32 yrs


Prince Harry with two Gurkhas who he served in Afghanistan with Rifleman Vinod Budhathoki 32 yrs and Corporal Hair Budha Magar 37 yrs. Both Gurkhas were badly injured in Afghanistan and both of them losing their legs as he attends a ceremony to celebrate the bicentenary of relations between the UK and Nepal at Embassy of Nepal | March 20, 2017

finding shisui’s age via the lifespan of hiruzen sarutobi

I am now ban from wikia (lol jk).


Start at age 17-18

17-18 yrs old - Tsunade/Orochimaru/Jiraiya are born

23 yrs old - Hiruzen becomes 3rd Hokage, after Tobirama dies at the hands of Kinkaku

24 yrs old - Hiruzen give Tsunade/Orochimaru/Jiraiya the bell test

25 yrs old - Kagami Uchiha dies


32 yrs old - Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki are born


39-40 yrs old - Mito dies of old age, Kushina is the new jinchuriki

41 yrs old - Asuma is born

42 yrs old - Kushina & Minato are genin, Obito is born

43 yrs old - Kakashi is born

44 yrs old - The 3rd Great Ninja War begins, Kushina is kidnap by Kumo


46 yrs old - Shisui is born


51 yrs old - Itachi is born


55 yrs old - Obito “dies” - 3rd Great Ninja War is over

56-57 yrs old - Konoha 12 are born. Kushina & Minato dies. Shisui meets Itachi.


63 yrs old - Itachi enters ANBU

64-65 yrs old - Shisui’s suicide, Uchiha Massacre


68-69 yrs old - Hiruzen dies, Tsunade takes office at age 51


So that would mean Shisui is around 18-19 yrs old when he commits suicide.So, yeah, grandpa Kagami it is -there is no way his wife was pregnant for 20+ yrs with Shisui) :P

I often find it impossible to guess how old Adam Driver is. He is the kind of dude who can shave ten years off his looks just by getting a razor. Google tells me he is 32 yrs old.

He looks his age in This is Where I Leave You.

Then in The Force Awakens the Dark Side shaves ten years off his face.

Then in Girls he looks back to his age.

And THEN in Midnight Special he looks like he used a time turner to go back to college.


introducing Cosmas Thorakis - 32 yrs old. Captain of the guard in the powerful city of Faros. Only daughter of two influential nobles, who divorced when she was 13 because her mother had an affair with Sevila, and remarried years later. Now they each have different spouses and families, leaving her the inheritor of both their estates and also a handful of young half-siblings. She is highly influential politically, and holds a great deal of clout with the local garrisons. Keeps her hair short but still manages to have terrible helmet hair. Secretly really good with kids. Ambidextrious. The worst at taking a compliment.

maximumrevolution  asked:

Your turn! 30-39 for the ask meme

30. Who likes long walks on the beach?
31. Who is more affectionate?
John is… very affectionate he loves to nuzzle mac and his son
32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?
33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt?
John would wear the “sin” t-shirt and mac would wear the “not guilty” t-shirt
34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?
John would wear the “if lost return to” t-shirt and mac would wear the “i am” t-shirt.
35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?
John everything must be perfect.
36. Who is the social media addict?
Probably John
37. Height difference or age difference?
John is 32 yrs old and 6′3 ft tall Maccready is 22 and 5′6-5′7 ft
38. Who likes to star gaze?
John loves stargazing, every night when he and mac are out he’ll just lay down and look up at the sky
39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside?
both of them omg

Thank you for asking me! <3

Oh the hypocrisy is strong with this one.

So I see a LOT of tags like this on the TFA Character Ages post and I just…

Do you see what you’re typing? This is just one example, I scrolled past several at a time.

So we can’t ship a 19 yr old female with a 29 yr old male (10 year diff.), but a 23 yr old and a 32 yr old (9 year diff.) is okay just because? Or is it because it’s not a het ship and this is tumblr?

Either way, that’s being a bit of a hypocrite isn’t it?

You know who else has an age gap of 10 years?

The tanker of all star wars ships

So kindly get off your high horse.

I’m also seeing a lot of “rey is a baby” “omg she’s an infant” like no, she’s of legal age, she’s a damn adult and has been through some real shit.

I’m also seeing people call Ren, Poe and Hux “really old”
Like… 30′s not even old, guys. Jesus, you’re acting like they’re seniors.

Also a lot of people seem to have a hard time accepting these ages, I’m actually surprised so many people didn’t know, I thought this was public knowledge.

But it is canon. I feel like we’ve already been told these things so I’m confused as to why people are upset?
Ben was born just a year after the battle of Endor. Poe was 3 then.


↳Melissa Fumero// Age: 32 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-30// Gif hunts: x, x, x

↳Cassie Steele// Age: 25 yrs old // Can play ages: 19-25// Gif hunts: x, x, x, x

↳Samira Wiley// Age: 28 yrs old// Can play ages: 22-29// Gif hunts: x, x, x, x

↳Onika Tanya Maraj// Age: 32 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-32// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Dichen Lachman// Age: 33 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-30// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Deepika Padukone// Age: 29 yrs old// Can play ages: 21-28// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Diane Guerrero// Age: 28 yrs old// Can play ages: 19-26// Gif hunts: x, x, x, x

↳Robyn Fenty// Age: 27 yrs old// Can play ages: 22-28// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Dascha Polanco// Age: 32 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-30// Gif hunts: x, x, x

Just like wine. You get better with age.
Happy 53rd birthday to you love.
It was 1984 when I first saw you. I was 11 yrs old. I can honestly say you were my first love. I have had other teen heartthrobs in my teen ages but they all faded out except for you. I have stayed a true n loyal fan to you for more than half of my life and will continue to be a Depphead till I take my last breath.
With all my heart I hope that on this day that I’ve have celebrated for 32 yrs of my life that you are enjoying this day to the fullest. Surrounded by your love one. I love you then, now and forever


I am Nadika, a 32 yr old trans+intersex person from India. It took me a while to figure out who/what/where etc. of myself, and a bit more to begin the process of being who I was. Pre-everything, but will likely begin HRT Feb 2015. Fingers crossed. I am big, tall and, somewhere, okay with the fact that I will never be as beautiful as I want to be. 

Say hi at nadikanadja.tumblr.com

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[A full body mirror shot of a girl with curly black hair, wearing a blue top and a red long skirt. She’s holding a blue camera phone and has one arm up holding her head]