325 horsepower


Okay, not a typical definition of a muscle car, but I love this 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport! Loooong, boat-like body and hubcaps, but look at that 396 / 325 horsepower rat big block seething under the hood! And a 4speed to boot! (Muncie? Probably.) And bucket seats. And check out the gauge cluster on the console. I’d love to know if it’s a Muncie close ratio or wide ratio as well as the rearend differential. This car looks like your grandmother’s grocery-getter. But from redlight to redlight, it’ll surprise that other person beside you!

1969 Rally Sport Camaro with a factory 396. This car would put out 325, 350 or 375 horsepower. This car is an automatic, but she still looks aggressive and fast. Note the rally striping and you can barely see where the cowl induction hood mates to the air cleaner. Nicely optioned car!

A 1969 Camaro Pace Car, pardon me while I drool. It’s a big block 396 car with an automatic, gauge cluster on the console, big block 396, rosewood steering wheel, big block 396, orange houndstooth interior… oh, did I mention it’s a big block 396? The owner wasn’t sure if it was a 325 or 350 horsepower. He was sure it wasn’t an L78 375 hp for what he paid for it. I could stare at this car all day!

A nicely optioned 1969 Super Sport big-block Camaro.  Triple green with the optional houndstooth (cloth) interior, vinyl roof, 396 cu/in motor (325, 350 or 375 horsepower), Z22 Rally Sport option, D90 striping and optional N66 rims.  (I didn’t see the transmission selection for this car.). Look at the shine on the paint!