name: kirstin liljegren

nationality: danish

agencies: scoop copenhagen (mother)

moment: debut - balenciaga fw12 campaign + opened balenciaga ss13 show as an exclusive

thoughts: hailey clauson, aline weber, mixed with marloes horst vibes. a hint of barbara palvin. brows all grown in. having only walked one show (blue chip exclusive, mind you) in the last two seasons, fw13 will undoubtedly belong to kirstin. impressive opener at balenciaga ss13. confident, good walk, set the tone for another great ghesquiere collection. good curb appeal. awaiting who will pick her up in worldwide markets, particularly ny, as she’s still only with scoop (some boss direct bookings…). as breathtaking as she is now, will only flourish with age. i see longevity here. now, will she see meisel again for ss13 campaign?

book: http://scoopmodels.com/models/women/kirstin/


name: stina rapp wastenson

nationality: swedish

agencies: women worlwide (ny, milan, paris), elite stockholm, modellink gothenburg (mother)

moment: ss13 debut - prada, valentino, balenciaga, chloe, louis vuitton, amongst others

thoughts: the video says it all. super cute and fresh but can bring the ferocity with that devilish gaze. selective blue chip runway for debut season. post-show season editorial saw her in interview mag and vogue japan, both stories featuring standout new faces. her eyes and pout set her apart.

book: http://www.womenmanagement.com/Models/1-2436/STINA%20RAPP.html

name: maartje verhoef

nationality: dutch

agencies: women milan, select london, micha amsterdam (mother)

moment: opened prada ss13 as a worldwide exclusive

thoughts: congratulations. rather striking. she’s giving me young waify candice swanpoel vibes, mixed with some ymre stiekema (a fellow dutch beauty). perfect brows. looked great/confident at the show for her first..anything. 15 yrs old. interesting to see what will happen with her after fashion month. this booking has put her in a good position for a solid editorial build prior to next season. hope to see her. again, congrats, maartje (how in godot’s name is that pronounced?)!

current: worldwide exclusive = post-show waiting game…

book: http://www.womenmanagement.it/Models/2-3615/MAARTJE%20VERHOEF.html

name: maria borges

nationality: angolan

agencies: supreme ny, women milan, l'agence lisboa (mother)

moment: back to back givenchy exclusives (1. fw12 couture 2. ss13 rtw)

thoughts: let her be known. will really be surprised if she doesn’t score the campaign this season. a well-needed new dark-skinned beauty playing in the blue chip arena, especially since ms. matonhodze @ marilyn ny is taking a break from the shows for school. amongst the 3 black girls who walked givenchy’s ss13, she held her own as the relative unknown compared to grace and joan - get it. her measurements are like woah. this has to translate into something huge, or else… i don’t even know. she’s no blip. good scopp for supreme. she can give cute and commercial as easily as haute couture life - regardless, it’s expensive. would love to see her in an interview - money that she’s all personality behind that severe catwalk exterior. hopefully a piece by bethann hardison for vogue italia. maybe supreme will let me? *wink*

book: http://www.womenmanagement.it/Models/2-3480/MARIA%20BORGES.html

name: stephanie hall

nationality: british

agencies: supreme ny, women milan, models1 london (mother)

moment: debut - cK ss13 exclusive nyfw

thoughts: presence. lightly freckled british beauty. strawberry blond locks. cheekbones look almost like prosthetics. a striking debut as a ck exclusive. amongst the two xclusvs that really stood out. great walk, too. slinky, sexy, controlled. inimitable outer wordly beauty at ck (see: http://bit.ly/S1a301). carried through to london booking it shows of the week: giles, j.w. anderson, acne, and antonio berardi - one more day to go. will be interesting how she plays out in milan. jil sander written all over her. hopefully we see her in paris. could use a bit more expression in shows. not much print (the little she has is…), but right photog will make her shine. can’t help but want more and more. slight emily baker vibes, no?

current: walking the ss13 shows in london with models1. tba re: milan

book: http://www.suprememanagement.com/Models/2405/STEPHANIE-HALL.html

name: sarah engelland

nationality: american

agencies: one management, macs|amax nashville (mother)

moment: debut - saint laurent paris ss13 worldwide exclusive

thoughts: standout, not only amongst the sl exclusives, but the show as a whole. irina lazareanu vibes, fused with some lily cole doll-faced realness from seasons ago. the bangs give her some well-needed edge, otherwise her look could seem played. she’s fresh. 2 great looks at sl. unlike many girls, we could actually see her face. girl is tiny - fierce measurements. interesting to see how this blue chip booking will play out for her as all eyes in the industry were on this show.

book: http://onemanagement.com/the-ones/?group=lil-ones#sarah%20engelland

name: marikka juhler

nationality: danish

agencies: ford ny, union london, d'management milan, nathalie paris, traffic barcelona, scoop copenhagen (mother)

moment: (big break) nyfw ss13 - alexander wang semi-exclusive

thoughts: celestial glamazon. in my top 10 newcomers, forsure. one fashion spot member said it best: “her look is so early 2000s, and i am happy it’s being acknowledged” - agreed. daria vibes much? her height sets her apart from the pack standing in at over 6'0" (most of her agencies are pushing her at 5'11 (minus d'management at 6"½" - gutsy, also with a 35.5 hip) as to not scare off clients; necessary, but nice try). slight asymmetrical eyes. another beauty who’s big break has come after a number of years and finally has the industry’s attention. started strong in new york slinking out in a sexy silver frock at alex wang, followed by a small but solid group of shows - hilfiger, lam, herrera, de la renta, and schouler. london saw her open jonathan saunders, walk for acne, and topshop. opened her week in milan with a major 2-look gucci show - big coup for any newcomer. this exposure now is sure to catapult marikka into the blue-chip arena, be it editorial or campaign work. it’s all eyes on this dane (seriously, you can’t miss her - she’s that tall).

current: d'management milan ss13 show package - opened her week walking gucci

book: http://www.dmanagementgroup.com/scroll.asp?qualemod=231&tipo=now

name: kelly gale

nationality: swedish

agencies: dna ny, viva paris, viva london, scoop copenhagen, model team hamburg, avenue modeller goteburg, mikas stockholm (mother)

moment: h&m divided campaigns/debut - nyfw ss13

thoughts: current obsession. late on the bandwagon with this one. she told wwd she’d like to be a vs angle/walk in the show someday. it’ll happen. the new chanel iman. resemblance, but kelly’s exotic look keeps my gaze. half indian + half aussie. flawless caramel skin tone. graphic brows. cute but sexy pout coupled with the tiny gap = booked. her racial ambiguity will serve her extremely well. nyfw debut this season. narciso, tommy, nanette, vivienne, reem, rag&bone, cushnie, badgley, monique, honor, and closed the week with ralph. in london now with viva. full circuit for this girl. excited to see what paris brings for her. personal top 10 newcomer this season. perhaps jumping the gun, but, i mean, look at her.

current: viva london ss13 show package

book: http://www.dnamodels.com/women-development/kelly-gale/portfolio#/page/3

name: justus eisfeld

nationality: german

agencies: success paris, fashion milan, fm london, vny ny, quantum seven cologne (mother)

moment: debut - gucci fw12 show exclusive

thoughts: staring is permitted and inevitable. safe to say that justus has the perfect face. incredibly symmetrical. again, the pillowy lips. the very blue eyes. when he smirks, hearts stop. blessed with a face that will remain youthful for years to come. aka career longevity. angelic baby face coupled with raw masculinity. great fram. broad for a skinny guy. the campaigns will surely come. well positioned. nabbed ysl fw12 exclusive, following his gucci debut. all one needs. ss13 saw bookings for raf simons and dior homme shows. solid editorial to date (august man + qvest + love magazine fw12). gets sexier the longer you look. will work/translate well across all markets. like wine, will get better with age.

current: tba

book: http://www.fmmodelagency.com/details.aspx?modelID=569204&nav=1&indx=&subid=3400&mainsubID=3400&sexid=1&areaID=6

name: georges de saint mars

nationality: french

agencies: success paris

moment: selective shows - fw12 + ss13

thoughts: so right now. all about his brows. so strong. perfectly squinted piercing blue eyes. radiates youthful boyish beauty and french cool. really taken. photographs beautifully. great face, body, and walk = commanding presence on the runway. his fw12 show season saw him selectively grace blue chip runways including raf simons and valentino. ss13 added 3.1 phillip lim and lanvin to the list. would’ve fit seamlessly in the givenchy ss13 show. oh well. january shows are near. looking forward to see him sweep the blue chip gigs.

book: http://men.successmodels.com/details_large.aspx?nav=3&sexid=1&ltr=g&subid=9427&modelid=570088&indx=0&a=1&from=9427

name: elisabeth vandenbergh

nationality: belgian

agencies: ford ny, elite paris, dominique brussels (mother)

moment: new face - fw13 show season launch (hopefully)

thoughts: woah. saw her on mdc’s daily duo this week. of course ford swoops in for the scoop. while still trying to pinpoint who she looks like, her look feels incredibly fresh and new. light freckling. soft cleft chin. those eyes. perhaps a milder kelly mittendorf. high fashion and commercial appeal though. let’s hope she has a good walk. shame if she’s ratchet on the runway. now getting a slight stephanie hall vibe - just a pinch. incredibly intriguing.

book: http://management.elitemodel.fr/details.aspx?modelID=608029&ln=en&nav=2&subid=2859&mainsubid=2859&divID=4&indx=1&letter=

name: ji hye park

nationality: korean

agencies: elite ny, why not milan, dcm seoul (mother)

moment: debut - nyfw ss13.

thoughts: the new “it” korean girl. daul kim, may she rest in peace, has a striking new successor. her features are impeccable. long oval-shaped head both narrow and round. tiny pout on a large canvas. look is regal, sophisticated, elegant.  she looks expensive - you know what i mean. debut on the world stage this season in ny. she’s well-known it seems in korea having conquered the runways in seoul past seasons and booked abundant + major print including vogue korea. alex wang semi-exclusive where she made quite an impact. great walk and re-energized the show after a below par opener. total “who’s that girl” moment. impressive 1st ny show season booking key shows. radiant at ralph which closed her week. would love to see her momentum now carry through to paris. regardless, on my top 10 newcomers list. would melt to see her at couture week as well. she’s not going anywhere.

current: walked alexander wang, narciso rodriguez, anna sui, marc by mj, dkny,   ralph lauren ss13 nyfw.

book: http://eliteny.themode.net/div/elite/model/jihye2/p/944/c/-1/?rand=7858462sexid=2&subid=9749&mainsubid=9749&from=&a=8

name: marine deleeuw

nationality: french

agencies: ford ny, why not milan, elite paris, view barcelona, dominique brussels (mother)

moment: (real) debut - nyfw ss13

thoughts: undeniably beautiful. i see some kati. i see some aymeline. her look oozes french cool. living for those brows. interesting but smart that why not would scoop her rival newcomer antonina vasylchenko as they look similar (marine’s angles are more defined/sharper/more mature even though they’re agemates). fw12 saw her debut and walk smaller shows in milan but bagged céline in paris which surely got the ball rolling. came out of the blocks this season opening rag&bone with a solid confident walk - love a good opener. then came narciso (loved), marc by mj, reed, 3.1, belstaff, herve, bcbg, thakoon, tommy, and a great outing at calvin to finish her week. all a girl needs in the first leg of fash month is one key/big show, and she bagged a few. we’ll see her in milan, and hopefully (aka inevitably) paris where she’ll thrive. top 10 this season in my books, and likely mdc’s as well.

current: why not milan ss13 show package

book: http://www.dominiquemodels.com/WD160AWP/wd160awp.exe/CTX_4880-1-IFeeLVNewa-5A5C9E2E/headsheet_Fx/SYNC_-1287591500

name: kayley chabot

nationality: canadian

agencies: ford ny, premier london, why not milan, mode edmonton (mother)

moment: (big) debut - nyfw SS13, only walking key shows (alex wang, altuzarra, proenza, cK).

thoughts: canadian gem. didn’t really pay attention to this beauty until she jumped out at cK. better than some exclusives. interesting jaw line. tiny mouth, and eyes (green). super cute with some grit. progressive obsession. walked a handful of shows, including alex wang, altuzarra, proenza, and calvin klein. remember, it’s not the number. the more you look, the more you want with kayley. awaiting a parisian agency, likely to be announced in no time. momentum from ny carrying through into london opening todd lynn and closing kinder aggugini. the top 10 new comers list is quickly shaping up.

current: walking up a storm at lfw with premier + why not milan ss13 show package

book: http://www.modemodels.com/onlinebook.cfm?page=&idmodel=3651&regionid=&gender=&p=0&char=K&criteria=