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AVG—for Average Male Magazine—is an in-universe content marketing strategy for the FX show Man Seeking Woman. It’s a parody men’s magazine built entirely on Tumblr with dating and style tips for less-than-remarkable guys (like the show’s main character). To make sure the magazine’s “editorial” content would resonate with Tumblr’s millennial, entertainment-focused audience, FX tapped the Creatrs Network for a paid media campaign.

Campaign objectives: Awareness and viewership

  1. Create audience awareness of Man Seeking Woman,
  2. Drive weekly tune-in, and
  3. Build a following for AvgMale.com.

Their solution: Sponsored Posts by Creatrs

The Creatrs Network developed “editorial” content for the in-universe magazine, including GIFs, illustrations, and original photography that aligned with the brand’s messaging strategy. FX used Tumblr’s native placements to drive awareness ahead of the premiere and encourage tune in.

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Campaign results: 2.8% engagement rate—32% above entertainment benchmarks

“We saw very high engagement rates from the Creatrs Network. It’s really exciting to see content that people naturally want to share, even if it’s an advertisement.”
—Joe Paulding, Director, Social Media at FX Networks