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KE-3147, “keep it - it suits you” Klance edition, Allurey, BB-1U, Hunk as the successor to epIV’s Gold Leader, Pidge and their bffl, and a Shiro of unknown allegiance. (PS: if u Do care about it please give this a like/reblog!!❤️)


beautiful Heuer Carrera 3147S 1st execution. The case of this rare watch shows signs of wearing but seems to be still unpolished with a clearly readable serialnumber engraved (88xxx). Dial and hands appear with original lume and the Landeron 189 is working well in all functions. The watch comes on a petrolcoloured vintage Sporttropic band. 

this watch was sold!

You don’t own me part 7

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Excerpt: “I guess so. Baekhyun is not really the type who lies to people.”

“Is that so?! Why had he lied to me then?!”, you had a real hard time keeping your voice down.

“Did he? Or is it something you told yourself because it is easier to accuse him of lying then facing the truth?”

Word count: 3147 // I hope you are satisfied because I am 😁

Warnings: Violence, Angst and stuff 😋

Author’s note: My lovelies I surpassed 300 followers! Within a month or so! I can’t believe it that so many people like my content! I think I have grown as a writer and it’s something really precious to me! So thank you for the support and please enjoy this part ♥

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Hejka! Szukam kogoś (najlepiej z wattpadem) kto pomoże mi w opowiadaniu. Oceni czy jest dobre czy nie. I czy wgl sie nadaje do opublikowania. Zostaw coś po sobie!

Kraftwerk aus der Handtasche: Windmühle erzeugt Strom

Der Akku vom Tablet oder dem Handy ist leer, aber es ist keine Stecksdose in Sicht? Das Windkraftwerk ‘Revolte’ könnte hier Abhilfe schaffen. Es passt problemlos in eine Tasche und ist kinderleicht aufzubauen. Bisher steckt die Erfindung noch in den Kinderschuhen.
Jean/Armin Fanfic Recommendation List

A Feeling Of Hope by sexontoasties
There’s a lot of things Armin doesn’t know, really, but the one thing he does know, is that he’s absolutely hopeless. 2174

Another Conversation by beforethequeen M
Jean and Armin spend so much time talking to each other that the weight of their words starts to change. 4047

Antiseptic by Drosselmeyer’s Ancestor
Armin can’t help but notice Jean. 1011

Auf Ihrem Weg Zum Horizont by sassanids M
Jean Kirschstein, Armin Arlert, and the Berlin Wall. 3147

Between Breaths (An XY Perspective) by CuddleFuddle M
Armin has self esteem issues, Jean is a smooth motherfucker. 1644

Daily Grind by murphym
It’s an ordinary day for Jean, until he walks into Starbucks and falls in love with the blond barista. 2040

Foundations by towine
“The Notebook again?” Or, the daily lives of Armin and Jean who, against all odds, manage to make it all work out. 892

Get To Know Me by Kozmotittspitchiner M
Armin twists his ankle during training and jean is told to take him back to the dorms and help bandage his ankle up and stuff happens. 3859

Half Measures by ForNought
Armin isn’t a jealous person at all, except for how he is secretly super-jealous of anybody and everybody Jean talks too. He becomes stupid and annoyed with everything but is somehow rewarded for that. 2943

Heart Beats by Blue_Thallium
“Do you like yourself?” Jean thought for a moment. “Sure, what’s not to like?” “We could probably have Eren draw up a list.” 11426

In High Gear by Ai Enmaxjigoku shoujo M
Armin has been spending way too much time studying and not enough time with Jean, or at least the brunet seems to think so. Something needs to be done, and soon. 3036

In The Morning Light by porcelainanimals
People say Armin’s the one who thinks too much, the one who over analyzes and worries, but in actuality, it’s Jean. 800

Just A Foot Away (Only A Few Steps To You) by porcelainanimals
When he sees that frail body lying in a hospital bed and reluctantly signs the organ release forms, he doesn’t expect to fall in love. 4836

Let’s Do It Already by Ai Enmaxjigoku shoujo
Recently, every time they have gotten anywhere close to intimate, Jean has gotten too flustered and runs away despite wanting to take his relationship with Armin to the next level; afraid of pressuring Armin into something he doesn’t want. Armin shows him he wants it too. 2622

Movie Night by CaptainArlert M
Jean and Armin watch a scary movie and Jean gets scared so Armin comforts him with sex. 1734

Of Frills And Ribbons by Ai Enmaxjigoku shoujo M
Thanks to Eren, Jean finds himself with the tedious task of cleaning out one of the storage sheds and just when things look like they can’t get any worse, he finds a maid dress of all things and thinks it would be cute if one of his fellow trainees wore it. Who would have thought Armin could pull it off so well. 9157

Reward by corbaccio M
Jean figures they need a break from all their hard work, but Armin is a little more reluctant. 2940

Something Of An Accident by porcelainanimals
Maybe he’s lonely. Maybe he’s bored. Or maybe he’s just hopelessly, head over heels in love with Jean Kirstein. 6226

Surviving With You by Edward Marks M
The trainees must go through a three week long survival training before the can move forward with the rest of the program. To ensure that they will last through the three weeks in the wilderness, they are partnered up with another trainee to rely on and to work as a team. Armin must now rely on Jean to get him through the three weeks but will they find more then training? 14913

Temporary Bliss by The Orgasmic Uke M
It was an accident really. How we started… But we couldn’t stop. I couldn’t take it anymore. He was heartless. Completely heartless. But who would have thought, Armin was thinking the exact same things about me? 6506

The Blanket Scenario by Ai Enmaxjigoku shoujo M
It was cold and wet and it was damn cliche, but that wasn’t stopping Jean from curling up with Armin to stay warm. 6205

Two Hundred Miles by Blue_Thallium M
Dear Jean, Despite my previous misgivings about being too intimate within our letters, I have to admit, you’re not the only one feeling the effects of our lack of physical contact over the last few months. 4134

Who Am I To Leave You Out In The Cold by Congragulation
Armin Arlert was an A student. He was a logician, a thinker, the guy with a plan. Armin Arlert was decidedly not the type of student who risked his enormous scholarship by going to parties and getting drunk and going home with someone he just met. This fact, however, did not seem to prevent all of these things from happening. 4365

Winter’s Warmth by koumeiren M
Armin’s cold. Jean can fix that. 1677

Words, Words, Words by CuddleFuddle M
The first time Jean undresses Armin (slowly, tenderly, like he’s afraid Armin will shatter beneath his hands), he understands why Armin wears long sleeves. 1186

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Quit Social Media Every Other Day

Okay, not quit. Go without. I’d say cleanse if the word hadn’t been corrupted by the less wholesome sides of the weight-loss and wellness industries.

There are expensive multi-day digital detox programs that a person can go through, but I’m not sure they’re necessary, or likely to lead long-term results. I care about results.

One of the few evidence-based, trendy approaches to losing weight right now is something called “intermittent fasting.” And an intriguing iteration is known as the “every other day diet.” The idea is that you eat whatever you want one day, then significantly limit yourself the next—say, to a single, modest meal. Most people don’t eat enough during the unrestricted, gorging days to compensate for the caloric deficit created during the “fasting” days. By the end of the week, these people tend to have eaten less overall.

The approach is less extreme (or potentially dangerous) than outright fasting for a prolonged period, and it’s more psychologically manageable than trying to take on a restrictive diet every day forever.

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More importantly, by the end of the month and year, you’ll very likely have a different relationship to food and hunger. The gorge days will become less egregious. The “fasting” days will become less painful. The process is meant to help people get used to hunger—something most in wealthy countries rarely experience beyond a very mild “sure, I could eat something” sensation that we address quickly.

Intermittent fasting is meant to break a sort of addiction— not to food, but to the feeling of being almost constantly full.

I think there could be something to this idea when it comes to social media, too, in terms of re-learning intentionality. It could mean a relationship to Facebook or Twitter that’s sustainable, maybe even healthy. Looking back on the year, or the decade, or your entire life, how much of it would you like to have spent scrolling through social/news apps? Specifically, how much of it would you like to spend reading or ranting about Donald Trump?

If the answer is all of it, or even a few entire weeks out of any given year, then okay, a lot of people are on pace to hit that mark. All good. For any responsible citizen of the world, the answer is something more than zero percent. But for most humans, to remain sane and effective, the answer is also less than 100.

So readers have been asking me this question a lot: In terms of health, how much is too much news? Too much social media? And the corollaries: When am I being a responsible, informed citizen, and when am I unnecessarily bathing myself in stress hormones? Am I going to die younger because of the tenuous state of American democracy? Is it grossly privileged to worry about my own stress hormones when I’m not the one whose home is being washed away by the sea?

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I think the answer is to aim for something between obliviousness and paralyzed anxiety. That’s easy to say but harder to turn into meaningful directives.

Hence the every-other-day diet, but for social media.

It’s pretty self-explanatory at this point. Before bed, sign out of all accounts on your phone and computer. (If you have a tablet, discard that altogether.) There’s no need to “delete your account.” Then spend the next day doing things besides checking social media. Cook, do karate, garden, talk aloud—whatever you’re into. Sign back on a day later.

The key to being purposeful about media consumption is breaking the habits that apps and devices are built to create—the mindless checking and scrolling, the Pavlovian response to any ding or buzz or notification, the sense that to leave home without the device is to be as enfeebled if you forgot your shoes. Intermittent social-media fasting doesn’t just mean you’ll waste less time on social media. It means you’ll really appreciate the time when you check back in. And eventually, compulsive checking habits should fade. Usage should be more purposeful. (A purpose can be to relax and/or to have fun.)

I can’t make this approach work for myself because of my job, but I wish I could. If you try it out, let me know how it goes. If it goes well, tell me how great the experience was and how much better your life is now. If it goes poorly, tell me it went “basically fine.”

Like almost all diet advice (and other advice), this won’t work for everyone. But it may be healthier than gorging every day or withdrawing altogether.

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This article was originally published on The Atlantic.