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The curtain opens with Dorothy in Kansas saying, “I never wanted to leave home.”
Van Gogh is last seen weeping in front of Starry Night, wondering why love could be so cruel.
you did not give me the opportunity to love you.
you collapsed into me and then you left.
I was still catching my breath.
I am still catching my breath.
I am not desolate.
I am the sun and you never even looked my way.

Amanda Helm, The Curtain Closes and You are Gone Again


Andromeda Over Seeleys Bay by Matt Molloy
Via Flickr:
Looking northeast from the public dock in Seeleys Bay. I love how dark it is here, because it’s much easier to see the milky way, even when you’re in town where there’s street lights. (there isn’t very many because it’s a very small town) You can see part of the Milky Way on the left and the Andromeda galaxy at top center.


George Harrison and Pattie Boyd, with Alistair Taylor and actor Richard Harris, Heathrow Airport; presumably on the way to Los Angeles, 16 October 1968. Photos by Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images.

“[O]ne day we had a great panic about the new Beatles’ album [The Beatles, a.k.a. the White Album]. Good job George was there on hand as it turns out. What happened was this. Capitol had started to make the master records but as soon as George heard their version he realised they’d done all sorts of technical things to it that altered half the effects! It’s called ‘compressing’ and ‘limiting’. Anyway they had done it all wrong and if George had not heard it in time, taken the tape away to work on it himself and returned it the way it should be the American LP records might have been a bit of a mess! It was a lot of work for George but worthwhile. Curiously enough we’ve heard from American fans in the past that they prefer to buy the original British versions of many LP albums because they reckon the sound is better. So quite a few will buy Beatles’ records locally and then send off to London for a second copy.
By the third week of November we’d finished work on seven LP tracks for Jackie’s album. George had worked very closely with Jackie [Lomax] all the way through in the studios. Because he knows exactly what Jackie is after on his records, George is the ideal producer for him. They share a lot of feelings together and have this great musical sympathy as it were. George spent a lot of time with orchestras doing arrangements whenever these were necessary. He was as busy as we’d been all through the previous five months at home in London.” - Mal Evans, “George’s U.S. Visit,” The Beatles Book, January 1969 [x]

🎃 Halloween Sub-Culture? 👻

Hello my lovely & ever festive followers. :) I have been thinking, & I feel like we need a subculture for people like us who love Halloween. I mean…we do stand out. In many ways. There are people who love Halloween, and then, there are people who LOVE Halloween! People like us who if we had control of the calendar would make the 31st of every month of every year an extra Halloween day! People like us who blog Halloween 24/7! People like us who dream of pumpkin goodies and costumes ALL-YEAR-LONG. People like us who would gee golly MOVE to Halloween Town if it were a real place! Halloween is not just a day of year for us. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. I think this love deserves a distinction.

☺️ Also, what name do you think we should have? Something simple & to the point. I was thinking “Pumpkin Cookie.” I was just thinking about pumpkin cookies yesterday (& like everyday lol, hence the url) and thought of how pumpkins always remind us of Halloween and so do sweets, like cookies. It’s a cute name, but not too cute, so it fits for both boys and girls and totally reflects the holiday that we love so much. :)

What do you guys think? Please re-blog this and write in your thoughts. I’d like to hear all your opinions!

-Anna* 💖

*Note: Some of you might be thinking “Oh that would be goth.” But no, because not all goths care for Halloween, so being goth doesn’t necessarily make you fit the bill. Also goth and Halloween have many similarities but are not exactly the same. Halloween is fluffier & more festively concentrated than just generally liking dark things as goths do. So goths can be in this Halloween-loving subculture (if we create it) but those in the Halloween-loving subculture are not necessarily in the gothic subculture. :)


Halloween Costumes (Yatori version)
The witch and her cat familiar 

At first it was hiyori who was the cat but let’s change it up a bit why not Yato be the cat since he has that cat face expression