We (@darkswanjones and @katniss-annabeth-luna-jones) were thinking we needed something aside from the imminent and dreaded school to take our minds off the equally dreaded hiatus, so here’s our Captain Swan 5B Episode Countdown! We’re alternating the episodes with Captain Swan scenes and talking about them because that’s pretty much our favorite thing to do.

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What I love throughout this episode is that Killian Jones is thinking of one thing – saving Emma. David’s also concerned with finding Anna, figuring out who Elsa is, his encounter with Bo Peep – but Killian doesn’t care about any of that. All he cares about is getting Emma out of the ice cave.

I’m actually gonna quote @msgenevieve447 from Stay (a little bit longer) right here because I think about this paragraph here every time I see this scene:

Throughout the telling of the tale, Emma and Hook are oddly silent.  David’s careful to keep his tone light and cheerful, but Snow knows him too well.  She can see the remembered fear in his eyes.  It’s the same fear that’s still etched on Killian Jones’ face as he crouches at her daughter’s side as though he is prepared to be parted from her only on pain of death.

Killian’s holding onto Emma, pulling her close, almost before David has the blankets settled around her. And Emma’s holding him too, her hand on his hooked arm, holding him there next to her. They’re not letting anything pull them apart, not an ice storm, not a malfunctioning heating system, nothing. This scene shows already that nothing will keep Killian Jones from Emma Swan’s side.

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  • Last drink: water
  • Last Phone call: my mum

  • Last Text Message: my dad
Last song you listened to: Le Slow (Les filles et les garçons Remix) - granville 

  • Last time you cried: I think this time last week? 


  • Dated someone twice: ahah ahahaha
Been cheated on: ahahha 

  • Kissed someone and regretted it: ahahahahahahahahhahah

  • Lost someone special: 2 grandparents:((

  • Been depressed: my whole life is depressing

  • Been drunk and thrown up: only been drunk 1 time in my life cause apparently I’m like some superheavy weight. it wasn’t fun at all. Like at all at all 


  • Made a new friend: yes

  • Fallen out of love: that requires u to be in love first
  • Laughed until you cried: don’t think I’ve ever done this. Not that I don’t laugh tho 

  • Met someone who changed you: don’t think so ???? Maybe subconsciously changed me?

  • Found out who your true friends are: not really I have 0.1 friend


  • How many people on tumblr do you know irl: only about 10ish I think 
Do you have any pets: yh my little dog boris . also a fish
Do you want to change your name: I don’t like my name but I’m used to it now

  • What time did you wake up this morning: 8:45 but got up like 9:30 lolololol

  • What were you doing last night: drawing? i live a fun life
Name something you cannot wait for: the void
  • Have you ever talked to person named tom: yes
. weird question ?
  • Blood type: I have no fckfnig idea

  • Nicknamed: uh soph, gabs, egg (+ œuf), peanut, Bro Ko, zhu li (lmAO Mada)

  • What’s getting on your nerves rn: my whole life
Status: the singlest pringle of all

  • Zodiac: ♒️ Aq
Pronouns: her/she
  • Favorite TV show: if anime counts then like?? Haikyuu and snk probs?? If we’re talking normal tv (lol) then I’m Miraulous trash and u know it

  • High School: what a creepy Q

  • Hair color: like the dullest dark brown eva I hate it 
Long or short: shoulder length

  • What do you like about yourself: ????? Nothing??

  • Tattoos: the day I get a tattoo is the day my mother commits filicide
  • Lefty or righty: right 


  • First Surgery: i don’t think I’ve had any

  • First Piercing: lobes when 16 

  • First best friend: probably my big sister els
First sport you joined: probably swimming but I know ballet and gymnastics came close seconds (the gymnastics was abandoned followed by the ballet a few years later lmao)
  • First vacation: used to go to Paris every year until I was like 8 to do like sights, parc Disneyland + day trip out to parc astérix

  • First pair of sneakers: idk??? Probably when j was tiny 


  • Eating: no
  • Drinking: no
  • I’m about to : probably study my classics

  • Listening to: Je Vole - louane 

  • Waiting for: the void
 (?? already had this question i swear?)
  • Want kids at some point or another: maybs
Get married: i like the idea of weddings v much but the idea of being married less so

  • Career: mountain goat w no responsibilities 


  • Lips or eyes: ???

  • Hugs or kisses: ???
Shorter or taller: ???

  • Older or younger: ???

  • Romantic or Spontaneous: ???
Sensitive or loud: ???
Hook up or relationship: ???

  • Troublemaker or hesitant: ??? The fck r these questions lol ???¿¿¿¿?


  • Kissed a stranger: no
Drank hard liquor: yes
Lost glasses/contacts: none to lose

  • Sex on a first date: lol what dates

  • Broken someones heart: probably not
  • Been arrested: no

  • Turned someone down: yeah but I assume it was a joke anyway
Cried when someone died: i tend to cry more about sad alive people (I’m so sorry this sounds so horrible but like???????)
Fallen for a friend: lol wht friends 


  • Yourself: ha
Miracles: no
  • Love at first sight: not really but I get how people r attracted at first sight

  • Heaven: no

  • Santa: no 

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