32 yrs

can’t wait to be a bitter 32 yr old business magnate coke addict who sold their soul to the stock market and makes their husband sleep on the couch bc he wants to fuck but im having an affair w the secretary

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I've been fucking this 32 yr old and I'm 21 and tbh I didn't know he was that old. I thought he was like 25 or 26. But anyways his dick is bomb. He's hot af. And he eats me out until I squirt and he's the only person ever to make me cum. I like to suck his dick and swallow his cum because he's fit and healthy so his tastes good. He's the only person that actually cares about letting me finish and leave satisfied and I love it so much. I always think about him eating me out.

Sounds mature

Fallout OC as a companion - Encounter tag

idea by @madddraws

Ever wonder how it would go down if the Fallout playable character (the Courier, Lone Wanderer, Sole Survivor, another OC, etc.) would encounter your OC if they were available as a companion? Well, let’s write it up!

 ○ Copy/Paste and try it on your own OC! Tag @madddraws for credit! ○

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32 for macdennis if yr still doing that drabble meme thing?

ur damn right i am

“Just kiss me, you idiot.”

Mac hadn’t agreed to any of this. Well, sure, it had been his idea to play Vic Vinegar and Hugh Honey again, but it didn’t count if it was for a scheme! Schemes are where all bets are off.

But even Dennis knew that they were beat by now. They should have given up the pretense an hour ago and called it quits, but for some reason, here they were, still in the fancy schmancy restaurant, while Dennis was giving a speech about how they’d ‘fallen in love.’

Mac had had enough. For one, Dennis was using their story! Their real one, how they became friends, heterosexual best friends, instead of inventing a new one. For another, it had gone on way too long and the other patrons and staff were giving them weird looks. It gave Mac the heebie-jeebies, being put on the spot like this, and he didn’t like it (he refused to acknowledge that this had in fact been his idea to start with.)

Their original scheme had gone down the drain, but Dennis was adamant that they could still get a free meal out of this whole gay schtick, if they played their cards right, and an engagement in one of the fancier restaurants in Philly with their very pro-PC attitudes would be like taking candy from a baby.

It still made Mac uncomfortable but he went along with it; he really didn’t want to have to deal with Dennis blowing up tonight, and they didn’t have an emergency stolen credit card anymore since Charlie nicked it.

Finally, Dennis ended his long-winded speech and got down on one knee, fishing out a ring box that he just so happened to be carrying with him, and uttered the words that gave Mac a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. “Will you marry me?”

Dennis sounded so genuine that Mac wondered why he had never auditioned to be an actor; out of the twins, clearly Dennis was the more talented, yet Dee continued to go to auditions only to come back rejected. If Dennis went instead, surely he’d get cast, and then get famous. Then they wouldn’t have to pretend to be gay to pay for meals, or to try and trick people into buying into their fake plans, or deal with Frank anymore.

Dennis cleared his throat, his face turning an angry red color, and Mac jumped, pulled from his thoughts. He blushed, the reality of all these faces waiting for his answer hitting him, and he mumbled a soft, yeah, sure.

Dennis rose, rolling his eyes and pulling Mac into his arms. Mac’s brows pulled together, and he started to push Dennis away, until Dennis touched a finger to his lips. “Shh,” he murmured, glancing away at all of their spectators, “just kiss me, you idiot, and we’re home free.”

Mac allowed Dennis to press their lips together, and even participated a tiny, small, very minimal amount (because if someone is kissing you, it’s only polite to kiss back, especially if it’s your best buddy, you can’t leave them hanging), until, finally, Dennis drew back, smiling triumphantly.

The bill came back with the waiter waving them off, tears in his eyes as he told them about his plans to propose to his boyfriend, how witnessing this had helped him make his decision.

Mac felt sick.


I’m an asshole. This is pre-Mac coming out, obv. Hope you liked it, dude!

Send me a number from this post and a ship, and i’ll write you a drabble!

I often find it impossible to guess how old Adam Driver is. He is the kind of dude who can shave ten years off his looks just by getting a razor. Google tells me he is 32 yrs old.

He looks his age in This is Where I Leave You.

Then in The Force Awakens the Dark Side shaves ten years off his face.

Then in Girls he looks back to his age.

And THEN in Midnight Special he looks like he used a time turner to go back to college.


introducing Cosmas Thorakis - 32 yrs old. Captain of the guard in the powerful city of Faros. Only daughter of two influential nobles, who divorced when she was 13 because her mother had an affair with Sevila, and remarried years later. Now they each have different spouses and families, leaving her the inheritor of both their estates and also a handful of young half-siblings. She is highly influential politically, and holds a great deal of clout with the local garrisons. Keeps her hair short but still manages to have terrible helmet hair. Secretly really good with kids. Ambidextrious. The worst at taking a compliment.

More Cor and Ignis Things.

(Creating a romantic dynamic between them is interesting, considering their age gap-even though Ignis could easily pass for a 32 yr old. Still would be an age gap but not one as big.)

(Not that I’m frowning on age gaps-just makes this ship fun to write!)

° Cor grew close to Ignis during their earlier years, their mentor-student relationship deepening even when they were apart. The Immortal grows to see Ignis as a icon worthy of immense respect, proud of his galactic growth-until Prompto comes along. With the chocobo’s influence, Cor (albeit slowly) grows to see Ignis as something much more than his pupil.

° The Immortal finds his previous perception of Ignis shattered during his short time with Noctis and Co. Watching Ignis in battle makes Cor realize that he stumbled upon someone special years ago-someone so special, he might not even be mortal.

That marks the beginning of a few things: not only does Cor stop seeing Ignis as the tiny Iggy he took on as his pupil (prior to adopting a bird), but he unwittingly starts describing Ignis in ways that are astoundingly romantic. He begins referring to Ignis as a miniature Astral as though its perfectly natural. What’s the big deal? It’s the truth.

° They remain bound by tiny interests, like ebony and favorite authors. Cor and Ignis can be found in a debate about the best flavor of ebony.

° Ignis sometimes mentions a promise he made to someone, to look after Noctis and Prompto. When asked about who that someone is, he never answers. Cor asked him to never reveal the truth, out of not wanting either prince or chocobo to worry about him.

[KR] HA Damages

I ranked them from strongest -> weakest in terms of “if all hits hit”.  Included extra percents for Asura since there is currently no situation where her HA will do full damage.

  1. Asura - if all hits could hit:  81,368%; Enemies like Bone Dragon: ~40,684%; Generally:  ~28,478.8%
  2. VC - 39,687%
  3. CN - 34,582%
  4. RF - 33,968%
  5. YR - 32,818%
  6. DW - 32,092%
  7. Freyja - 32,038%
  8. ST - 31,103%
  9. BH - 30,113% (ranked above GA because GA’s damage is situational)
  10. GA - 29,972% ~ 31,102%
  11. CBS - 29,506% (V-key not taken into consideration)
  12. TT - 28,419%
  13. LK - 28,302%
  14. DL - 28,234%
  15. LP - 28,061%
  16. DC - 27,700%
  17. VP - 27,699%
  18. CrA - 27,696%
  19. IS - 27,657%
  20. Mochi - 27,438%
  21. WS - 27,456%
  22. Arme - 27,277%   
  23. DiE - 27,249%
  24. NB - 27,164%
  25. EM - 27,135%
  26. BM - 26,862% 
  27. GrM - 26,731%
  28. SD - 26,706%
  29. CRo - 26,675%
  30. RS - 26,533% 
  31. Apostasia - 26,245%
  32. NW - 25,484%
  33. IP - 23,741%
  34. CEmp - 20,439% (Summoned & Dismissed)
  35. OP - 20,201% (Summoned)
  36. DeM - 19,811%
  37. MM - 19,252% (Summoned & Dismissed)

Well… At least no one can complain about having a HA that does no damage?  Maybe?

Okay, if you take all the attacks for CEmp’s, OP’s, and MM’s HAs into consideration, they’re vastly superior to DeM’s and DeM has the weakest HA and there’s literally almost a 4k% difference between DeM’s HA (the weakest) and IP’s HA (the second weakest).  Nothing fills that 4k% gap.  There’s ALSO the fact that if you know how DeM’s HA works, it will likely never reach its full damage potential unless it’s used on a stationary enemy since it knocks up.

Buff DeM’s HA to be between 21k% and 23k%.  Please.



Hello dear penpals, my name is Joe 32 yrs old. Im am an inmate who is currently incarcerated in a California state prison. I’m seeking friendship from anyone who isn’t judgemental and who has an open mind. Just need someone to talk to who has compassion as prison can be a very lonely and violent place at times. Hopefully someone is willing to help take my mind far away from the daily struggles, and pressures of prison life. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. God bless.

Joseph Harrison #AE3047
P.O box 5004/A2-133
Calipatria State Prison
Calipatria, Ca. 92233


↳Melissa Fumero// Age: 32 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-30// Gif hunts: x, x, x

↳Cassie Steele// Age: 25 yrs old // Can play ages: 19-25// Gif hunts: x, x, x, x

↳Samira Wiley// Age: 28 yrs old// Can play ages: 22-29// Gif hunts: x, x, x, x

↳Onika Tanya Maraj// Age: 32 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-32// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Dichen Lachman// Age: 33 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-30// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Deepika Padukone// Age: 29 yrs old// Can play ages: 21-28// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Diane Guerrero// Age: 28 yrs old// Can play ages: 19-26// Gif hunts: x, x, x, x

↳Robyn Fenty// Age: 27 yrs old// Can play ages: 22-28// Gif hunts: x, x

↳Dascha Polanco// Age: 32 yrs old// Can play ages: 24-30// Gif hunts: x, x, x

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*invades ask box* hello! talk to me about your favourite fics, I'm looking for something to read

OK. Here we go. 

The Good Soul - Achilles/Patroclus fanfic. Multichaptered. Will destroy your soul. It’s before the Iliad, and the characterizations are FLAWLESS. Achilles was an arrogant jerk at first, but the character development, man…I want to roll in it all day.

sealed with a kiss - Enjolras and Grantaire as pen pals, WIP. Perfect characterization. The letters are so in-character.

The Song of Apollo - I added this here bc self-promotion. Enjolras as Achilles and Grantaire as Patroclus. TSOA AU.

Not A Rom-Com - Despite the title, this very much sounds like a rom-com. Single dad R and kindergarten teacher Enjolras.

Lovesickness - Pining!jolras. Enjolras doesn’t know how to do feelings.

If My Heart Were A Compass - Grantaire spent high school desperately in love with his best friend, so when the time came for university, he made sure to move as far away as possible. Now, he’s home and Enjolras is asking him on dates, and it’s just too much for Grantaire to cope with, especially while he’s also trying to help his new friend Éponine hold her family together.

fiercely, the hand of lust - Perfect writing. Features dancer!R, that’s all you need to know. It’s WIP though.

Issuer - Encoder - Message - (Decoder?) - Receptor - Enjolras attempts to ask Grantaire out. Them being adorable lovesick dorks.

Our hearts like grapevines - Grantaire/Jehan. ”Prouvaire crowns them both with grapevines and declares them disciples to the gods of wine and song.”

Revelations From La Rochelle - In which everyone thinks Enjonine is real. Enjolras/Grantaire.

(don’t) let him go - that fic where 17-yr-old Grantaire is dating a 32-yr-old Enjolras.

What Burdens Ease - Enjolras is asexual and Grantaire has his own issues, but who really needs sex with so many other ways to make up for a bad day?

A Lesson In Perspective - Enjolras proposes to Grantaire, and Grantaire has no idea what is going on.

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Sugardaddy!John (about 32 yrs and succesful heart surgeon) buying 20yr old sherlock nice clothes, thight trousers and tight shirts and other nice stuff and holding hands in public and just generally doing stuff with his lil boyfriend is so cute i cant handle this

this is so so so sweet like,,, hone stly

Just like wine. You get better with age.
Happy 53rd birthday to you love.
It was 1984 when I first saw you. I was 11 yrs old. I can honestly say you were my first love. I have had other teen heartthrobs in my teen ages but they all faded out except for you. I have stayed a true n loyal fan to you for more than half of my life and will continue to be a Depphead till I take my last breath.
With all my heart I hope that on this day that I’ve have celebrated for 32 yrs of my life that you are enjoying this day to the fullest. Surrounded by your love one. I love you then, now and forever

Oh the hypocrisy is strong with this one.

So I see a LOT of tags like this on the TFA Character Ages post and I just…

Do you see what you’re typing? This is just one example, I scrolled past several at a time.

So we can’t ship a 19 yr old female with a 29 yr old male (10 year diff.), but a 23 yr old and a 32 yr old (9 year diff.) is okay just because? Or is it because it’s not a het ship and this is tumblr?

Either way, that’s being a bit of a hypocrite isn’t it?

You know who else has an age gap of 10 years?

The tanker of all star wars ships

So kindly get off your high horse.

I’m also seeing a lot of “rey is a baby” “omg she’s an infant” like no, she’s of legal age, she’s a damn adult and has been through some real shit.

I’m also seeing people call Ren, Poe and Hux “really old”
Like… 30′s not even old, guys. Jesus, you’re acting like they’re seniors.

Also a lot of people seem to have a hard time accepting these ages, I’m actually surprised so many people didn’t know, I thought this was public knowledge.

But it is canon. I feel like we’ve already been told these things so I’m confused as to why people are upset?
Ben was born just a year after the battle of Endor. Poe was 3 then.