Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #325

(This is somehow even weirder than most of what I post on this blog. :p ) (Dialogue from The Emperor’s New Groove.)


Rae Sloane and Gallius Rax

I really enjoy it when we get insights into the childhoods of villains! Aftermath: Life Debt did this really well for both of the main antagonists.

It’s interesting to me how they have an underlying similarity in their origins: two bright and hopeful little kids who wished to escape the struggle of abject poverty, but their escape plans turned into nightmares. They also both had their selfhood threatened to be demolished.

One got away with psychological scars, the other… didn’t exactly get away. In the end, each in their own way, they found their purpose by being shaped within the iron hold of the Empire. Oh, children.

Magi development
  • beginnig: oh just two guys going on an adventure in a fantasy arabian world, it's nothing too complicated
  • middle: the conflict between different states with different economic systems and different views about how to make the world a better place which ends in a war between capitalism and comunism, well this is cool actually
  • end: a war between gods which are constantly becoming more powerful and I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING OHTAKA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS