sherlock and john spend a ridiculous amount of time whispering into each other’s necks and ears everywhere they go in private and in public and everyone thinks they’re whispering dirty things or sweet nothings and sometimes they are but sometimes they’re literally just whispering to remind the other to pick up milk and tooth paste on the way home or asking what the other wants for dinner


Ácidos como siempre xDDDD



I’m sick since yesterday and i’m stuck in bed :v Great weekend for me :v xD But luckily for me someone upload video about arts today c: Someone that i love so much c:
So there you have amazing Wiishu! C:
I still can’t draw her properly which is sad .-. pshhh i just can’t draw and colour properly :v xD But she makes me smile, laugh and bring me joy today so i dunno, maybe i can repay it and make her smile because of this crappy doodle? C: xD