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Today a 31 year old man posted a video telling his teenage ex girlfriend that he was justified in wanting her to disfigure herself because she didn’t conform to his expectations of her.

He vilified her; attempted to isolate her from her family; posted her most private information online; belittled her intelligence; attacked her family and shamed her for refusing to adhere to his kink. He claimed that the video was to show future partners what kind of vile liar she really was. This man was misogynistic in the extreme.

Clearly this poor girl has escaped something horrible but her ordeal is far from over. Onision has a huge fan base from a very long online career and these rabid masses will probably make her life a living hell for a while. Although it is telling that he made comments on the video “approved only.”

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.333:

“This week Magi is on the cover of Shounen Sunday. The image is an alternate version of the cover. A bit of color was added to the current one.

Last week Nerva made his entrance, which relieved some of the tension. The story is continuing to head towards the final battle. I urge you to read this week’s chapter while recalling the events from volume 26 and 27. Volume 32 is also out today, please, check it out!”

We Never Change (Jimin drabble)

14. I might die today.
32. Can you pick me up? I’m lost.

Word count: 1677

Genre: angsty but mainly fluff (Idk why me writing about Jimin always turns out like this lol)

A/N: This  request was by the lovely @kpopisallmylife, like a million years ago. I hope it was worth the wait. Enjoy and take care xoxo.

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You still couldn’t believe this was finally happening.

You looked down at the tiny fingers intertwined with yours. They were barely out of the sleeves of that oversized black sweater you loved, the one you gave him the last Christmas before he came back to Korea.

You remembered that day like it was just yesterday, although it had actually been over a year. You were holding your tears back the moment you handed him the black sweater you’d made yourself.

You could not show him how devastated you were to know he was moving to the other side of the world, even if it was to achieve his dream of becoming an idol.

It was a selfish feeling, but you couldn’t help it, it was his dream against your relationship, and you didn’t want to get in the way of them. But you still felt sort of betrayed because of him putting you aside because of it.

He promised you no matter how far you were from each other, you would always be his one and only true love. “I’ll wear it when you visit me and we meet again”, he said squeezing your hand gently.

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Goodnight y'all.

Yurio was so beautiful in ep 8! *0* 

I’m really sorry I don’t post often but I don’t feel like drawing when I comeback from school. But the thing is I miss drawing at the same time so I’ll try to update more often my tumblr! (Probably with simple drawings like this one)

And I would like to thanks sincerely all my followers. You don’t know how much it means to me that 32 persons (as for today) are following me for my drawings. It may seems like a small number for some people but for me I think it is more than I deserve! You guys are amazing! <3