323.44 things overheard

Them, Showing

A man approached me at the information desk.

Man: “You’re a girl, will you make a copy for me?”

Me: “Pardon me?”

Man: “My girl at the office is out for a while and I need some copies made. Could you do it for me?”

Me: “I’m happy to show you how to make copies. I’m sure you’ll find that even boys can do it these days!”

Library, Overheard in the

This collection of things overheard in the library comes from the amazing Happy Librarian. Enjoy!

“Where is your amazon.com section?”

“If, like, I have fines, do I have to pay them or can you just make them disappear like a magical elf?”

“Do you put GPS trackers in books? I lost mine!”

“If I wanted to take out 700 books right this second, is there anything you can do to stop me?”

“Do you have microfish?”

“Can I use Wolverine as a source in my paper?”

“Can I have the key to the library so I can come in after you close?”

“Can I have a book by James Baldwin? I think he was the guy from 30 Rock.”

“Can I put this book on layaway?”

“Do you ever have anyone come in here to sell drugs? I’m not looking to buy, I’m just curious if they sell.”

“Do you have a dentist on staff here?”

“I want a book about a queen who kills all of her subjects but then realizes her mistake and gives them all money.”

“I need a book for a last-minute project, but it has to be a book no one has ever heard of, not even you.”