I’ve spent a bit of time looking at sleek, titanium, carbon, stainless steel EveryDay Carries. Sublime, burnished, patinaed pocket dumps of expensive well thought out items that will get you through the forthcoming zombie apocalypse. Mine isn’t like that. Mine is what will keep me writing and moving. Some are worn, some live in my pockets, others are kept in the bag. All come with me at all times.

Items (Left to Right)

Wallet - Purchased in a market in Buenos Aires

Carabiner - Not for climbing! Just for attaching keys to belt (3 for bike locks, 3 for my house)

Coin Pouch - http://www.31trum.com/ can’t have that loose change jingling

Front Light - Exposure Joystick http://www.exposurelights.com/product/000020/joystick/

Spare Inner Tube

Pump - Lezyne HP http://www.lezyne.com/en/products/hand-pumps/high-pressure#!road-drive

Ring for me pinkie finger

Watch - I’m old school and telling the time shouldn’t mean I have to pull my phone out of my pocket. Seiko divers watch modded and restrapped by http://www.31trum.com/

Moleskine - note book and pen to write in it..

Iphone - with a shock absorbing case. Power and home buttons are still fucked though.

Travelling multi tool - Leatherman Skeletool, bought for when I went travelling. http://www.leatherman.co.uk/product/Skeletool

Knife - CRKT KISS for peeling apples/oranges and opening boxes. http://www.crkt.com/KISS, attached is a carabiner bottle opener…

Tyre Levers

Bike Multi tool

15mm spanner for track nuts and/or pedals