You Don’t Know Me | 2

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.922

Warnings: swearing, numbers (lolol)

A/N: gosh I suck at math so I hope the numbers are right… also please leave feedback if you want more!

A month.

4 weeks.

31 days.

744 hours.

44.640 minutes.

2.678.400 seconds.

155 breakdowns.

49 panic attacks. 

12 sleepless nights. 

That’s how you counted the time since you had last heard from Yoongi. All that time passed without him answering your calls or messages, leaving you on read and declining every single one of your calls. 

He wants me to feel ignored, otherwise he’d just let the phone ring - or not click on my messages.

He wants me to know he’s there but not ready yet.

That’s his game.

You didn’t want to give up on him. He was everything you had, everything you had counted on. He was your best friend, your partner in crime, your lover and your other half. You had hoped for a future with Yoongi. Always supporting him and his moody behavior. Being there for him no matter what because you knew how stressed he was and how burdened he felt. So you didn’t stop leaving messages, as random as they were. You knew he was just being stubborn, you knew he would never leave you just like that.

He loves me.

He does.

He’s just having a hard time.

You started coming by their dorms every second day, hoping to get Yoongi out of his box. Being friends with the boys as well, they didn’t really mind. It was weird for you in the beginning because you two had been dating for so long, yet you had never really been at the dorms that often. Dating Yoongi meant spending more time with him at the studio than at the dorms. It was a nice change to be able to spend time with the others as well but you always knew in the back of your mind that the actual reason behind that situation was everything else but nice. And Yoongi knew how to remind you every time you visited - not once had you seen his face or heard his voice. He disappeared as soon as he knew you were coming over and wouldn’t come back until you had already left. You weren’t even the one telling him that you were coming over, hoping that one day he’d be there to talk things out face to face but he always found his ways to be gone before you could even notice. You still saw his things lying around, things he usually had lying around at your dorm. Familiar pieces of his, spread around the dorm, reminding you how his things were here but he would never be.

He’s just not ready. He needs time.

The boys knew what had happened between you two and you felt their pitiful glances they threw your way when they thought you weren’t paying attention. But you saw. They were always there. During dinner. While playing video games. Helping with the chores. Watching a movie. Going over their choreographies. You saw and it broke you more each time. Even they knew how pathetic you were behaving. 

And that’s what it was - pathetic. You knew it, Yoongi knew it, the boys knew it, everybody knew it. Still, you couldn’t give up because in the end of the day, it wasn’t only about you and Yoongi but about the baby. Your baby needed a dad, not only a father. And you were just as stubborn as Yoongi, so you wouldn’t give up so easily. Your child was not going to be raised by a single mom, a college student who could barely take care of herself. It was going to live better than that.

He’ll give in. I know he will. 

At that moment, a soft pillow hit you in the face and screams erupted through the living room. Before you could realize what was going on, Taehyung had ducked behind you, making Jungkook run around your tiny figure in circles, making Taehyung shove you around like a shield to protect himself, earning screams of confusion from you.  

“You coward, move away from (Y/N)!”, Jungkook screamed and laughed before jumping forward, taking you to the ground with him as he landed on Tae, pinning his figure to the ground in a merciless grip.

“Jungkook, let go, you’re gonna break my arm!”, Taehyung laughed while screaming out in pain, making Jin came rushing into the living room to your side. Stretching out his hands for you, you thankfully grabbed them and he helped you up before parting the two boys in one swift move.

“Are you two crazy?! We have a pregnant woman here, you could have hurt her and the baby! Stop running around like that or you’ll be cooking your own meals until this baby decides to break free”, Jin scolded while sitting you down on the couch, handing you a pillow and a blanket. You raised your eyebrows at him in confusion and laughed at his choice of words.

“For support. The baby needs it”, he simply answered and positioned it himself when you didn’t make a single move. 

“You can’t do that Jin Hyung! She’s not even fat yet!”, Jungkook exclaimed and earned a smack on the back of his head from his hyung. The maknae winced and rubbed his head in pain, whilst Taehyung laughed at the comical scene in front of him, earning a death glare from Jin.

“Shh, you don’t say that to a girl Jungkook. Don’t you have any manners?”, Jin looked angry but you just laughed and sat up.

“He’s right though, I’m not even fat yet. I’m just two months pregnant, Jin. Stop worrying so much”, you smiled at the older boy but he just shook his head and sat down next to you as the two others left the room to play video games in their bedroom.

“The first three months are the most critical ones (Y/N)! You should know that. Anything could happen”, he looked at you seriously concerned, so you grabbed his hand, rubbing your thumbs over his soft skin. You noticed him shiver and quickly look away but chose to ignore it.

“I know Jinnie. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I don’t know where I’d be without you”, you grinned foolishly but meant it. He had been there for you the second Yoongi decided to break it off and ignore you. In the heat of the moment you had called Jin right after you had calmed down from the first shock and since then he hadn’t left your side. He always made sure that you were doing okay, that you were eating and getting enough sleep, even bringing over food to your dorm himself if you couldn’t come over. He also made you tell him your check up appointments so he’d know if anything was wrong. He cared and you were truly thankful.

“You’d definitely be lost, I can tell you that”, he mumbled but smiled and pulled you into a hug. You were taken aback for a second as you inhaled his scent. He smelled manlier than expected and for a second, goosebumps arose on your skin before you heard a door being slammed shut and someone shuffling lazily into the room. You turned around, breaking free from the embrace and saw him. He was standing still in between doors, eyes glued to Jin’s hands on your waist.

“Yoongi”, you exhaled, eyes wide and watery as your heart started beating faster by every second that passed while he just stared. He looked exhausted, more than usual. Deep bags under his eyes, colored in deep purple and blue, signaling that he mustn’t have gotten lots of sleep in the past couple of weeks. His skin looked paler than ever and dehydrated, having lost all natural glow. His figure was skinnier than ever and you were scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself up for much longer. At least he seemed to have taking care of his hair and clothes as his outfit and hair were styled enough to walk out of the house.

“I-I’m going to see what the others are doing”, Jin quickly got up, shooting you one last glance before walking out in the opposite direction of Yoongi. The boy’s eyes followed his hyung until he had left the room, basically shooting daggers into his direction before turning his gaze to you.

“Yoongi we-”, you started but he interrupted you harshly.

“Why was he touching you like that?”, his voice was icy like the last words that he had directed at you when he left you a month ago.

You were confused. “What?”

“Why was he touching you like that (Y/N)?”, his stare had something unreadable in it. Hands balled into fists on the sides of his body, his eyes didn’t leave your face.

“Touch like what Yoongi?”, Jin had only hugged you. You didn’t know what was going on. 

“His hands were on your fucking waist (Y/N)! Don’t act like I’m fucking blind”, he scoffed and rolled his eyes in annoyance.


He was jealous. Min Yoongi was jealous even though he had broken up with you. Even though he had ignored all your calls and texts, avoided you for a whole month and left you with an unborn baby. 

That’s when it clicked.

Calling your state furious would be an understatement.

“So what if his hands were on my waist? He takes very good care of me and the baby, so he’s allowed to touch me”, you spat in an attempt to let Yoongi feel what you had been feeling that whole time. Even though he looked bad, he couldn’t have been through half the stuff you had been through the last weeks.

In the end of the day, he was the one who broke it off right?

Yoongi huffed and went through his hair with one hand. “So what, Jin’s the baby daddy now? As soon as I’m not available, you run to the next best dude?”, he was practically screaming at this point and you heard a door being shut silently. The boys were trying not to listen.


“As soon as you’re not available? Are you fucking insane? You broke up with me because I told you that I am pregnant. I tried to get you back because I knew you are stubborn and just needed time but you treated me like shit, Yoongi. Like literal shit. I come by every other day to get you to talk to me but no, mister fuckhead even knows a way to avoid me at his own home”, you had stood up and your face was red from anger at that point. Tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably. Your chest was burning from the heartache and all the pain he was making you go through again. Flashbacks from the painful words he had thrown at you, came rushing back, a new panic attack arising within you. 

Please not now.

“I-I didn’t mean to”, he whispered and lowered his head. 

“What?”, you weren’t sure if you had heard him correctly. Trying to calm down your breathing, you closed your eyes and balled your hands into small fists.

“I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that”, he lifted his gaze and spoke up, voice breaking as he looked at your state.

“Well surprise, you did it anyway”, you held back a sob, putting a hand over your mouth as soon as those words were out. You didn’t want to cry anymore. You had cried enough in the last couple of weeks. 

It just didn’t seem to end.

‘Tower’ Pays Tribute To A 1966 Campus Shooting That Was 'Pushed Aside’

In August 1966, a student and former Marine ascended to the top of the tower that housed the University of Texas’ main library and began shooting at people below. He killed 14 people on the campus and wounded 31 more. Hours earlier, Whitman had killed his wife and mother in their homes. He was eventually shot to death by police. A 15th victim died in 2001, from injuries sustained in the attack.

Now the new documentary Tower recreates that 96-minute-long massacre in an original way, using archival film and new interviews with an animated portrayal of the events. Keith Maitland, who directed the film, interviewed hundreds of people who were on campus that day to learn more about the incident.

“One of the things they always want to make clear is how unprecedented this was … ” Maitland tells Fresh Air’s Dave Davies. “We live in a world today where you hear a loud sound that sounds like a gunshot in a public space and it doesn’t take long to kind of assume that there’s something happening that you don’t want to be a part of … to run and hide. But in 1966, on this hot Monday morning here in Austin, people were surprised, they were confused, and so it made the sniper’s job a lot easier to catch people unaware.”

Claire Wilson James, a pregnant, 18-year-old incoming freshman, was the first person the gunman shot from the tower. In a separate interview, she tells Davies she believes the shooter was aiming at the baby.

She survived the incident, but lost both her unborn baby and her boyfriend, Tom Eckman, who died instantly after being shot. In the years that followed, she avoiding speaking about the massacre. At the University of Texas, classes were canceled for just one day to allow for clean-up, and then business resumed as usual. There was no mention of the shooting at that year’s graduation, or in the school yearbook.

“It really was pushed aside. … People were encouraged to move forward and not linger in the terrible tragedy of that day,” Maitland says. “Looking back, I think that was a mistake, and I think that cost people, people who were there that day, people who were traumatized by the event, it cost them an opportunity to deal with that trauma.”

(Right in the feels!!!! I thought you loved us Anon?! I just hope I did you justice because this was more hurtful but I promise that it will end with so much fluff, you will taste marshmallows for a week! Thanks for this Anon!!! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

He was faced with a ghost but to him, he knew that ghost could not hold his attention as strongly as this one. It had been almost 6 months since they had vanished almost without a trace when he was called away to a mission and because of this, he thought that they had left him because of his appearance but when they discovered that they were taken while doing the laundry, he was even more heartbroken, rage and sorrow blending and forming into an unstoppable storm inside of him soul.

Mercy tried to convince him that he needed to rest, that the team would find him yet, being of the Shimada bloodline, he refused to do anything but look for them and meditate, hoping to find them. It was until he received word that they had located you that he became the most energetic but the next words were what broke him. “Genji…They have been without any physical human contact for the entire time…they would not even let Mercy touch them.”

He walked in and when he saw their eyes, he felt his own heart shatter but it was what was said that made him feel the first bit of joy he has longed for in almost 6 months. “G-Genji?” was all that was spoken as they tried to rush but fell as he caught them, holding them close as they cried, saying that they knew that Talon was lying about him being hurt but wanted to see him themselves. This was what he needed and he realized it now, the 6 months they were missing they had one set goal; returning to the home in his arms.

This man knows what distance can do to a heart. He also knows that his music has not been the same since the muse for his music was taken by a Talon agent. He hadn’t slept much in the 3 months that they had been missing but he was not expecting to come in contact with the eyes he fell for the first time they looked in his. They were still the same beautiful color yet they had lost the beautiful luster in those 3 months without him.

“(Y/N)…babe…Is that you?” He asked as he rushes over and starts to remove the chains that kept them away from him. As he goes to touch them, he is shocked that they flinch away from him and when he looked at them, he saw the fear and sorrow in their eyes as he kneeled down, holding his hand to them. “It’s ok, nightgale. I am here…It’s me, Lucio, I am here to take you back home now.” He whispers as they hesitate on taking his hand and it was in that moment, he knew that they were without any sort of human touch for the past 3 months.

“Shh…its ok, I am here…I am not letting you go again.” He whispers as he holds them and doesn’t let them go, even when Mercy asked to look over their wounds. He wasn’t going to let you go again…not now, not anytime soon. He is going to show you that he is here and isn’t leaving them alone again. He would give up everything to keep them safe but having them in his arms and finally sleeping peacefully for the first time in 3 months, that was the music he was searching for.

A month…a full 4 weeks…almost 31 days…730 hours since Lena had a chance to hold her dearest in her arms and now, there they were. They were dirty, looked to have been through torture but all she wanted to do was hold them, to tell them that nothing was going to happen now because she was going to be there now. “Oh Love!” She shouts as she goes to grab them in a hug but was heartbroken when they flinched away from her, whimpering and shaking like a wounded animal.

“(Y/N)…Darling…it’s me, Lena.” They would still be afraid but looking at her now with tears falling from their eyes, instantly breaking her heart yet unleashing something she has never felt before; something like rage and guilt. She fell to her knees and just started to cry because she knew that this was not what she wanted to feel…she never wanted to hate anyone yet seeing what they did to her beloved anchor of her heart, she could not help it.

“L-L-Lena?” was softly heard from the corner but she barely heard it as she was crying and wishing she did not feel this anger in herself because from the anger came the pain. Before she could register what was happening, she was in the arms of someone who was trying to calm her down from her own fears. “It’s ok Lena…I am sorry…I…I was scared.” They shyly admitted as her first instinct was to grab them and hold them tightly, not letting go for anything. She loved them too much and it was because of them; she was back to her normal self. She will lift them up but she needed them to anchor her back to her emotions.

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Minimum wage hikes are causing businesses to cut jobs
"47% of jobs in the US will likely be automated over the next two decades."
By Stephen McBride, Garret/Galland Research

“In February, Wendy’s CEO Bob Wright said the firm expects wages to rise at least 4% in 2017. Wendy’s has three options to offset the rising costs.

First, they could cut margins, but with an 8% margin, that’s unlikely. The second option is to raise prices. Given how price-sensitive consumers are these days, that too is a non-starter. Finally, the firm could reduce the amount of labor they use… and that’s exactly what they did. Wendy’s eliminated 31 hours of labor per location, per week.”

Yet another question list - Inbox me a number(s)
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  • 15. show a sample of your handwriting.
  • 16. have you ever visited another country?
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  • 76. can you draw well?
mine 「jaehyun」

type: soulmate!jaehyun
a/n: i’m just really in the mood to write a soulmate!au


aged six

“one day you’ll find him, and you won’t have to worry about breakups or cheating. soulmates naturally love each other, you have nothing to worry about.”

“how do i know when i’ve found him momma?”

“it’s quite hard to understand right now, but when it happens, you’ll know.”

aged eighteen

as you walked through the streets of seoul, your phone pressed against your ear and your patience disappearing, you stopped in the street as the call went to voicemail again. why won’t he answer?

just as you pressed the end button, a shoulder brushed yours and your hand shook, a small zap of electricity travelling up your arm. your phone flew to the floor and your rushed to grab it, rubbing your arm in pain. what the hell just happened?

as you stepped into your apartment, you checked your arm in the light. there on your wrist was a countdown.




“oh no,” you spoke aloud, rushing to the kitchen. “this can’t be happening.” you panicked, trying to rub away the clock.

just as you picked up your phone again, the door flung open and your boyfriend came running in. “y/n! are you okay?! you kept calling me, are you hurt?!” he asked, zooming into the kitchen.

“i’m okay, i’m fine. i prom-” just as you assured him you were fine, a sharp pain ran through your head and you pressed your fingers against your temple. you boyfriend looked at you in shock, grasping your arm.

“what’s happening, y/n? what’s this?” he asked, pulling you to him by your wrist.

“doyoung i’m-” you winced again, laying your head in your hands as you cried from the pain. “dying.”

“what do you mean?”

“my mother told me i’d know when i met my soulmate, so i expected it to be you, because i thought i knew it was you. i did some research and you actually know who it is when the first words you ever say to each other are shown on your wrist. it hasn’t happened yet and now my countdown has started. i have less than 31 hours to find my soulmate or i’ll die. i don’t want to leave you, but i can’t die this young.“

doyoung grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him. he pressed his lips to yours and held you close to him, the sweet taste of his lips making you forget everything. he tucked your hair behind your ear and looked down at you before pulling you into a tight hug.

“i want you to forget about me and find your soulmate. even if you aren’t with me, i still want you to be happy and healthy,” he spoke, lifting his sleeve up. “i have 22 hours left, and i need to find mine. i don’t want to lose you but this has to happen.”


doyoung gave you a weak smile as you carried your last case out of the apartment. you looked down sadly, ignoring his gaze, avoiding that feeling of guilt and the force that seemed to pull you back to him.

he turned to leave the room, your weak figure left alone in the door frame as you begged in your mind for this all to be a dream. your mother looked up at you, her eyes showing sympathy and a sense of understanding.





“stop thinking about him, you have to move on,” your friend spoke, sitting down opposite you. you pulled your sleeve back down and reached for your coffee with a nod. “look, i know you’re not into dating and everything, but i met this guy and he seemed to be a perfect candidate, and he’s bringing his friend too so i won’t be a third wheel.”


“hi, i’m jaehyun,” the boy spoke, sliding onto the bench beside you. “what are you doing out here alone?” he asked, holding an ice cream towards you.

“i’m vegan,” you mumbled, turning your gaze away from the ice cream. you sighed and turned back to look at him, his smile faltering. “okay, i’m not, but i’m not in the mood for talking.”

“then, don’t talk, just eat,” he smiled, his dimples denting his face for a second. you smiled also, taking the ice cream from him cold hands. “you didn’t answer my question.”

“hm?” you mumbled, glancing at your wrist. you stood up in shock, dropping the ice cream with stuttered words. jaehyun looked up at you, also standing from the wooden bench.

“are you alright?” he questioned, looking down at the ice cream. you ignored his question and thought, were those the first words he said to me?

you pointed at his wrist, his gaze following your hand. his brows furrowed in confusion as he looked back up at you. “you’re my soulmate,”

“we just met, that’s a bit fast don’t you think?” he laughed, his dimples showing again. you grabbed his arm and pulled him towards you, he also dropping his ice cream. you looked down at his wrist, showing him yours.

“first thing you said to me, ‘hi, i’m jaehyun’, first thing i said to you, ‘i’m vegan’,” you rushed out, gesturing between your wrists. “also, you have very neat handwriting.”

aged twenty-five

“honestly, it’s quite stupid, but it’s true,” you laughed, holding your phone close to your ear. “i’ll call you back, i’ve got to go.”

“let’s go,” jaehyun smiled, taking your hand in his as you locked the apartment door. you smiled widely as you knew what was about to happen, yet jaehyun had no clue.


“here’s the bill,” the waiter bowed, leaving hurriedly. you smiled widely, unable to hide your excitement. jaehyun opened the envelop, taking out the bill, he unfolded the piece of paper, a small black and white picture slipping out.

his eyes widened as he looked up at you with a huge smile. “are you being for real?” he asked, standing up from his chair. you nodded and stood up also, pulling him into a hug. “i’m going to be a father.”


Teddy and Billy – happily married with a child

Malec – dropping steles and jilting weddings

Philkas – pushing off broken down bikes while giggling

Zimbits – pretending to be subtle

Wolfyuu – ruling a kingdom together with their adopted daughter

Viktuuri – engaged

2min – burning each other in cars

I’m so happy.

I think I stood up my therapist this week

I am THAT client now.

I mean it was confusing, we skipped a week and suddenly my phone calendar had them back to back when we usually do every other week and I was way far away doing a hundred things. I left her a voicemail 30 mins before the usual appointment time being like uhhhhh if I am accidentally no-showing I’m really sorry? Are we on for next week? If so I’m there k so sorry byeeee!

And 31 hours later I have not listened to her return voicemail yet lol