1. Favourite Star Wars movie? (Episode 1-R1).
2. Favourite Star Wars era?
3 Favourite Star Wars trilogy? (Originals, Prequels, Sequels).
4. Jedi or Sith?
5. Empire or Rebellion?
6. Bounty Hunter or Clone/Strom/First order Trooper?
7. Rebels or Clone wars?
8. Favourite Star Wars book?
9. Favourite Star Wars Comic?
10. Favourite Star Wars game?
11. Top 5 favourite female Jedi?
12. Top 5 favourite male Jedi?
13. Top 5 favourite Bounty Hunters?
14. Top 5 favourite Sith?
15. Top 5 favourite Droids?
16. Top 5 favourite Troopers?
17. Top 5 favourite Senators?
18. Top 5 favourite Republic/Rebellion ships.
19. Top 5 favourite Separatist/Imperial ships.
20. Top 5 favourite planets?
21. Where would you live in the Star Wars universe?
22. Who would you be in the Star Wars universe?
23. What ship would you own?
24. What Droid would you own?
25. Would you have a team, or would you work alone?
26. If you where a Jedi, would you be a Knight or a Master?
27. If you where a Jedi Master, would you have a Padawan?
28. If you where a Sith, would you be the Master or Apprentice?
29. If you where a Sith Lord, would you have an Apprentice?
30. Married, in a relationship, or single?
31. Top 5 favourite species?
32. What species would you be?
33. What species is your type?
34. Who would your best friend be?
35. Would you customise your ship?
36. Would you customise your Droid?
37. What colour skin/eyes would you have?
38. If male, beard or no beard?
39. 1 lightsaber, 2 lightsabers, double lightsaber, or 2 double lightsabers?
40. What colour would your lightsaber(s) be?
41. If you’re a Bounty Hunter, what armour would you have?
42. Would you customise your armour?
43. What colour scheme would your armour/robes be?
44. If you where a Droid, what Droid would you be?
45. What colour would your droid self be?
46. Pod racing or ship racing?
47. Space battle or ground battle??
48. Would you have survived order 66?
49. Where would you go after order 66?
50. What would you do after order 66?
51. Do you have any Star Wars Pop Vinyls?
52. Do you have any Star Wars collections?
53. Do you have any Star Wars art?
54. Do you create any Star Wars art?
55. Do you like/read any Legends/non canon stuff?
56. Top 5 favourite Legends character?
57. Who is your Star Wars role model?
58. Top 5 saddest Star Wars deaths?
59. If you could bring any Star Wars character back to life who would it be?
60. If you found out the Star Wars universe was real, would you move there or stay here?
61. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being very little, 10 being an absolute know it all) how well do you know the Star Wars universe?

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[TRANS] Kai will be starring in a Japanese drama called "Spring Has Arrived"

⇢ “Spring Has Arrived” information

The drama is a remake from an original short story by Kuniko Mukuda, the best Japanese screenwriter. As the writer of this story, Kuniko Mukoda’s works have affected people beyond times and border. They want this lead role to be able to - deliver that emotions, impress watchers beyond words and feel cultural differences. “Spring Has Arrived” is a ‘family’ drama in which the existence of a man changes a family. The role played by Kai is a special role in which his existence in the family is like a spring that will changed the family like a surrounding typhoon. 

The producer of ‘Spring Has Arrived’ says he wanted the character to move people’s hearts without any regards to language and cultural differences, that’s why he offered Kai this role since the producer could not think of anyone else because of Kai’s sensibility, sincere attitude and charisma.

⇢ "Spring Has Arrived” original story line

Naoko is a 31 year old single sales clerk who works in a departmental store in the underclothes section. She is nothing special and constantly lies about her family to people around her. In reality, she lives with parents who works part-time and a sister who is a hikkomori (person who avoids social contact). 

One day, she meets a Korean photographer named Lee Ji Won (Kai) and goes on a date with him. However, he ends up having to take her home because her leg got stuck in the taxi door after their date. Because he ends up taking her home, he meets her family. Naoko thought Ji Won would walk away when he found out how she lied about her family, but instead, he becomes close to her family and even goes on a family trip together later on. From that day on, Naoko and her family drastically changes (in a good way of course).

Later on, Naoko’s mother talks about a possible marriage between the two, but unfortunately, they decide that they were not meant for each other and mutually broke up and go their separate ways. They later meet each other on the streets by accident and happily greet each other. 

⇢ Q&A with Kai

Q: please let us know how you feel about you first Japanese drama experience.

KAI: I was excited and happy to shoot my first Japanese drama. (Unclear sentence) I would like to do my best and deliver good work to all my fans. And I think I can make lots of new friends with Japanese actors and staff.

Q: What are you looking forward to most while shooting in Japan?

KAI: it is my first time shooting in Japan so it will be different than shooting in Korea. It will be my first time staying in Japan so I look forward to experiencing different cultures and food in Japan and making nice memories with everyone in Japan.

Q: Please give a message for your Japanese fans.

KAI: hello it’s EXO’s Kai. I mainly saw you in concerts in Japan, but this time I can meet you through a drama. It’s special to me (?) though I still lack I will work hard and enjoy my shooting in Japan and deliver good work to everyone. Everyone, please look forward to “Spring has Arrived” thank you very much.

translation credit: kimkwon889496, kaaiikim, kimjoninis

anonymous asked:

Hi i wanna know your opinion on ty and lauren dating

OK guys. I have a billion asks about this subject, so I’m going to use this one, that’s short sweet and to the point, to answer all of them.

Do I think Lauren and Ty are dating? Well, If I was an uneducated twit, that relied on other to tell me what to think and believe, sure. But, since I’m not one of those people, that believes every fucking piece of propaganda a Personal Relations/Promotional/marketing firm tries to throw at me, my answer is NO. I believe Tyren is about as real as I believed Laucy was.

Let’s look at a few things first. Let’s take into consideration, the way this whole damn story was shoved at us, on a  heaping smoldering poo-poo platter. First they wanted us to believe that Camren wasn’t real, because Lauren was in an on-off relationship, for years, with her BFF Lucy. She was supposedly so in love with Lucy, that she was ready to proudly proclaim her Bisexuality to the masses, to be with her, openly.

Then I’m supposed to believe that Lauren, the same girl that has always said the most important thing to her, in a relationship, is honesty, cheated on her BFF/GF. Sorry, not buying it. I’m especially not buying that she supposedly cheated on her “girlfriend” with a 31 year old single Father.

Lauren has stated, for the record, that she keeps her private life private. Her love life isn’t something she shares with the masses. If she’s dodging the questions and not posting shit on SM, she’s hiding a relationship. If it’s being flaunted all out in the open and on SM, it’s a fucking PR stunt.

Why they chose Ty, I’m not sure. Maybe he had the best weed. Maybe they are going to do a song together, eventually. We have to remember, they started the Shawmila rumors all the way back in June of 2015, for a duet that didn’t come out until November. In the entertainment/music industry, they recycle the same PR stunts over and over again. Why, because they obviously work. I wouldn’t have all these questions to answer if they didn’t.

When Lauren came out so proudly in that article, everyone was so supportive and proud of her. I told friends, back then, that it wouldn’t last. I knew as soon as they hooked her up publicly with a guy, all hell would break loose and most of those who were showing her support then, would turn their backs on her. This fucking fandom is full of some of the most selfish people I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Some of you should honestly be ashamed of yourselves. When the girls don’t act the way you want them to act, say what you want them to say, do what you want them to do, or fuck who you want them to fuck, you turn into the most vile hateful selfish hypocrites I’ve ever seen. That is what is actually disgusting, shameful, and hurtful.

Look at recent history, and the answer to this question is more than obvious. I told you all back in the very first Camren theory I ever posted, why it was OK for Lauren to come out as Bisexual. They are basically proving my point, now. This is not the first time a young beautiful female has kissed her BFF, had the picture of said kiss leaked, then come out as Bisexual, to promptly be hooked up with a male, right after. It actually happens frequently, if one pays attention. There is a reason behind the madness, so to speak, but I’m not even going to try and explain it to you right now. In this society, and especially in this selfish fandom, the reasons don’t even really matter anymore. All that matters to the PR folks, is that you all keep falling for it. The worse part is, no matter how much I and others, have tried to explain this shit, there is a huge portion of this damn fandom, that will always fall for the narrative that is being pushed, and the PR stunts they use to push it.

For those of you who actually read and try and educate yourselves about how the Music Industry really works, bless you. For those of you who will always believe the bullshit Management is trying to sell you, keep your heads in the sand and your butts in the air. It makes it easier for them to fuck you in the ass without getting blamed for it.

The Adele Scheme

Adele and Harry are on the same label blah blah blah Rob Stringer helped release ‘25′ blah blah blah D*n W**tt*n is a bitter fuckface blah blah blah let’s skip to the facts (I’m writing this out because texting about it is getting exhausting)

Adele Releasing 25:

Day 1 - 10/18/15 - ‘Hello’ teaser airs during the X Factor

Day 4 - 10/21/15 - Adele releases letter to fans announcing the album title ‘25′

Day 5 - 10/22/15 - Adele announces album release and cover, ‘Hello’ release date

Day 6 - 10/23/15 - Adele releases ‘Hello’ on Radio 1 Breakfast Show + music video

Day 10 - 10/27/15 - Adele announced BBC special with Graham Norton for album release day (11/20), SNL appearance (11/21)

Day 16 - 11/2/15 - Adele records BBC special

Day 31 - 11/17/15 - Adele record Christmas Special in NY; Releases ‘When We Were Young’ live version on YouTube

Day 34 - 11/20/15 - ‘25′ released, BBC Special airs

Day 35 - 11/21/15 - Adele performs on SNL

Day 38 - 11/24/15 - Adele appears on Jimmy Fallon

Throughout this time and after, Adele has a number of other appearances and interviews. But these were the biggest dates according to…. Wikipedia.

Harry Releasing ‘Sign of the Times’ & ________:

Day 1 - 3/25/17 - ‘April 7th’ teaser airs during The Voice, social media blanked out

Day 4 - 3/28/17 - Website and social profiles launched, SNL announced 

Day 7 - 3/31/17 - Single title and artwork released

Day 10 - 4/3/17 - Spotify profile set up

Day 11 - 4/4/17 - Interview on Radio 1 Breakfast for SOTT release day

Day 14 - 4/7/17 - Sign of the Times release date

Day 22 - 4/15/17 - SNL performance

Start to release, Adele’s album schedule was 34 days. 35 days would put Harry on Friday, April 28th. (Just as an FYI, obviously who knows what the date will be.)

There are a number of things to note. The release specials like the BBC and NBC Christmas ones are more unique to Adele IMO. From what I can tell, Adele focused on London and NY, and at one point Europe, during album release. She did West Coast promo before the 2016 Grammy’s (technically including the Carpool Karaoke even though it was filmed prior etc. etc.). She began touring on Feb 29, 4.5 months after the announcement, 3 months after release.

I’m out of the prediction business. But Harry is more mobile than Adele, so it’s possible he’ll do a London to NY to LA sweep for promo. Additionally, there’s an extra week between announcement and single release, but given the SNL performance date (and the necessity of a second song), I don’t think a 5 week timeframe is that ridiculous. Given that he’ll be running into Dunkirk promo, it could even be shorter. (I’m stressed just saying it)


[info] kai’s japanese drama ‘spring has come’


kim jongin - lee jiwon
kana kurashina - kishikawa naoko
seika furuhata - naoko’s younger sister
astuto takahata - naoko’s mother
shiro sano - naoko’s father
kentaro sakaguchi - unknown character
shoko takada - unknown character


kishikawa naoko, who works in a undergarment department shop, is a dull, single 31 year old woman. by coincidence, she meets lee ji won (kai), a korean photographer. from then on, he changes he life little by little…

trans cr. exoglobal

co-star kurashina kana’s comments about kai:

“Even though me & Kai’s parts (in the drama) might not appear too gaudy, I wanted to create (or show) a (good) relationship between both of Naoko & Jiwon slowly in their own paces.”

trans cr. kimjongmelle

Ein paar Fragen, los, spamt meine ASK BOX voll, pls
  • 1) England oder Amerika
  • 2) Arsch oder Titten
  • 3) Sofa oder Bett
  • 4) Burger oder Pizza
  • 5) Apple oder Android
  • 6) Modern oder Vintage
  • 7) Hund oder Katze
  • 8) lange oder kurze Haare
  • 9) Blond oder brünett
  • 10) Bier oder Vodka
  • 11) ..deiner lieblingskindheitserinnerung
  • 12) ..deinem erstem Mal Sex
  • 13) ..deinem schlimmsten Schultag
  • 14) ..deinem schönstem Abend
  • 15) ..deinem Traumpartner
  • 16) ..deinem Idealbild
  • 17) ..deiner lustigsten Haustiergeschichte
  • 18) ..der perfekten Beziehung
  • 19) ..deiner Lieblingserinnerung mit deinen Eltern
  • 19) ..deiner Lieblingserinnerung mit deinen Freunden
  • 20) ..schlechten Erfahrungen
  • 21) Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?
  • 22) Was ist dein Lieblingslied?
  • 23) Wer ist dein Lieblingsmensch?
  • 24) Was ist dein Lieblingsbuch?
  • 25) Was ist dein Lieblingsessen?
  • 26) Wer ist dein Lieblingspromi?
  • 27) Was ist deine Lieblingserinnerung?
  • 28) Was ist dein Lieblingsgetränk?
  • 29) Was ist deine Lieblingsband?
  • 30) Was ist deine Lieblingsbeschäftigung?
  • 31) Bist du single?
  • 32) Sexualität?
  • 33) no-go beim Partner?
  • 34) Wie viele Beziehungen hattest du bisher?
  • 35) Bist du verliebt?
  • 36) Wie sieht der perfekte Partner aus?
  • 37) Wann hattest du deine letzte Beziehung?
  • 38) bist du sehr romantisch?
  • 39) Wie viel Wert legst du auf Romantik in der Beziehung?
  • 40) Was ist das perfekte Valentinstagsgeschenk?
  • 41) Was hasst du am meisten?
  • 42) Welches Essen kannst du überhaupt nicht leiden?
  • 43) Vor was ekelst du dich am meisten?
  • 44) Von was musst du kotzen?
  • 45) Im Dachboden oder im Badezimmer eingeschlossen werden wollen?
  • 46) eine Nacht mit Channing Tatum oder zayn Malik verbringen?
  • 47) eine Nacht in einem verschimmelten Keller eingeschlossen werden oder auf einem vollgekotzem Klo?
  • 48) Willst du jemals heiraten?
  • 49) Wenn ja, wie stellst du dir die perfekte Hochzeit vor
  • 50) Möchtest du Kinder haben? Wenn ja, wie viele?
  • 51) Wie glaubst du geht es mit dieser Welt weiter?
  • 52) Wird es einen 3. Weltkrieg geben?
  • 53) Möchtest du mal auswandern?
  • 54) Was möchtest du in der Zukunft erleben?
  • 55) Was möchtest du erlebt haben, bevor du stirbst?
  • 56) Was willst du erreicht haben wenn du 40 bist?
  • 57) Wann war das letzte mal, dass du jemanden gesagt hast, dass du ihn liebst?
  • 58) Was bedeutet für dich Freiheit?
  • 59) Was ist dein größter Traum?
  • 60) Definiere Kunst.
  • 61) Magst du Gedichte?
  • 62) Was ist dein Lieblingszitat?
  • 63) Was bedeutet das Wort liebe für dich?
  • 64) Hast du eine ahnung warum wir leben?
  • 65) Glaubst du an Gott?
  • 66) Wie stehst du zu Drogen?
  • 67) Trinkst du Alkohol?
  • 68) so betrunken, dass du irgendwas verrücktes gemacht hast?
  • 69) in einem Puff?
  • 70) Auf dem strich?
  • 71) in NYC
  • 72) glücklich?
  • 73) Sex gehabt
  • 74) Drogen genommen
  • 75) ein Nacktbaden veranstaltet
  • 76) Cannabis konsumiert
  • 77) von Alkohol gebrochen?
  • 78) platzangst gehabt?
  • 79) Southpark geschaut?
  • 80) gebetet?

On this day in music history: May 25, 1973 - “Tubular Bells”, the debut album by Mike Oldfield is released. Produced by Tom Newman, Simon Heyworth and Mike Oldfield, it is recorded at The Manor in Oxfordshire, UK from Autumn 1972 - Spring 1973. The album consists of two side long movements featuring Oldfield playing nearly all of the instruments. Vivian Stanshall (of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) is featured as the voice of the “master of ceremonies”. The eclectic piece is rejected by numerous record labels as being “unmarketable” and “non-commercial”, until Richard Branson, the owner of The Manor Studios hears the album and agrees to release it. It is the first release on the newly established Virgin Records label. The record receives a major boost when director William Friedkin uses part of the first movement in his film “The Exorcist”. Its exposure in the film (also issued as a edited single #31 UK, #7 US Pop) leads to its worldwide popularity. The albums iconic cover artwork featuring a bent “tubular bell” is designed by graphic artist Trevor Key. “Tubular Bells” hits number one on the UK album chart, peaking at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Logical fallacies

I was going to post the second “Thinkbox” today but I noticed that this might be more important. So I will list logical fallacies that most people fall into all the time. It is really important that these fallacies don’t cloud your mind when you try to make accurate deductions. If you, the reader notice that you may be a victim of any of these fallacies try to change your way of thinking.

Formal logical fallacies

- Anecdotal fallacy - To use personal experience as proof instead of statistics.
Example: “All women have long hair” because I’ve only met women with long hair.
A way to avoid: Realize that personal experience isn’t as accurate as statistics that have been done on many more people than you can meet.

- Appeal to probability - To think that because something is probable it’s also always the case.
Example: “You must be right handed” because most people are.
A way to avoid: The probability of something does never grantee you that it is correct.

- Conjunction fallacy - Assumption that an outcome simultaneously satisfying multiple conditions is more probable than an outcome satisfying a single one of them.
Example: “Linda is 31 years old, single, outspoken, and very bright. She majored in philosophy. As a student, she was deeply concerned with issues of discrimination and social justice, and also participated in anti-nuclear demonstrations.
Which is more probable?
1. Linda is a bank teller.
2. Linda is a bank teller and is active in the feminist movement.”
Most people chose 2. But the probability of the two occurring together is less or equal to the probability of them occurring alone.
Pr(Linda is a bank teller) = 0.05
Pr(Linda is a feminist) = 0.95
Pr(Linda is a bank teller and a feminist) = 0.05 x 0.95 = 0.0475.
So the probability of her being both are lower than the lowest.
A way to avoid: Just because something seems to fit well together doesn’t mean it does. Try to think critically.

Informal logical fallacies

- Argumentum ad lapidem - Dismissing a claim as false without proof of its absurdity.
Example: “A: Atoms does not exist.
B: Why do you say that?
A: It’s ridiculous.”
A way to avoid: Don’t dismiss anything at first until you have researched the subject you think may be false.

- Argumentum ad ignorantiam - Assuming that a claim is true because it hasn’t been disproven.
Example: “A: Spirits exist.
B: No.
A: Prove that they aren’t real.”
A way to avoid: Don’t think that a hypothesis you have come up it true just because someone else can’t prove it wrong. Extraordinary claims require exceptional proof.

- Divine fallacy - You can’t imagine it to be true so it must be false.
Example: “A: Murder only happen in films
B: Why do you think that?
A: I can’t imagine anyone doing something so wrong.”
A way to avoid: Stop thinking that improbable is the same as false. Like the great Sherlock Holmes once said “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

- Argumentum ad nauseam, argumentum ad infinitum - A topic has been discussed so much that is is seen as true or people don’t care anymore.
Example: “You have the left thumb over your right when your fingers are intervened. That means that you are right handed.”
A way to avoid: Stop accepting statements as true, conduct som research. Even if it’s on a small scale it might give you som pointers.

- Argumentum ex silentio - Conclusion is based on the absence of evidence instead of proper evidence.
Example: “A: Ah you are quiet so you did kill him.
B: But I didn’t say anything?
A: That’s why I know!”
A way to avoid: Try not to assume anything without evidence.

- Argumentum ad hominem - To attack a person instead of their argument.
Example: “A: I like ice cream.
B: Well you’re stupid.”
A way to avoid: You likely know that you’re doing this to some extent, so try to be a good debater and come up with a good counter argument. Or maybe just try to understand the other persons point of view.

- Onus probandi - To make a claim and think that other people must accept it or disprove it themselves.
Example: “A: Dogs always lick their owner when greeting them.
B: Not always.
A: Prove that they don’t.”
A way to avoid: Always try to prove your claims, it is your responsibility.

- Circulus in demonstrando - When you begin with the conclusion you’ll end up with.
Example: “A: I think he is right handed.
B: Why?
A: Emm.. Maybe because he has his watch on the left arm?
B: That doesn’t necessarily mean that.
A: It must mean that!”
A way to avoid: Try to observe first and make a conclusion based on the facts. Like Sherlock said “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts”.

- Post hoc ergo propter hoc - Assumption that correlation is the same as causation.
Example: “He had an heart attack when riding a roller coaster, so that means I will have one on the roller coaster too.”
A way to avoid: Think about the problem you have, does the correlation really equals causation?

- Fallacy of composition - To assume that the whole is true because a part of it is true.
Example: “All cells are aquatic. Therefore all organisms (which are composed of cells) are aquatic.”
A way to avoid: Like earlier, try to be critical and don’t accept something as true without research.

- Black or white fallacy - Two statements are held to be the only possible option, when in reality there is more.
Example: “The coin can only land heads up or tails up”.
A way to avoid: If you are used to problem solving this shouldn’t be to much of a problem. Try to keep an open mind when solving a problem.

- Fallacy of the single cause - Assumption that there is one simple cause of an outcome when in reality it may have been caused by multiple events.
Example: “She has a fear of spiders because she had one in her hair when she was young” When it may have been more that contributed to the phobia.
A way to avoid: Don’t assume that everything is caused by one event, try seeing the whole picture.

- Psychologist’s fallacy - Presumes you can be objective in your judgement.
Example: “A: Something will happen to you if you go out this late.
B: You only say that because I’m your daughter.”
A way to avoid: This is something that is hard to avoid, we as humans will always be biased when it comes to things we care about, so try breathing and think calmly about the problem you wish to solve if you can’t ignore it.

Even though you know these fallacies they will still affect you. No human can get rid of them all, “errare humanum est” (to err is human). But being aware of them hopefully helps you think about the problem you face a bit more.
The ones you should be most aware of is:

Anecdotal fallacy.
This I see all the time. People think that their own experiences must be what everybody else is experiencing too. This is a problem when reading studies and the results of the studies doesn’t correlate with your own experience, so you don’t believe it as much.

Appeal to probability.
Something that people new to deduction often seem to think is that it’s always foolproof. That even though most things in deduction is statistically based it must come true all the time. This isn’t the case, and new people discard deduction as something they cannot learn or something that is false and that’s tragic.

Argumentum ad lapidem.
If you as a deductionist disregard a fact as false without proper evidence you may have trouble learning the art of deduction. Being critical is good but to disregard it entirely isn’t.

Argumentum ad ignorantiam.
Likewise assuming that a fact is true because it can’t be disproven seems to be a trend in the world of deduction. I am still baffled by how many people think that long fingers is connected to piano playing (it’s the fingers flexibility that is connected to it.)

Divine fallacy.
This falls into the same category as the two above.

Onus probandi.
If you have come up with something then it’s also your responsibility to prove it to be right, if you care about it being proven to be correct.

Circulus in demonstrando.
My students in deduction have all done this mistake at least one time each. Try to observe then make deductions.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc.
Correlation does not equal causation.

Fallacy of composition.
If a deductionist have some parts of deduction figured out, well that doesn’t mean they know everything.

Black or white fallacy.
Most of the time it exists more than two options, your job as a deductionist is to figure out which of the options is more likely.

Psychologist’s fallacy.
Don’t ever believe yourself to be completely objective.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

Why I Like Minizerk
  • 1. Josh wanted Simon to join 11 Years Gang because it felt like he's known him as long as Tobi
  • 2. Simon and Josh have been practically forced together lately and they enjoy it (look how happy they are)
  • 3. Simon pays Josh in Dr. Pepper for helping him film...
  • 4. ... and Josh is his first go-to for help
  • 5. Josh seems a lot more confident, smiles more and cracks more jokes when around Simon
  • 6. Simon calls Josh 'baby', 'boo' and 'bae', the first two getting no negative reaction from Josh...
  • 7. ... and Josh called Simon 'princess'
  • 8. Holding hands/arms twice in one video to support each other
  • 9. They love recording with each other...
  • 10. ... evidence of this being them having two separate series dedicated around only them
  • 11. They smile or giggle when they make each other laugh or see the other happy
  • 12. Simon once called Josh after he passed out because he got drunk and then Josh took him home
  • 13. "MY Josh"
  • 14. They share sleeping schedules...
  • 15. ... and when they livestream, they usually livestream with each other (maybe with Tobi etc)
  • 16. 'Me and you are gonna be good friends, Simon! =)'
  • 17. They celebrated together by eating alone (and opposite one another) when Simon hit 4 million subs
  • 18. Sharing small touches of reassurance and support every so often, eg a hand on the shoulder, tap on the back
  • 19. Challenging each other to post every day on Instagram for 28 days
  • 20. The way Josh looks at Simon
  • 21. "Josh just said it was romantic and tried to hold my hand"
  • 22. Josh being added to Emon to form Emosh
  • 23. Josh holding Simon's hand for too long when they shake hands
  • 24. The entirety of the 'Not My Arms Challenge' video
  • 25. Every IRL challenge they do together
  • 26. Josh basically resting his head on Simon's shoulder in 'A Mouse, A Magician and An Idiot'...
  • 27. ... and Simon resting his head on Josh's shoulder in JJ's 'GUESS WHO' video
  • 28. Wearing matching shirts in videos
  • 29. Taking selfies together on Instagram and Snapchat
  • 30. Simon said he would call Josh if his computer broke so he could fix it
  • 31. Every single UFC or WWE fighting match
  • 32. Singing "Minizerk, Minizerk, does whatever a Minizerk does" in Simon's 'Would You Rather' video
  • 33. "We also recorded a porn video?" ... "If you want..."
  • 34. Generally just acting like an old married couple
I’m gonna drag a 16 year old’s fashion

I’m gonna do it cause this child is a fashion trainwreck. And you might be like,

“Oh Jetaime, he’s not THAT bad!” Bitch look at episode one!

Oh he look normal? Look at his shoes

Homeboy wears red cheetah print slip-ons to kick down a motherfucking door. The actual fuck child. This should have been my first hint he was gonna be a fucking trip



And when traveling???

This child looks like a 31 year old single mom who gets fashion tips from Victoria Beckham.


And to top it off?

He buys a TIGER SHIRT!


I love this smol Russian angry child like a son but expect this series to continue for however long this show runs. Because this boy’s fashion is an adventure and I expect it to get only worst.

I’m ready episode 3.

I’m ready.

whereisred  asked:

right now, are you

25. Happy with your life
Yes. Hahahaah ay may kulang pala, pera at oras
26. Sleepy
Always. Ma-san ako brad. Ma-sandal tulog.
27. Sad
Why? Hahaha no.
28.Angry at someone
Hindi po ako marunong magtanim ng galit. Hindi pa ako nagagalit. At ayokong makita sarili kong galit.
29. Bored
30. Tired
Every single day.
31. Happy with your body
Hindi. HAHAHAHAH. Kaya nga nag gygym ako e. Tapos lumolobo ako lalo sa gym pakshet.
32. Happy with your face
Well, hahaha. Pwede na. Hahahahaha. Minus the marks ng acnes and pimples.

Thank you

Prompt: 4x07. When Beckett comes in as a paramedic, Trapper John recognizes her voice and decides to shoot hostages. He shoots at Castle, only for Beckett to take the bullet for him.  An old one from @castlefanficprompts.

Beckett isn’t exactly the last person he expects to see come through the door, but she isn’t the first, either.  He’d thought she was on the phone, waiting for Trapper John to call, for another chance to get him talking.  But there she is, and he has to find a way to pass her a note, has to let her know about the C4.  Her eyes meet his as he scribbles on the deposit slip.  Message received.  She’ll get her hand near his when she can.

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Don’t Cry For Me, Vox Machina

@BananaMcGee1 Here’s a stat for you to find: How many times have any of the players cried on the show?
Anonymous asked: It would be cool to have a list of all the times the cast and characters cried in the show.

Hey, this stuff gets emotional, man.

Thanks to agent-of-chaotic-order, Eric R., @GraphixDave, holpike, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, kevvinn, pbandfluff, Rosie-LostBetweenThePages, Rowena Highlander, @SilentEnGee, vysoren-of-vord, wallflowerwaitlist, and other fantastic critters for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 62

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Today is my 32nd birthday.

Or, more precisely, a few hours ago marked the end of my 32nd birthday.  

Huh.  I haven’t been dreading this day, per se, but I haven’t been looking forward to it either.  And I’m not sure the reason why I’m happy or sad or neutral about it.  Part of it stems from simply disliking my own birthday in general; the whole celebrating me thing is just really awkward and not my thing.  And then, because lol honesty is the best policy, I think I dislike this day so much because I’m single. How easy is it to just go for a nice dinner with your person and then home to bed? Bada bing bada boom, what a wonderful evening. 

And nope, I haven’t been dating or looking or caring about men that much either. I am putting zero effort into the whole thing, and yet here I am, typing all this out, so obviously I do care about it. 

And I know I need to feel ok with turning 31 32 and being single.  And I am ok, I swear. I embrace (actually most times even love) being single. I appreciate being on my own and deciding my every move.  When the Detroit opportunity came up I consulted nobody but myself.  I love my career and work place. I’ve lived in five (soon to be six!) countries around the world. I’ve run away from police in Bangkok, sat in a guy’s arms in Nepal as the clouds parted to reveal Mt. Everest, run four full marathons (howww?!), I’ve gone skinny dipping in Malaysia, seen (in my personal opinion) the most beautiful spot in the world in New Zealand, laughed and cried a million times with friends and family, and pursued things that are interesting and wonderful and meaningful in this world. I love my life and who I am, and yet here I write, at 2:22am on my 32nd birthday. 

I don’t even know where I’m going with this, or why I’m typing this all out. Perhaps I’m just feeling lonely and nervous and keep having flash forwards to being 43 and in this exact, same, spot. Because that’s my fear, I suppose. That I’m the girl who slips through the cracks. The girl that just never meets someone on an app or through work or through friends or that-evening-I-wasn’t-thinking-of-going-out-but-did! night.  

Time will tell, I guess. 

In other news, way more exciting news than birthdays and singleness… my visa was approved!!  And this Tuesday I am heading to Detroit for the first time ever. Ohmygosh. Crazy, eh? I’ll work there for two weeks before heading home for Christmas, and then return the first week In January for good(ish). It’s exciting and scary and I am looking forward to something new.  I will know approximately nobody, and am sort of nervous of the whole isn’t-Detroit-dangerous thing, but I’m also ready to live a quiet life and work hard and do crossfit and read and eat healthy and sleep eight hours (hallelujah) a night. I’m actually going to try to blog a lot more when I move. Use you, dear blog, as my friend. Lord knows I’ll need it. So yup, that’s my news. It’s my bday and hi-I’m-still-single and heading to Detroit! Woot! 

Hello 32nd year, let’s see what you have in store for me. 

Casablanca Sentence Meme
  • 1. "We'll always have Paris."
  • 2. "Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time."
  • 3. "That's so long ago, I don't remember."
  • 4. "That is my *least* vulnerable spot."
  • 5. "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."
  • 6. "[...], I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
  • 7. "Where were you last night?"
  • 8. "The waters? What waters? We're in the desert."
  • 9. "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"
  • 10. "And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart."
  • 11. "Will I see you tonight?"
  • 12. "I was misinformed."
  • 13. "I never make plans that far ahead."
  • 14. "Here's looking at you kid."
  • 15. "Alright, I'll make it easier for you- go ahead and shoot. You'll be doing me a favor."
  • 16. "You give him credit for too much cleverness."
  • 17. "You know, [...], I have many a friend in [...], but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust."
  • 18. "Why there is no other man in my life? That's easy; there was. And he's dead."
  • 19. "Round up the usual suspects."
  • 20. "She did her best to convince me she was still in love with me but that was over long ago. For your sake she pretended it wasn't and I let her pretend."
  • 21. "We read five times that you were killed, in five different places."
  • 22. "We said no questions."
  • 23. "Well, I counted the days. Every one of 'em. Mostly I remember the last one. The wow finish. A guy standing on a station platform in the rain with a comical look in his face because his insides have been kicked out."
  • 24. "I found myself much more reasonable."
  • 25. "This is the end of the chase."
  • 26. "I don't know the finish yet."
  • 27. "Well, I guess neither one of our stories is very funny."
  • 28. "I didn't count the days."
  • 29. "Who are you really, and what were you before? What did you do and what did you think, huh?"
  • 30. "As you can see, it was true every single time."
  • 31. "With the whole world crumbling, we pick this time to fall in love."
  • 32. "Realizing the importance of the case, my men are rounding up twice the usual number of suspects."
  • 33. "And you might want to do it simply because you don't like [...]'s looks. As a matter of fact, I don't like them either."
  • 34. "I like to think you killed a man. It's the Romantic in me."
  • 35. "Yeah, it's pretty bad timing. Where were you, say, ten years ago?"