32 weeks pregnant

My little cubby is so active! Never fails to amuse me with all his wriggling. 8 more weeks until Baby Daddy and I get to meet him! Beyond excited for this crazy new adventure!👣💙🙈

Where We Begin: Chapter 1

“I look like a lopsided cupcake,” Claire muttered, eyeing her profile dubiously in the full length mirror.

“Ye look lovely.”

Claire’s eyes turned sharply to her husband, who was wrestling a windsor knot into his tie, brow creased in concentration. The tie matched her pale pink dress, which set off his light grey suit and his neatly tamed, and short, auburn curls. His eyes met hers briefly in the mirror, and -damn him- his lip twitched.

“Maybe a wee bit lopsided, but lovely still.”

Claire tutted her annoyance as she picked up her pearl bracelet from the dresser. At 32 weeks pregnant, the novelty of her glow and growing bump was growing stale. She could no longer move as freely as she did even a few weeks ago, and nothing, not even this pale rose dress of chiffon and lace, could make her feel elegant enough for the task ahead of her.

Tonight was the Scottish Antiquities Society Gala, an annual fundraiser hosted on the Lallybroch estate for the last 10 years. Each year they tried to talk Jamie into trusting Lallybroch to the society and each year he humbly declined their patronage over a glass of Renish. Or so Jenny had explained while dressing her curls and educating her on the guests attending this evening.

Tonight was Claire’s debute to Scotland’s high society as the new, and rumored to be speedily acquired, “Mrs. Fraser of Lallybroch.” She knew better than to be this frazzled, but Damn them, the women were all socialites who sat on charity boards by day and attending balls and galas by night, wistfully eyeing their unfaithful husbands who used their inheritances to buy up Scottish history.

The estate was little more than a sheep farm until Jamie’s father began Lallybroch’s equestrian breeding and training program. Thirty years and several Olympic medalling riders later, Lallybroch was Scotland and England’s first class training facility for Equestrian Dressage and Show Jumping.

She knew tonight was important, and she understood why Jamie had to placate them, but she hated that tonight would invite their eyes, and judgment, into her private life—their private life—hers and the bloody Scot, who now grinned madly at her while she struggled with the bracelet clasp.

“Sassanach…” He purred, as his hands took the bracelet from her hands and cinched the clasp in one fluid stroke.

“I’m a surgeon, Jamie.”

“I ken what you are.”

“Those people don’t ken what I am. All they’ll see is…this.” She motioned to her expanding waistline.

“You’re no’ ashamed of our bairn, are ye?” Jamie’s eyebrows nearly shot into his hairline and then eased back into place at the Scottish noise Claire made in indignation.

“Of course not! But you can’t deny this won’t…cause a stir.” Her eyes dropped and her cheeks flamed as a fear settled on her lips. “Does it really not trouble you, what they’ll say of you, of me?”

Jamie’s thumb rubbed circles on the inside of her wrist before lifting it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss at her pulse. “They know nothin’ of us, Sorcha. Of what I feel for ye. They’d have plenty of words to say whether you were breeding or no’.”

Claire shot him a glare. “I am not a  horse.”

He chuckled softly into her hair and she felt a shiver tickle down her spine as his breath tickled her neck.

“Let them fash themselves into a frenzy, and let me enjoy ye on my arm.”

“So this is about your bloody ego, hm? Prancing me about and marking your territory?”

“If it gets your arse in more skirts like this…”

“It’s a gown, though just barely.” Claire said with a glance over her shoulder at her bare back. “A well placed thin strap is all thats holding this thing up.”

“A sound exit strategy, Sassenach,” Jamie breathes against her mouth before letting his tongue tease her lower lip. She pressed her lips to his in earnest, needing more than his playful banter at the moment. His hand cupped her cheek, as his other pulled her close. He knew she was intimidated and that she had dreaded events like these from the moment she agreed to marry him.

“I’ll no’ leave ye, Claire. You have my word.”

“I know.”

“Ready, then?”

She nodded and took the elbow her husband offered.


Chapter 2

Fluffy Blurb :)

A/N: Since I don’t have any ideas for Never Be Alone, I hope you guys enjoy this little blurb I did in twenty minutes. 

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X female reader

Word Count: 404

Warnings: Over dramatic Shawny boi

You sat down on the couch, out of breath. Out of habit your hand rested on top of your growing belly. Your right hand reached for your phone to check and see if you have any notifications. You noticed you had a few texts from Aaliyah saying herself and her parents were coming over. You texted her back saying you and Shawn were both home.

“Dammit!” You heard moments later coming from one of your rooms down the hall. The sound of something dropping, frightened you. You struggled to stand to your feet, noting that you were 32 weeks pregnant. You slowly wobbled your way over into the room, that was the nursery for your new baby boy. You see the sight of Shawn laying down on the ground, sighing frustratingly.

You tilted your head to the right slightly, with a small smile pressed to your lips. Shawn looked up at you before dramatically smacking his forehead with his hand. You giggled to yourself as you somehow sat down on the ground. Something that once was easy for you to do.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, amused. Shawn sat up while pointing to the white wooden, dissembled crib. “The fucking crib!” He yelled, “It’s like impossible to put together. Not even Bob the builder could figure this damn thing out.” You giggled while watching him flip out over a crib.

You scooted over to him, while placing your head on his shoulder. Trying to calm him down. “Aaliyah and your parents are coming over in a little bit.” You said changing the subject. He hummed in response, still staring at the damn crib.

After a few moments of silence the door bell rang, which you both assumed was his family. Shawn stood up without hesitation, while leaving you on the ground. “Uh, Shawn?” You asked. He turned to look at you. “A little help?” You asked. He chuckled while helping you stand to your feet.

“I knew we shouldn’t have bought a crib from IKEA.” Shawn said while shaking his head. “It’s okay, Shawn. We’ll just have Aaliyah put it together.” You pestered. He sarcastically laughed, before kissing you briefly on the lips.

Once you opened the door, Aaliyah sighed dramatically before barging inside the house. “Took you long enough!” She yelled. “Sorry Liyah, Shawn over here threw a fit over a crib from IKEA.”  You joked. “Did not.” Shawn mumbled before giving his mom and dad hugs.

Everyone please pray for my sister. She’s 32 weeks pregnant and has been hospitalized today for low amniotic fluid and gestational diabetes. We’re really hoping she doesn’t have to have an early birth because he’s so small.

Please, if you are spiritual or religious at all, pray for my sister and nephew.