial numbers 161754 and 160260.
.32ACP/7,65x17mm 10-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, military lanyard ring, manual and grip safety.

France started World War 1 without a semi-automatic service handgun and almost immediately realized what a disadvantage it was. Consequently, the French army ordered forty thousand Savage M1907′s, 450 Colt 1911 Governments, and finally more than a million Ruby pistols to equip machine gun and vehicle crews, stretch bearers, etc.
These Savage pistols differ from their civilian counterpart by their lanyard ring.


Ruby-type French service pistols

  1. Manufactured by Izarra c.1915-18 in Eibar, Spain - serial number 28186.
  2. Manufactured by Gabilondo y Urresti in Eibar, Spain - serial number 9249.

.32 ACP seven-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, manual thumb safety.
Two of the many cheap new semi-automatic pistols ordered by the French Army shortly after the outbreak of WW1. With a production rate reaching 50000 new units per month spread across many sub-contractors, these guns were essentially disposable. Which is good really since the parts are rarely interchangeable.


Colt Pocket Hammerless M1903 pistol

Made by Colt Manufacturing Co c.1903-45 on the design of J.M. Browning - serial number 520260.
.32ACP 8-round silver-plated removable box magazine, single action blowback semi automatic with shrouded hammer, gold plated and engraved.

That’s probably my favorite Colt self-loading pistol.

Pistolet Browning Mle 1900

Designed by John M. Browning c.1896 for the Fabrique Nationale Herstal, manufactured c.1900-1910 - an earlier prototype was also produced as the Mle 1899.
7,65x17mmSR seven-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, the first pistol to use a slide.

I decided to go with the Belgian names since FN Browning M1900 was apparently not used back then :T

Beretta M1915 pistol

Manufactured by Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta in Briesca, Italy c.1915 - serial number 28416.
7,65x17mmSR/.32ACP 8-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic.

Beretta’s first pistol, commissioned by the Italian army during World War 1 as a durable sidegrade to the Glisenti M1910 pistols.


Hino Komuro 1908 pistol

Designed by Kumazo Hino and produced by Tomijiro Komuro in Japan.
.32ACP 8-round removable box magazine, proprietary blow forward semi-automatic action.

A weird early pistol design if there are any, the Hino 1908 was cocked by pulling the barrel forward - all the while praying to avoid blowing your palm off - which would load a round. Afterward pulling the trigger - and grip safety - will release the barrel which would slam the cartridge backward onto the firing pin, with predictable effects.


a pair of Frommer Stop M.17 machine pistols

Manufactured by FÉG in Hungary in 1917 for use on a tripod as a heavy submachine gun - I know it’s stupid, I don’t make the rules.
7,65x17mmSR Frommer, 25-round removable box magazine, elongated barrel, modified trigger mechanism, long recoil fully automatic.

The last military rant of a dying lunatic :v


Webley Model 1908 self-loading pistol

Designed by William John Whiting c.1904 and produced by Webley and Scott in Birmingham with less than 20% of them going to the civilian market.
.32ACP 7-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic.

What even is ergonomics ? We just don’t know.


Little Tom pistol

Designed by Alois Tomiška c.1905-1920 and manufactured by the Wiener Waffenfabrik c.1920-25.
.32ACP eight-round brass magazine, single action/double action blowback semi-automatic.

An interesting feature of this gun, beside being one of the earliest double action design ever produced, was his top-loaded magazine. Apparently it was designed for new magazines to push empty ones from the bottom of the grip.