DAY 3174

Jalsa, Mumbai                Dec 6/7,  2016               Tue/Wed  12:32 am

Birthday - EF Binay Kumar Pandey  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

birthday greetings for Binay .. our own Ef and wish him for the years and the years to come .. love

Amidst the grim and sad visuals of the passing away of an iconic leader we ponder to think of the limits that life holds for us all .. one day alive and healthy and able .. next moment lifeless and gone .. it shall happen to all of us, but just the thought of it all ending is daunting ..

Prayers then for the life we possess and the time that the Almighty gives us to inhabit this Kingdom of His ..

A short spell of work for the eradication of Polio takes place, to propagate that though through our efforts the dreaded disease has been taken control of in India - India is Polio free, after an 8 year struggle - we cannot say the same for some of the other countries ..infiltration of the virus can occur and then we are fighting all over again ..

So we do campaigns ..

And spend time with the children to give love and blessings to the granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda today for her birthday - today as in Dec 6, 2016 ..

Much of what else we do is life .. a passing mourning, a birth celebration .. such is what we humans are and shall continue to be .. but yes the void of death and the absence does make us feel the incongruity of nature and life ..

Mornings start early these days .. 6 am .. for there is renewed vigor in care for the body which we all know deteriorates with age .. but special care and routine, may not completely cure one but shall certainly be of use in maintenance and repair .. which is what we must all be aware of ..

Special photography denotes a special art and mind .. as in the post still work for the Polio campaign ..

The expressions at times do not denote the mind inside .. the mind inside does not necessarily denote the appearance outside .. this is the most intriguing dilemma for all creative artists .. particularly acting artists ..

The smile may be endearing .. but doe it hide a sorrow .. who knows .. 

An angered expression may denote the evil of wrong doing .. but does the mind inside truly depict what others may seem to see .. I wonder ..

The human mind has several blankets .. remove one and you may feel the cold of the weather, but may never know the temperature inside, or the presence of another protective cover under the blanket ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

I Hope I Can Handle It (Part 5/?)

Summary: Sequel to “Think You Can Handle It?” - Reader is in a long-distance relationship, and is traveling for the holidays to see her man.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words:  3174

Warnings: Oh geez, fluff. Nervousness/anxiety in social situations, but not too bad. Mentioning of getting naked. (aww yeah!)  Still… PG-13.  I’m not comfortable enough to go past that phase (yet?).

A/N: For the amount of time this chapter covers, it is kind of long. But it was the most fun part to write so far. I hope you all enjoy!  Tags are open, and are at the bottom.  I haven’t edited this too much, if there is a missing word or two, I’m sure I’ll find them.

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

“Sebastian, I am so glad you made it!  I know it was so last second…” The woman kissed both of his cheeks, before turning to you.  “And this must be Y/N!”  Unexpectedly, she pulled you in for the same greeting.  Sebastian chuckled.  “I’m so glad you both are here, and that he’s giving me an opportunity to do something a little matchy matchy.  Shall we get started?”

You shrugged your shoulders.  “Sure?”

“Excellent. Sebastian, honey, your tux is in the back.  If you want to head back there, Miguel will be happy to help get things perfect.  And you, Y/N, Sebastian gave me a few ideas to work with, so I have a few designs to show you.  Come, come!  We’ve got a lot of work to do!”  Pulled away, Sebastian winked at you, blowing a kiss.

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Lots of Valentine’s Day love to @jediwarriorfinn!

Summary: The rule was that everyone who died had a mission, a task to be completed before they reached The Upper World, the one the living called heaven. You learned your mission as you were crossing, and I was no exception. Being confined to my hospital bed left me with nothing but time to learn my task: righting my greatest wrong. I had to restore two people’s faith in real love, one of them the ex-husband I’d cheated on, and the other a brown-eyed girl whose lover I’d unwittingly taken when she needed him most. Relatively speaking, it was an easy fix compared to the stories I’d heard of parents tasked with penance for destroying children, men who’d broken women for no other reason that opportunity and ability, those for whom cruelty had been far too easy. I simply had to create the right circumstances and hope. I learned quickly that the task was deceptively simple.

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3174
Additional Tags: Bawson, Soul Bond, AU, Outside POV - Rachel

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He Gets Hit on by Another Girl (two endings) // E.D.

Storyline: E gets hit on buy a girl. Alternate endings - jealous & chill about it.

Character Count: 3174

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Ethan x Reader

** you didn’t specify who, and I chose Ethan**

For the most part it was a normal day. Ethan and I wanted to get out of the house, and adventure. We agreed on going to the beach because it was a beautiful day, and it was delightfully warm. We arrived at the beach, and found a spot where the sand was smooth. We place our bags there and began to strip from our shorts and t- shirts, revealing our bathing suits. We ran around, and Ethan chase me into the water. He grabbed me from behind a whispered, “gotcha.”

I smiled and giggled a bit. He turned me around to face him before speaking, “I’m so lucky, and you are very beautiful.”

I leaned up and pressed a small kiss to his lips, “I think I’m the real lucky one.”

We stuck around doing various things, including tanning. I was still in the ocean water and Ethan was getting our towels from our bags. I watched as a petite girl approached. I couldn’t hear what was being said, so I got out of the water and, slowly, began making my way towards the two.

(jealous ending): “you’re very strong.” I hear the girl giggle as she reached out to touch his biceps. Her hand never left him and she dragged her hand down his body to his abs. Ethan looked at me with and uncomfortable look on his face. I reached the two after picking up my speed.

“what’s taking so long baby?” I asked, stepping between them wrapping my arms around him giving him a long kiss. “oh I’m sorry,” I said turning around to face the girl, “are you a friend of Ethan’s?”

“um, no..” she said trailing off, “.. I was just.. never-mind.” she said turning back around, running to her friends.

Ethan wrapped my towel around me, and looked down at me with a smirk, “is someone jealous?” he said in a baby voice.

“no, you just looked uncomfortable.” I said satisfied with my answer.

“mhm.” he said before busting out laughing. “you’re cute when your jealous Y/N.” he said placing a kiss the the top of my head.

(alternate ending ): I watched as she felt his bicep and slowly felt his abs.

“amazing right?” I asked feeling too.

“yeah,” she laughed, “he’s very strong.”

“I know…” I said begining to tell her a story about how Ethan started of as a scrawny little boy.

“can I get a picture?” she asked.

“sure.” Ethan said with a small smile.

“here, I’ll take it.” I said grabbing the girl’s phone from her and began snapping pictures of them together.

She smiled as she looks through the pictures, “thank you.” she said looking at me, and left.

It was silent for a minute and I began to dry off.

“you took that really well.”

“you sound surprised,” I said.

“I’m glad,” he said pausing, “you’re not one of those jealous-crazy type.”

I laughed, “you’re a hypocrite.”

“I know, I can’t help it, when I see a guy look at you the wrong way, I wanna start making out with you on the spot.”

I laughed.

“it’s not funny Y/N, you’re my girl, and no one should be able to look at you like I do”.

I rolled my eyes, “mhm.”

He laughed and kissed my forehead. “I love you.”