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Send me a number and a character and I’ll draw them wearing the outfit!

1. T-Shirt (any design)
2. Oversized Shirt
3. Sweater
4. Hoodie
5. Short-Sleeved Hoodie
6. Leather Jacket
7. Denim Vest
8. Victorian era clothing
9. Prom outfit
10. Tuxedo
11. Casual Dress
12. Fancy Dress
13. School Uniform
14. Corset/Lingerie
15. Pastel clothing
16. Galaxy clothing
17. Little Black Dress
18. Fantasy-themed outfit
19. Swimwear
20. High-Thigh socks
21. Bathrobe
22. Short Shorts
23. Skinny Jeans
24. Headphones
25. Glasses
26. Sunglasses
27. Hipster clothes
28. Crop-Top
29. Sleeveless shirt
30. Window sweater
31. High heels
32. High boots
33. Bridal Dress
34. Half-Naked
35. Cosplay
36. Tights
37. Another Character’s Clothing
38. Skirt
39. Trench coat
40. Free Choice!

10 Boots That Will Save Your Feet

We know it’s cold out there!

I had guests stay with me from down south last weekend, visiting New York City in the depths of a cold, cold winter. Their preparation for the single digit weather was quite impressive: winter jacket, thermal underwear, gloves, hats, scarves and serious looking snow boots.  

Stylish winter boots for men? Yes, they exist. Let’s take a look at 10 winter boots with the essentials - good grip, water-resistant, warm insulation, and sick style.

MadTM II leather and canvas ankle boots

Footwear Waterproof Chelsea Boot (Men)

Rubber-Soled Leather Boots

Earthkeepers® ‘Britton Hill’ Waterproof Leather Boot (Men)

Shearling Lined Winter Boot

'1964 Premium T’ Snow Boot

Winterized Heavy Canvas Bahama Boot

Native Jimmy Mid - Jiffy Black

Neva Wood Army Boots

'AM 32’ Shearling Lined Boot (Men)

Shop what’s trending in winter style on Wantering.

Survivor - Season 32: Kaôh Rōng
The Fifth Boot: Alecia Holden

I’m just going to keep my thoughts about Alecia to myself here and simply say that she was in fact a contestant on this season of Survivor.

Survivor - Season 32, Kaôh Rōng
The Fourth Boot (medically evacuated): Caleb Reynolds

I was not excited to see the Beastmode Cowboy before the game began. Never watched Big Brother, but the internet did not have the kindest things to say about Caleb preseason. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he actually wasn’t bad on Survivor, and in fact, was pretty fun to watch (especially with Tai). Med evacs are never fun on Survivor, no matter what your feelings are on the individual player. You can’t actively root for people to get hurt. I would have liked to have seen Caleb actually go to a tribal council to see how he plays the game, but I’m sure we’ll get that chance when he comes back for another season.

L’Oreal makeup (x2)— $15.98

Blending Sponge— $10.49

Birthday card — $6.95

Toothpaste — $5.04

Toothbrush — $2.99

Shaving cream — $2.24

Proactiv — $29.95

Batman shirt — $22.50

Flag shirt — $10.50

Hello Kitty lanyard — $9.50

Cardigan — $27.80

Mint sweater — $19.80

Floral boots — $32.80

Heart necklace — $1.80

Total  — $198.34