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Do you know if there will be a set for the shadowhunters tarot cards for sale? Because apparently Cassie has given a few sets to some at the recent signings she did.

Hi there,

Cassie said that she’d sell the set one day but maybe they’re still figuring out how to sell the cards?

Gosh, I hope I’ll get a set next Saturday.

I posted my latest Sizzy fic on ff.net and got a review where the person wanted to know why Simon and Izzy use a condom when she can’t get pregnant.
Practicing safe sex really should be more common on ff.net.
Pregnancy AND/OR STDs can happen when you don’t use a condom.

Maybe I’m seeing this from a different perspective because I’m in my mid twenties.

Seriously, what’s the deal with men being described as tall and then they’re only 6 ft? 183cm isn’t really tall, in a few years it’ll be average. 6 ft 3 in upward is tall.