31 Days of Pop Culture Spells

Day 2: Write a curse inspired by the first fandom or character that made you interested in pop culture magic.

I went with Sabrina the Teenage Witch last time, so I suppose I’ll stick with that. Bare with me, curses and hexes are NOT my usual thing.

This is a hex / curse for someone who just won’t leave you alone! It is intended to bring pain to the person pestering you. It is best done on a Waning Moon after Midnight. (WARNING: This hex includes the use of sharp objects. Use the utmost caution!)

What You’ll Need


  1. A Black Candle
  2. A Jar
  3. Sharp Objects (rusty screws, razors, nails, glass shards, etc.)
  4. A Piece of Paper (small)
  5. A Black Marker
  6. Lighter or Matches


  • Hot Pepper (of any kind)
  • Black Salt

You can also use the following for additional oomph:

  • Guinea Peppers - Hexing, cursing
  • Chicory - Hexing
  • Jezebel Root - Hexing, cursing


1. Cleanse and purify your area accordingly. Your tools and ingredients don’t need to be cleansed, for any additional negative energy on them will only strengthen your hex.

2. Pick up each object (except for the sharp objects, hover your hands over those!), and project your most negative thoughts into them. Concentrate on your anger. The more anger, the stronger the hex will be!

3. Using the black marker write your enemy’s name down on the small piece of paper and say the following:

I’ve warned you enough,
To leave me alone,
And still you’ve refused,
So I’ll set the tone.

4. Take your lighter or match and burn the paper over the jar, letting the ashes collect inside.

5. Carefully add whatever sharp instruments you have collected and say the following:

Sharp pains and prickles,
Is all you’ll feel first,
But if you persist,
You’ll know yourself cursed.

6. Now add your salt and hot peppers and lastly say:

Stinging sensations,
Will burn until tears,
Causing you madness,
Misery, and fear.

It will continue,
Till you leave me be,
Then finally you,
Can live anguish free.

7. If you have chosen to add any of the additional ingredients, envision in your mind the hex’s intention and add them in as well.

8. Close the jar and, using the candle, seal it shut with black wax.

10. Hide the jar near the area where you usually meet the now hexed individual.

11. Don’t forget to cleanse and purge yourself of all lingering negative energy once the jar has been set.


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