The Signs As Alternative Female Artists

Aries: Hayley Williams
Taurus: Lorde
Gemini: Melanie Martinez
Cancer: Lana Del Rey
Leo: P!nk
Virgo: Amy Winehouse
Libra: Marina and the Diamonds
Scorpio: Grimes
Sagittarius: Florence + The Machine
Capricorn: St. Vincent
Aquarius: Halsey
Pisces: Bjork

(These don’t correspond with the artist’s sun sign)
Things I'll Never Understand

I’ll never understand why Mrs. DiLaurentis didn’t at least check to see if her daughter was still alive before burying her six feet under. Ali couldn’t talk, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not breathing.

Also, I’ll never understand why someone would put Shana’s funeral on the Internet. Honestly, that’s the creepiest thing ever. I’m pretty sure that Aria’s the only one willing to watch that.

Why did they change the DiLaurentis’ house and think we wouldn’t notice. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look back at the house when Maya was living in it compared to now.)

Lastly, where the hell did the “L” in Charles come from when Spencer was rearranging the blocks in her head?! The “L” literally came out of midair. But whatever, that’s PLL logic I guess.

It ain’t whiskey, but it’s perfect for a hot summer Sunday afternoon. A gin & tonic with a little twist: 

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass over ice, stir gently, and top with a few dashes of bitters. Garnish with the rosemary & lastly, enjoy. 


“Captain,” the other familiar voice said on his other side, “are you well?” And Jim turned to look at Spock, and was dazzled again, but this time he couldn’t look away. Spock hadn’t changed; but here his spirit showed as it never had before, even in the harrowing intimacy of mindmeld. From the meld, Jim was already familiar with the incessant activity of that cool, curious mind as it tirelessly hunted answers. But now he saw where the activity came from—Spock’s utter certainty that there was no higher purpose for his life than to burn it away in search of truth, and to give that truth away when he found it. More, Jim saw what fueled and underlay the certainty: a profound vulnerability paired with a great, unreasonable joy—the deepest-hidden parts of Spock’s Earth-human heritage, both of them sheer terror to a Vulcan mind. Even when Spock had been trying to suppress or deny those hidden legacies, they had managed again and again to escape and express themselves as valor, and wry humor, and the endless good-natured fencing with McCoy. But Spock wasn’t denying the inheritance so vehemently any more, and the power of the older, wiser man was a joy to behold, and a terror. This great mind has been standing behind me and quietly obeying my orders for all these years? Why?? He could be so much more—But in this place, the answer was plain to read. Loyalty was frequently unreasonable and illogical—and Spock had long since decided that this one aspect of his life could do without logic.

“Spock,” Jim said—and ran out of words. He was deeply moved, and didn’t know how to adequately express it—until he abruptly felt Spock feeling the emotion with him, and knew there was nothing more that needed saying on the subject. “I’m fine, Spock,” he said then, and glanced over at McCoy. Bones was gazing at Spock in a curious, almost grudging calm.

—  The Wounded Sky by Diane Duane