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The last time 313FAD held a CLICKED UP event was March 2009 at Next Level. The attached photo is from that visit. You’ll see fashion designers, jit dancers, artists, and community leaders in this photo.

I made a return visit last night to Next Level for U Post Magazine’s Model Call. Next Friday another “Major Moves Model Call” is happening for U Post Magazine. Partnering on activities is the key to leveraged returns. People have been there before, talk with them and find what works together moving a greater community and interest forward.

There is also the discussion regarding publication and working with Red Door Digital’s staff. Bring your plan, be ready to present it, then listen and learn.

313FAD Bloggers Sought

The goal for most bloggers is to gain a following for the content they cover. Scope for a blog can be narrow or broad in focus.

Who do you want to reach and what message are you delivering? If you partner into posting onto the 313FAD blog what would you gain?

  • Community exposure through an aggregated blog
  • Increased readership
  • Cross subject opportunities and collaboration
  • Additional resources

If you are interested in joining the staff of 313FAD bloggers this is what we ask for you to provide:

  1. A link to your current blog, this should demonstrate your writing style and any imagery to support your presentation (graphics, photos, design). We are looking primarily for original content featuring Detroit fashion. Reviews of talent, shops, events, and services that are fashion focused in the metro Detroit area.
  2. Send an email to 313FAD@TheDetroitFactory.com with the subject BLOGGER INTERESTED
  3. We are located in Detroit - meetings will require attending in person.
  4. What areas you feel are your strengths:
    • interviewing
    • written reviews
    • photos and videos - in-studio, on-location or events
    • internet SEO and / or technical
    • social networking to gain following
    • sponsorship and advertising

Getting Paid
Of course you want to be paid and we want to pay you. What we have to do is establish the flow of revenue and how it flows to everyone involved. That will be one of our first meetings with the new staff members in March 2011.

DDF in 123

A city-wide, week-long design festival in Detroit Michigan. Detroit Design Festival is both local and global. Come experience the wealth of design and creativity Detroit has to offer.

What is it is pretty simple.


There are three groups we want to connect:


We connect them (for example):

or it could work like this:


We help them promote their Happening during the Detroit Design Festival!

Planning Meetings on Wednesdays in July

July 13th, 20th, 27th @6pm
460 W. Baltimore Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

313FAD has been dedicated to bringing fashion talent from metro Detroit together since 2007. A byline of “The Detroit Fashion Movement” has been in use equally as long. 

Why the Brand Name 313FAD?

313 is the telephone area code that is used for Detroit. It is also known world-wide through marketed apparel, music labels, and assorted branding.

FAD was added to provide a perspective on what the community is about using multiple essences. “Fashion Alive Detroit” is used to let people know that we are always in the process of creating (fashioning) in Detroit. We also can imply that Fashion is Alive in Detroit, and that the members of the organization are those involved in discovery and demonstrating this.


January 2007 was the first 313FAD meeting at 1315 Broadway, Detroit. It was a multi-purpose occasion with an event seeking models for a show. Stephen Boyle “Fuzzytek” had put the call out to simply bring a spectrum of fashion oriented people together.

Subsequently online communities were formed using a few platforms. Meetings were held at least 2-3 times a year as well. Tips were exchanged and people got to know others interested in Detroit’s fashion movement.

It is now the beginning of 2011. 313FAD has been rolled into The Detroit Factory as a fashion community, as the endeavor for TDF is to assist talent in production by bringing resources together.


Abandoned In Detroit - Summer 2011 Photoshoot

Sunday, August 7 the 24th photoshoot for the fashion showcase project was held. The turnout was light, but we made the most of the day. The fashions of the shoot were self-styled, and the final look is in the genre of Steampunk. Locations were James Scott Mansion, Cass Tech High School, Masonic Temple, and the Dequindre Cut.

Thank you to the mother and daughter models - Tracie and Sydni, and to fellow photographer Hersheal Thomas.

Watch the photo gallery on the project website (AbandonedInDetroit.org) for updates from the Flickr group for the project.

Updates to the project include:



Casting for fashion show models children (6 and up) and adults (18 and up) and fashion designers will be held on August 3rd and 17th.

An open call for musical artists and vendors will be held on August 10th and 17th

Time: from noon-4pm on dates specified above
Location: Light House Theater located at 8801 Woodward in Detroit

Please Bring

Female models must wear stiletto heels, black leggings and white tank tops, and male models must wear dress black pants with white tank tops. All applicants should come prepared with comp cards, resumes and/or photos along with measurements. 

About Destiny 

National Fashion and Talent Expo present “Destiny”. One of Michigan Fashion Expo, Detroit Fashion Show, Detroit Designer and Artist Expo, Detroit Artist, Detroit Fashion Shows, and Michigan Fashion Fair. For more information please visit www.FashionTalentExpo.com ~ One of Detroit, Michigan Largest Fashion and Talent Expo! (Video by Amborous and Edited by Clayton Cortez Studios)

Video: Destiny Fashion Show ~ 2013 Coming Soon! (by FashionTalentExpoTV)

313FAD and Red Door Gallery are hosting a fashion networking event!
YOU are invited!

When: July 30, 2011 from 3-7pm
Where: Red Door Gallery, 7500 Oakland St, Detroit MI 48211
Cost: FREE - potluck event, please bring a dish for 6 people to share, or $5 donation to cover plates, cups,  utensils, etc.
Contact: Stephen @ 248-632-6156 or info@fuzzytek.com

From 3-4 we will be gathering and a presentation about the Detroit Design Festival will be made by Melinda from the Detroit Creative Corridor Center. The festival is coming up September 21-28 and happenings are needed to fill the calendar with great activities. Red Door Gallery is seeking partners to hold some of those at our location!

The potluck meal and sharing of additional announcements will begin at 4pm and we hope several groups interested in collaborating on activities presented meet together and exchange working details. 313FAD has a number of connections around the community and we are interested in developing them online and face-to-face.

Attending will be fashion designers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, journalists, photographers, fashion show directors and much more. All attending are encouraged to bring interested friends. This is an all ages affair.

A few photographers have asked to bring backdrops and lighting. There will be a $5 fee for each setup and printing of photos available through Red Door Digital’s staff onsite. A neighborhood photo walk will also be offered provided, weather permitting.

313FAD group on Facebook
313FAD event posting on Facebook

The Arrival of Fort Street Gallery, a set on Flickr.

313FAD/Fuzzytek coverage of 2009 fashion show at Fort Street Gallery, now known as Hudson Lofts

Via Flickr:
Art and fashion fused at The Arrival of Fort Street Gallery. The great room was open on the 2nd floor with a gorgeous view of downtown Detroit’s skyline, the Detroit River and Windsor. Entering through a doorway on the far side at the corner of Fort and Rosa Parks, you climb the stairs to the second floor.

The front room opened with blues from Paul J Miles on guitar and art lining the walls. Sofas, chairs and ottomans offer inviting spots to view the art displayed from over 20 artists exhibiting in the show.

Through the doorway was the bar and more art to be found. These were the entry spaces leading to the Great Hall, where towering industrial columns spaced out evenly across the wood floors. You get a sense that grand events occur in a space like this. The windows show a beautiful view of the downtown Detroit skyline, Detroit River and Windsor.

This was the night that Paul Anthony rolled out his Bvlage line and showed us current looks from his signature line. That segment of the fashion show capped the evening and I learned of another celebration he had that evening — he and Ebony became engaged!

Prior in the fashion show - Detroit Mechanix by Streetsweeper came in with a nice view of graphic apparel in various colors. Much respect to the celebrity crew assembled to model in his segment of the show!

Anthropologie sent in clothing for the show, however their corporate headquarters sent word that no photos were to be taken of their product line. Sorry but no photos kind of leaves you the viewer wondering were they there, what did they show, and why would publicity of being in a show be stalled? From an attending point of view I did like the looks shown.

Word around the floor was that people enjoyed the show, the space is awesome (though a bit cold and different lighting would help), artwork exhibited was great, and overall feel for the night out left one knowing that art and fashion is alive and well in Detroit. We’re looking forward to more shows at Fort Street Gallery - both art and fashion from a number of producers.



Detroit- (June 2013) The National Fashion and Talent Expo is proud to announce the official open call dates for the highly anticipated 3rd Annual DESTINY II Fashion and Talent Extravaganza! Here is your chance to rip the runway, gain exposure and market your fashions as we search for the newest talented and motivated models, artists and fashion designers!

In true appreciation of the beauty, character and style that this illustrious city has to offer, this dazzling event will usher in a fashion-frenzy unlike anything the Motor City has ever experienced as we showcase the most unique models, designers and musical artists on one stage. 

Casting for child (6 and up) and adult (18 and up) models, musical artists, fashion designers and vendors will be held on August 17th at Considine Center, located at 8904 Woodward in Detroit from 12pm-4 p.m. 

Female models must wear stiletto heels, black leggings and white tank tops, and male models must wear dress black pants with white tank tops. All applicants should come prepared with comp cards, resumes and/or photos along with measurements. 

We welcome all experienced and non-experienced applicants, as we are dedicated to training models and artists while showcasing Michigan talent. 

For more information about the DESTINY II Fashion and Talent Extravaganza, vendor opportunities, advertisement, tickets or open call dates and times, please contact the expo at 313-355-3555 or visit www.fashiontalentexpo.com.


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