32 inch hips

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Hey sorry I don't mean to be rude at all but I know this is kinda a weird question. But can I ask what your current measurements are? I know everyone's different but I'm wondering what's feasible for myself in terms of physique. If not that's fine and sorry for asking such a nosy question! Have a nice day. Also your wonder woman cosplay looks really badass and I'm excited about it

Height: 5′3(.5)

Shoulders: 42 inches

Bust: 35 inches

Waist: 28.5 inches

Hips: 32 inches

Thighs: 19.5 inches

Arms: 11.5 inches

I know you said that you know that everyone is different, but my physique is pretty strange (IMO) considering my ratios. My shoulders are almost 10 inches larger than my next widest area. My waist and hips aren’t the ‘norm’ (high set hips bones) and honestly my biggest body pet peeve.

So my numbers are wide shoulders, smallish bust, small hip/waist due to high set hip bones, which won’t be the same for a lot of other people out there. Plus, I’m pretty short too.

The only thing I can kinda say is the norm for the typical (weightlifting) natural female bicep would be in the 11-13 inch range when measuring a low body fat arm (natural men being 13-17 inches w/ low body fat).

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