Representing March 3, 2011… 3 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about @AmandaDiva

Hails From: New York, NY Via Orlando, FL

Game Entry Date: 2002 as a Spoken Word artist. 1993 as an actress.

Label: Divaworks, Inc.

Interesting Fact: While she was one of the “Def Poets”, most people who appeared on the show usually do not go beyond poetry. She managed to use the Def Poetry show as a launchpad for her career in Hip-Hop. She’s an artist and a commentator in Hip-Hop via hosting shows for MTV and SIRIUS radio. She was also a member of Floetry, replacing the Floacist (Natalie Stewart) when she left the duo. Sadly, it was only to help fulfill the required record label tour contract.

Indie or Major: Indie. However, in addition to her work with Floetry, she appeared in a music video with Q-Tip.

Official Hub: AmandaDiva.com

Other Thoughts: She’s got a degree in African-American studies from Columbia University… and she did it while she was holding the MTV and Siruis gig. By the way, when I said she’s an “artist”, I wasn’t only talking about recorded music. She’s a visual artist. Check out her works at Divaworksofart.com

So, if she manages to get a college degree while holding her spot down in the entertainment business, then you should not have any excuses for not getting a job while going to school.

Also, while she was a member of Floetry, she was never a “full-feldged” member. Some people even shown dislike towards her, thought no fault of her own.

She did managed to dust off her shoulders and distance herself from that short coming. So, she got the “Fallen and Got Up” award for that-a-one as well.

Her Thoughts: “I don’t throw no punches. I’m not a fake, a phony, I’m just like what you see is what you get and I’m a real honest person so if I say it I mean it.” - Tha Biz Interview

Representing March 21, 2011… 20 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Free. @MissFree

Hails From: Boston, Mass.

Game Entry Date: 2000. By the TV show. You probably heard of it.

Label: Unknown.

Interesting Fact: Chances are, you know her name. Marie Wright, p.k.a. Free, was the host of 106 & Park, a daily top ten music video show on Black Entertainment Television. She’s more of a personality than an emcee per say (going on and off music). She released one album and one mixtape within 2010. As a contributor to the Hip-Hop culture, her return to 106 & Park for two episodes last year made it the highest rating 106 & Park ever in the shows history.

Indie or Major: Indie with mainstream connections.

Official Hub: FreesWorld.com

Other Thoughts: What matches her passion for the music business is her heart. Free founded the Free4Life Foundation, a non-profit that was started to for young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods through programs that encourage literacy, financial education and creative arts.

Oh… you might be wondering what’s with the picture? The original picture was a tad smaller. I like it so much, I fixed it so it looks like she’s splashing color.

I think she might have to call herself “Maria Free” or “Miss Free”. To find anything by her, I have to search “Free 106 & Park”.

Her Thoughts: “Surround yourself with people who are already doing it. Get internships, practice, focus, and read a lot. That’s what I did…and, be at the right place at the right time.” -

Representing March 11, 2011… 11 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Nneka (Twitter: @NnekaWorld)

Hails From: Warri, Nigeria

Game Entry Date: 2004

Label: Yo Mama’s Recording Co./Decon

Interesting Fact: More of a singer than rapper, she claims Hip-Hop as the prime music root (also, if you listen to her first track off her debut US release “Concrete Jungle”, you won’t have any doubts of this.) She’s one of the few export artists that gets a buzz here in the US. She’s Nigerian-German and performs in both English and Igbo.

Indie or Major: Major.

Official Hub: http://www.nnekaworld.com

Other Thoughts: I find her interesting because she seems more of an activist-artist than a commercial-artist. While she is getting mainstream attention, it seems to be more of a demand from the people rather than record labels. She’s not heavily promoted, yet seems to fare better with her music than most people with a marketing pitch/buzz behind them. She spends time in between two homes (Lagos and Hamburg).

Her Thoughts: “I do it in a sweet way - but I sing to speak the truth”

Representing March 26, 2011… 26 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Mussy Elliot @MissyElliot

Hails From: Portsmouth, Virginia, U.S.

Game Entry Date: 1991

Label: The Goldmine

Interesting Fact: Another female rapper that doesn’t need much of an introduction…

A VH1 Hip-Hop Honoree, Missy’s a producer, singer, writer and (of course) rapper. She sold over 24 million records worldwide. She worked with a wide range of artist from Ginuwine to Timbaland (her partner-in-crime). Most of the stars she worked with came from a supergroup called “Swing Mob” (which included the two people mentioned in the last sentence.). She’s pretty much one of the storied people here, so I won’t get too deep into her.

Indie or Major: Major

Official Hub: http://www.Missy-Elliott.com/.com - careful… it’s dated. (as is the case when rappers do not have anything major to promote at the moment)

Other Thoughts:Her twitter feed is active as of late. Missy hinted of new projects being released this year.

Lastly, you might noticed that she dropped a lot of her weight from her first album days.

Personally, I think of her more as a dance/pop rapper than a deep hip-hop emcee until I heard her on a Funkmaster Flex mixtape.

Her Thoughts: “Were able to say what the guys use to say or what they say now cause at first we couldn’t do that, but now its like were more open and we are more respected now in the business then we were like 10-12 years ago when people like Latifah and Monie was out you know. So I think we starting to get a lot more respect. As females now and being able to just voice our opinion on how we feel about certain subjects.” - Davey D

Note: This is one of her latest tracks. I could have picked a classic, but I’m keeping with the spirit of the theme.

Representing March 24, 2011… 24 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Shawnna @ShawnnaMusic

Hails From: Chicago, Illinois

Game Entry Date: 1999

Label: Formerly of Disturbing The Peace (DTP), now with Nappy Boy

Interesting Fact: You probably heard her in lacing choruses for Ludicris’ “Stand Up” and “What’s Your Fantasy” when she was on DTP. She was known more for her sexual, rapid fire flow than anything deep. She was suppose to do a collaboration album with Ludacris, but it ends up being his solo project (Battle of the Sexes).

Indie or Major: Major

Official Hub: No official website (because she has no album current album to speak about). However, the only site that claims to be close to her official is her Nappy Head’s Profile, which was updated last year. Her Twitter profile, however, is still active.

Other Thoughts: She got two albums and some mixtapes under her belt. However, she’s lacking the push to make her one mean headliner… either that, or she’s a one trick pony.

In a recent interview, she said that due to label politics, she just played the role they think she was best suited for, which basically “typecast” her as a sexual type of rapper. She didn’t want “Gettin’ Some (Head)” be her claim to fame. Also, by the type the “Battle of the Sexes” project came around, she realized that a collaboration project might end her career if it doesn’t fare well. So, she chose not to do it and basically dropped off the map.

So, will we be seeing a different type of Shawnna underneath her new label? We’ll see soon enough. Her album is rumored to drop sometime this year.

She also gets the “master of disguise” award. Every music video, she looks different… well, to me she does.

Her Thoughts: "This is what sets me apart from other female artists… It’s nothing to do with my lyricism, it’s nothing to do with my look, it’s the fact that I’m a mother. I have kids so have to be mom, and the hardest thing is to miss first teeth growing in and missed first steps and missed Christmas recitals, but the most rewarding thing is you can move them to the best neighborhoods and put them in the best schools and give them everything they deserve. So all I ask from God now is guidance to be the best mother I can be, but to also be embraced in this game again." - Vibe

Representing March 19, 2011… 19 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Nitty-Scott M.C. @NittyScottMC

Hails From: Brooklyn, NY by the way of Flordia

Game Entry Date: 200… something… of the other…

Label: Unsigned… maybe.

Interesting Fact: Nitty Scott is one of the few that manages to get a buzz without major co-signs. Like AtLas’, Nitty Scott is a young traditionalist, sticking to the basics of Hip-Hop. In this case, she is mostly seen with a boombox, representing Hip-hop in the purest form.

While no major artists has taken stock in her, she is featured on AllHip-Hop, Ms. Info and had radio interviews. She’s more than a emcee, but a personality as well. All this…

… and she’s 1 year shy of the legal drinking age.

Indie or Major: Indie.

Official Hub: turntabletendencies.com

Other Thoughts: Usually, I tend to have lil’ thoughtful things with a dash of comical statements, but this time, it’s about the picture. I tried really hard to look for a decent-sized picture of her with a boombox. Only picture I managed to find without it screwing up the look of the site is this one. It can’t be help.

On the other hand, she does look like a Spanish Lauren London.

To quote Mos Def “Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord… Loooord Loooooooooooooooooooooooooord!”

Her Thoughts: “I think it’s the industry approach to the situation because my fans specifically, I think they just love what I do. I don’t think they love me because they want me to get to ‘the next level.’ I think they just appreciate it for what it is because my definition for success is not that. I’m here for longevity. I’m here to have a career. I’m not here for my 15 minutes. I’m humble about it and I get a lot of people that hit me with the industry [perspective], wanting me to switch up my whole style to be more mainstream and more commercial. That’s not my thing.” - Brooklyn Bodega

(No Music video, No music. Just a display of pure skill)

Midway Recap/Reminder

16 days. 16 Femcees.

I’m proud of myself for keeping my promise so far this month. As I keep this blog strictly for femcees for at least 15 more days, I want to remind you why I’m doing this:

This is basically to have a dicussion about not only the female rappers/singers/emcees, but also the art in general. Some rappers, you might already know. Some you might not. Others, you might think “hey, does she counts?”

Well, that’s why the dicussion; should femcees be treated in a different catagory all together? How often do you hear male rappers that are also good singers? How about the way they dress? The way they sound? Would you give a rapper props regardless of gender… or even sexuality? These are the questions you got to ask yourself.

After all, we recently lost Natt Dogg. He’s not a rapper, but a singer (some say a crooner). He’s no doubt Hip-Hop, but could be considered an emcee? There’s a lot to think about in this in more ways than one. I hope I’m openning your eyes not only to the femcees (or who I would consider one), but the whole art in general and why there’s a need for balance.

So, with that in mind, if you missed the first 16, here they are…

March 1: PsalmOne
March 2: AtLas’
March 3: Amanda Diva
March 4: Tarica June
March 5: Eternia
March 6: Shanelle Gabriel
March 7: Estelle
March 8: Shee
March 9: Rah Digga
March 10: Jean Grae
March 11: Nneka
March 12: Ms. Jade
March 13: Nikki Lynette
March 14: RAtheMC
March 15: Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart
March 16: Josie Stingray

P.S. - I understand that these features are not “in-depth”. These features were meant to be “primers”; One picture, a few words (or many words, depending on how well I know the artist), & one music video or song (if no music video is around. If you want more of them, the “Officia Hub” link covers everything. Some artists do not have hubs, but they can be reach out via other channels. All artists (as it seems) got a Twitter page. However, some artists don’t use Twitter as offten as others. (Like The Floacist doesn’t respond and only share how she’s feeling, like a blog.)

Also, I understand that some items may not be accurate. Artists and fans are welcome to add comments, like how Tarcia June told me a few things and Etheina left a comment, playing along with the “hertiage” question.

Representing March 22, 2011… 22 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about @TheRealJayMills

Hails From: Washington, D.C.

Game Entry Date: 2005

Label: 80s Baby Production

Interesting Fact: I’m puzzled with this one. Spoken word artist turned Hip-Hop artist. Over 70+ songs from 2005 to present (most of them for free). Her first EP sold over 5,000 copies. (Doesn’t sound like much? Watch Young Guru explains why that’s impressive enough) She opened for Kelis, Rah Diggah, Algebra Blessett and others. All of this accomplishments… and it doesn’t registered a bleep on Buzzworthy? Color me confused.

Indie or Major: Indie.

Official Hub: TheRealJayMills.com

Other Thoughts: I’m still confused as to why it didn’t registered a bleep on at least The Source or something. Where’s XXL at?

FYI: I had a hard time picking which picture to use. (Yes, I said that yesterday as well.)

Her Thoughts: "I don’t write for the radio. I don’t write for fans. I write for my sanity." - The Lab

Representing March 13, 2011… 13 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Nikki Lynette (Twitter: @nikkilynette)

Hails From: Chicago, Illinois.

Game Entry Date: 2010 (Been playing the game for longer than that, tho.)

Label: Unknown (Self-Released?)

Interesting Fact: This “Small Wonder” is Nikki Lynette. I said “Small Wonder” because… I’m wondering what to write about her. This isn’t a striaght-forward artist. While she is an emcee, she’s also a singer and producer who’s into electro, pop, punk as well as hip-hop. Her style/personally will be quick to draw comparisons to Nicki Manjai. However, it doesn’t take much research to see that she’s her own person. She been making a buzz with her own teams (one is her management team and another is a fan-based team… made entirely of fans by fans called TeamBadAss), with her music appearing in national commericals (McDonalds, Nationwide Insurance, Secret Deodorant) as well as song placements on MTV and VH1.

Indie or Major: Indie. She’s signed with Artists & Brands, a multimedia agency partly-owned by Rodney Jenkins p.k.a. Darkchild.

Official Hub: http://www.nikkilynette.com

Other Thoughts: She listens to a lot of Elctro and Rock than Hip-Hop. She’s quick to admit that she’s a commerical artist (like If you say “comm”, she’ll finish the sentence smiling). She’s also not going to turn down a job offer because she can’t relate. For example… while she does jingles for McDonald’s, she’s a vegan. (Well, you don’t have to eat it to do a commerical.)

She’s been told she’s not “urban” enough by DJs.

Maybe she’s trying to redefine urban… I’m cool with that.

Her Thoughts: “I don’t make music for everybody. My music is hip hop and pop and punk. It’s commercial as hell, but it’s different. People who like different music like my music. If you’re the kind of person who only loves hip hop and doesn’t f*ck with any other genre of music, you’ll hate me and want to see me dead. I’m NOT rapping about sex, I’m NOT rapping about the hood…I’m just doing me. I think if more rappers did them instead of trying to do what’s hot the world would be a better place. But what do I know?” - KevinNotthingHam.com

Representing March 10, 2011… 10 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Jean Grae (Twitter: @JeanGreasy)

Hails From: Brooklyn, NY

Game Entry Date: 1996

Label: Blacksmith Records

Interesting Fact: Blacksmith Records is her third label. She’s an eccentic personality (to say the least). Her quick wits can be found within her records. She’s also a beat producer. Her passport looks very interesting as well for she toured the world maybe two times over.

However, don’t let her eccentric personality fool you. She at times can be very deep. “My Story” for example is very personal to her. (How many songs you know mentions a heart murmur, an abortion, a miscarriage, and an attempted suicide?)

She makes no apologies for anything.

Indie or Major: Major.

Official Hub: Unknown.

At publishing time, she doesn’t have an official hub. However, she’s a frequent twitter user and an infrequent blogger.

Other Thoughts: While she’s acknowledge as a femcee to be on a lookout for, she is somewhat an enigma. While she’s respected by her peers, her albums seem to be crafted/marketed as underground. She’s with major labels, but hardly get any airtime, even on the stations that states “we are hip-hop” on it.

She’s pretty much ahead of her time and would be an ideal showperson.

Her Thoughts: “I think the whole experience over the past year has definitely given me a better idea of how much more vocal—and vocal with tact—I have to be in certain situations. There’s tons of things you could say. It’s hard to not speak about anything passionately. And if you speak about it passionately, then you’re being too emotional and whiny. Can’t do that. And if I don’t say anything about it, am I shirking my responsibility and leaving it open for everyone else to step in? How angry can I really be if I’m not doing anything?” - Village Voice

Representing March 6, 2011… 6 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Shanelle Gabriel (Twitter: @ShanelleG)

Hails From: Brooklyn, NY

Game Entry Date: 2006-2007 via Def Poetry.

Label: Self-Released

Interesting Fact: She’s only one album deep and appeared on one episode of Def Poetry Jam. While that limits some poets, she’s got a crazy work ethic which shows. She performed at universities all over the US, lead a poetry slam team, opened for Nas at his album release party, been selected as one of the Def Poetry members for the NFL Draft… and all this while having lupus, a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (I’ll let her explain it. She also uses her work to rise awareness of lupus, after all.)

Indie or Major: Indie. Her mainstream connections are with Q-Tip and Amanda Diva (peep the ManWomanBoogie video)

Official Hub: ShanelleGabriel.com

Other Thoughts: This is probably one of those entries that is going to make you say “huh?” You might have heard of Shanelle Gabriel, but probably not as a rapper, so it may sounds unusually to list her in a category of Hip-Hop.

However, she’s a spoken word artist that speaks her poetry over an array of beats as well as sings. Since the word “emcee” is only given to people that “moves the coward”, she actually deserves the title, although she prefers to be called “a virtuosa”. She could be redefining the word as well.

Even her rap tracks shows a little bravado, something that all rappers and (f)emcees are known to display proudly.

She’s also a proud member of the itty-bitty-titty committee. (She said it, not me.)

Her Thoughts: “I’m me, my work is definitely an extension of myself, I’m any ole person walking down the street, but in the same token I’ve grown to love myself. Plus my work ethic is crazy.” - Definitely Amazing

Disclosure: I know her via her manager, who is also a client. However, my connection with her is pretty much the same as Federal Express is connected with any U.S. Federal organization; Shanelle sees me here and there, but she doesn’t know me.

Representing March 5, 2011… 5 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Eternia (Twitter: @therealEternia)

Hails From: NYC via Toronto, Ontario (Canada). She lives between the two places.

Game Entry Date: 2005. She released her debut in Canada.

Label: Fat Beats Records

Interesting Fact: Geez, she’s got so many interesting facts that it’s hard to pick just one. Like Pslam One, this women is a veteran. She’s a two time Juno-nominated (Canada’s version of the Grammy Awards) and widely considered one of Canada’s foremost lyricists. She’s also been featured in The Source and various other publications, Hip-Hop blogs, newspapers… the list goes on. She’s been traveling and performing world-wide. This girl is more of a Monster (tour-wise) than Nicki.

Indie or Major: Indie. But her connections to mainstream is so numberous, you’ll wonder why she isn’t a major artist yet… oh, right… she’s a woman that refused to be stereotyped…

Official Hub: http://therealeternia.tumblr.com/.

Other Thoughts: Her real name is Silk-Anne Semiramis Dawn Craig Kaya

… so… yeah… I’m still trying to trace down Eternia’s heritage. So far, I got.. “human”. Check. (My research as far as this kinda sucks. Let’s get back to the music…)

Her Thoughts: “I get objectified more as the random no-name anonymous chick walking down the street that somebody thinks might look cute, than I do after I get off stage. There’s a heightened level of respect with my male peers when I get off stage. So if they’re going to approach me at all, very rarely do they approach me with the same kind of sexism or misogyny or inappropriateness as they would before. So, basically, I’m good as golden at a rap show. It basically levels the playing field. If they were checking me before like, ‘Yo, look at that chick’, they’re scared and intimidated to come at me as, that chick” - Brooklyn Bodega


The 5 remaining Femcees that I didn’t talk about in March.

I’m sorry, but due to a project that I was paid for (as well as work and a lack of sleep), I have to focus on that. I wanted to take my time to post up detailed bios, as well as a little joke here and there, but usually, I take a good 30 minutes to do a write up. By the time I get a chance, I end up being backed up with work. I was going to spend March 31 writing about all five of them, but by then, I was unfocused and really needed the sleep. The client project is over, but my need to recover from working to hard needs to start.

So, I will give the proper respect for each of these artists and will do a complete write up on each one of them Saturday.

In the meantime, these are the five emcees I wanted to talk about (in no particular order).

Representing March 17, 2011… 17 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Invincible @InvinsibleDET

Hails From: Detriot, Michigan

Game Entry Date: 2008 with first album.

Label: EMERGANCE (Self-Publish)

Interesting Fact: As if being Gay Jewish female rapper dressed in army clothes as if she’s ready to start a revolution isn’t enough, she managed to get conversations started. Yes, the obvious homosexual acceptance is one, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

In 2009, she submitted a video called “Ropes” to MTVu, the university division of MTV Networks. Intially, they accepted the video, but then the standards department rejected it because of the touchy issue of suidice… and issue that she wants a conversation about.

When she premiered the video online, she added commentary in the beginning explaining why MTVu rejected the video and her own two cents. This sparked a light within the media, and with blogs and news outlets speaking on her behave. A year and a half later, in Sept. 2010, MTVu removed the ban and the video is now part of MTVu’s rotation.

The ban actually helped her more because she eventually got what she wanted: A national conversation about sudicide and mental health.

Indie or Major: Indie.

Official Hub: emergencemedia.org

Other Thoughts: The irony about the MTVu ban is that she isn’t new to the MTV universe. She was also one of the skit writers for the Lyrical Lounge, a Hip-Hop sketch show that was featured on MTV. She also was a guest featured on Platinum Pied Pipers Triple P. While she may sound like an underground artist, she gets much respect from various media outlets… not to mention Talib Kweli.

Lastly, even thought she’s been featured in documentaries about the female emcee, she produced her own.

Her Thoughts: “I hope people who have given up faith on Hip-Hop because of the sexist and homophobic elements will realize there is a powerful growing movement of women smashing the false boundaries placed upon us, and i hope that will revive people’s faith in potential of this culture, as it does for me. I also hope they take very seriously supporting the growth and survival of the women in Hip-Hop movement in tangible ways, such as buying albums by women artists, and helping book shows for them, as well as spreading the word and pooling resources.” - The Fembassy

Representing March 8, 2011… 8 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Shee (Twitter: @SheeMusic)

Hails From: Roselle, NJ by the way of Brooklyn, NY

Game Entry Date: Approx. 2005 (?)

Label: Sheer Badness Entertainment, LLC

Interesting Fact: Most artists would drop a mixtape and try to create a buzz. Shee decided to drop an LP and sold it on her own. That type of hustle paid off in the long run cause Shee owns her own record label, publishing and marketing firm. Shee is pretty much a complete package. I doubt Shee’s going to sign any record deals… or at least the 360 deals that they are giving to recording artists presently.

Indie or Major: Indie. Very indie. And doing well without any major endorsements.

Official Hub: SheeMusic.com

Other Thoughts: In addition to her musical talents, she likes to talk about/review studio equipment and educate people. While her YouTube videos are dated (last one being released over a year ago), most of her talks can still be applied to present day situations, like applying your music skills and hustle to other areas in your life, such as getting a job.

Another interesting thing is that Shee will be releasing two separate EPs… at the same time. Overachiever.

Also, unlike Kanye who dropped out of college, Shee stuck around college from 16-19… earning 3 degrees at once. Again, overachiever.

Her theme seems to be “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” (Notice how I write “Shee” every single time I want to write “she”? I can overdo things too, you know.)

Her Thoughts: “I’ve always known I had the gift of being able to communicate and convey messages both in an out of music, and this is my purpose. My music is authentic because my reasons for recording differ from so many other artists in the genre. I’m not doing this for a quick buck or material gain. If I were, I would have stopped already. I already own homes and cars, and music didn’t buy them for me; I can make money doing anything.” - Beyond Race

Representing March 1, 2011… 1 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about @PsalmOne.

Hails From: Chi-Town (Chicago)

Game Entry Date: 2002

Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment

Interesting Fact: She’s a former chemist. In my opinion, this is a rather weird transition, but… if chemistry was easy, then crafting words shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you think it is a problem, she released a song called 500 bars. She’ll be useful for the next Rap-A-Thon.

Indie or Major: Indie player, yet shared the stage with 50 Cent, Slick Rick, Rakim, Atmosphere, MF Doom, De La Soul, A-Trak, Camp Lo, Murs, Jean Grae… among others.

Official Hub:: PsalmOne.TV

Other Thoughts: Her entire catalog is on her bandcamp page, so she’s free to listen to. She’s got a mixtape series, but also tracks for sale. Show her some love if you like her work.

Also she must have an awesome passport with a lot of stamps.

Her Thoughts: “Psalm One isn’t trying to be your favorite female rapper. She’s just trying to be your favorite.”

Representing March 25, 2011… 25 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Eve… you know… @TheRealEve

Hails From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Game Entry Date: 1999

Label: Formerly with Ruff Ryders, now with EMI

Interesting Fact: Does she needs an introduction? Really? Well… alright…

Eve’s got 3 albums underneath her belt. She’s an actress (remember her in Barbershop series of movies? Also, her own TV show, which is named, of course, Eve.). She owns her own fashion line. She’s one of the female titans (wait, should I say “Amazons”?) in the Hip-Hop world as well as the fashion industry.

Indie or Major: Major

Official Hub: TheRealEve.com

Other Thoughts:While she was more film focus in the past years, that doesn’t mean she left hip-hop altogether. Last year, she appeared on Ludacris’ “Battle of the Sexes” album on the “My Chick Bad” Remix along with Trina and Diamond.

Her latest album been met with a lot of delays, to the point that I personally lost track of which label she’s really on. Even thought she was on Aftermath, she managed to free herself along with some of the material.

No “inter-racial” debates here please. We’re grown here.

Her Thoughts: " There’s too much testosterone in the game. We gotta get rid of these dudes, it’s like, way too many guys. That’s why I’m happy." - Hip-Hop Wired

Representing March 23, 2011… 23 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about @KidSister

Hails From: Chicago, IL.

Game Entry Date: 2005

Label: Universal Republic

Interesting Fact: Was one of Kanye West’s protégées. Was nominated for a BET award for Best Female Rapper in 2008. Like a few others listed, she is also a singer as well as a rapper. And she sounds more like a dance/pop music rapper than a hip-hop one.

Indie or Major: Major

Official Hub: KidSisterMusic.com

Other Thoughts: Kid Sister has a degree in film from Columbia College Chicago.

Her Thoughts: "Dance music is now pop music, and I think that that’s had a lot to do with [the album’s] success. I remember Jennifer Hudson came out with like a techno song— it was great, but I was like, ‘Damn, this shit is getting popular!’ Even though we have fun with it, we like to think that we come from a slightly more innovative, sophisticated place. " - Pitchfolk

Representing March 12, 2011… 12 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Ms. Jade (Twitter: @TheRealMsJade)

Hails From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Game Entry Date:

Label: Formerly of Beat Club, Timbaland’s record label. Now, Rareform Music Group.

Interesting Fact: Released only one album under Timbaland, she’s actually the most slept on rapper… mostly because she sounded too similar to another Timbaland associate, Missy Elliot. (Listen to “Big Head” and you’ll see what I mean) While she worked hard to get her own sound, it would be too little too late. She also said Missy Elliot took her fashion style.

Indie or Major: Indie, but her last known major contact was with Beyoncé for the “Diva” remix.

Official Hub: http://www.msjade.com

Other Thoughts: She made a few sporadic releases after Beat Club when belly up. Her latest song (which is below) seems like a winner… until you go to her site and release that the mixtape she’s hyping isn’t release yet.

Speaking of “Blowin’ Up”… (there’s a joke in here, but I REALLY don’t want to hear a diss record, so I’m keeping it to myself…)

Her Thoughts: “Nobody writes for me and I don’t need to stand on nobody’s shoulder. Its not any hard feelings, I asked to be released from the situation because our camp wasn’t where I needed to be. I don’t have any hard feelings about Tim doing his thing now.” - All Hip-Hop

Representing March 7, 2011… 7 of the #31femcees…

Today, let’s talk about Estelle (Twitter: @estelledarlings)

Hails From: NYC by the way of Hammersmith, London, England

Game Entry Date: First album 2004 in England. Her American debut was in 2008.

Label(s): Homeschool Records/Atlantic Records

Interesting Fact: While she does brings up comparisons to Lauryn Hill, Estelle is mostly known for her singing. Her subject matter when it comes to the lacing bars with her rapping flow surprises even people who do not like Hip-Hop. While she isn’t one of the strongest rappers, she can easily hold her own. In other words, if I have to pick between Brand-Nu (Brandy), Brooke (Mary J. Blige) or Estelle as a rap partner, Estelle would be the first one, hands down.

Indie or Major: Major (well, she is on John Legend’s label…)

Official Hub: EstelleMusic.com

Other Thoughts: Her style of music is also influenced by reggae and dancehall. Unlike Rihanna, who distances herself from it, Estelle uses it to influence some of the songs she wrote.

Yet, the ONE thing I would like to know: Why did she teamed up with Gucci Mane? That move can ruin your street credit… well, at least with the real Hip-Hop heads. Then again, if you do need to reach ignorant people, I guess it’s a smart move…

… headache… Gucci Mane and one of my favorite singers in the same sentence = people scratching on chalkboard to me. I forgive you, Estelle. I forgive ya.

Her Thoughts: “The more you know about who you are in life, the quicker things happen. The more you do, the more things happen. I have done this for almost 10 years now professionally, so now it feels like, ‘Okay, cool.’ I’m way more efficient, like a machine.” - Blog Critics

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