31 things to try

Artist thoughts: perpetually wanting to participate in Inktober but feeling like you can’t because of reasons.

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1. Something I thought about a lot as a child was…
2. One thing I know I need to work on is…
3. The biggest gift in my life right now is…
4. I’m most proud that I…
5. In the next year, I really want to…
6. The skill I’ve always wanted to have is…
7. If I could turn back the clock and give my younger self advice, it would be…
8. The quality I admire most in others is…
9. If I could go to any point in the past or future, I would…
10. The thing I’m most afraid to tell people is…
11. The thing that I’m most thankful for is…
12. When people first meet me, I hope they feel…
13. One thing that makes me sad is…
14. If I was given unlimited time and resources, I would like to study…
15. The three things that have surprised me so far in life are…
16. The traits that rub me in the wrong way in other people are…
17. If I had to describe music I would describe it as…
18. The thing that annoys me most is…
19. I’m putting off…
20. I wish I could…
21. The person who left a mark on my life, that I’m grateful for is…
22. I’m glad I know…
23. One thing I wish someone would tell me is…
24. What made me stronger as a person is…
25. The thing I like most about myself is…
26. I feel at home when I’m…
27. My place to escape to is…
28. If I had to choose another decade to live in, it would be…
29. When I was younger I thought I was going to be…
30. One good thing that happened last week is…
31. Something new I’d like to try is…
32. My favorite thing in my town is…
33. I relax when…
34. The song I know all the lyrics to is…
35. My role model is…
36. I admire…
37. The movie I tell my friends to see is…
38. I want to learn…
39. I wanna travel to…
40. The last thing that made me laugh was…
41. The thing I always forget to pack is…
42.  Something I want to let go of is…
43. Everyone needs…
44. I focus by…
45. The goal I’m working towards right now is…
46. The five books I want to read are…
47. The most important thing in life is…
48. I’m good at…
49. I recently learned to…
50. My favorite joke is…

Reasons I think Lee is Harley

0. Well for starters her name is in the name Harley (Harley; Har-Lee)                   

1. Her and Jerome have met already (Four times or more if I’m correct)

2.When she and Jerome first met she comforted him (Held him) 

3.She was fascinated/excited by his whole case

(This was Jim leading her into the interrogation room)

4.His case was the first, and only case where she went into the interrogation room with Jim.

5.She said that “It was ugly, but it was also kind of thrilling.”

6.She was so fascinated with his case (Jerome) she couldn’t even focus on hers and Jim’s date. She couldn’t stop talking about it and she wanted to go see if they could find the weapon.

7.She’s a doctor (she’s studied truama but it’s not her area of focus)

8.She’s worked at Arkham (She could easily go back)

9.She’s corny

10.She’s very smart (she figured out the hidden meaning of Paul’s message.)

11.She’s tougher than she looks (she knows how to stick up for herself. She’s no damsel)

12.The writers themselves said that Lee was nuts (Since when has Lee ever been nuts?!)

13.She’s kissed Mario who was infected with the Alice virus, and his blood landed on her cheek (both are ways to get the virus) so she is more than likely gonna get it.

14.She’s becoming darker, more confident.

15.She’s changing right in front of our eyes. Sure in Season one she was a little sarcastic but for the most part she was corny, a little sarcastic (but in a playful manner), kind of sexual, innocent-ish? Season two she was still basically the same as season one, just maybe a little more confident, and maybe a little darker.. more mature I guess. And then season three she is definitely darker than she was.

Also season 3 (Queen has Sass! <3)

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

16.Lee and Jim finally had sex, but guess when they did it? After Jerome’s interrogation. They had been hinting at it for a bit but she would put it off because of work, and then because she got interested in the case.. While in the interrogation room you could tell that she was fascinated with Jerome and you could even see her smirk a little a few times. Then once the interrogation was done she talked about how it was ugly but thrilling, and then suggested for them to ‘go home.’ Then they, ya’ know. But all of this, after she watched Jerome.. makes you wonder if he turned her on.

17.Red and Black

18.She has a sister (Unnamed)

19.Out of everyone that Jerome came in contact with in Smile Like You Mean It’s episode, she’s the only one he didn’t kill.

20.She was the first person Jerome had a casual conversation with, since he was brought back to life.

21.He was sexual towards her (So he’s obviously attracted towards her)

22.He would not keep his hands off her

(Feel that strong bicep Lee, lmao) I ship them so hard! I’m really hoping she’s Harley.

23.She wasn’t even scared of him!

24.She was being blunt, sarcastic, and even a little flirty, and we all know he was being flirty.

25.He asked her about her and James (In my opinoion there was literally no point in that, unless he wanted to know for personal reasons)

26. I think I heard him call her dollface.. probably wrong. (I hope I’m not)

27.Harley doesn’t value life, death, or self injury.. Jerome was literally holding a gun to her and she couldn’t care less.

28.Lee was kind of playing along, kind of just putting up with him (Harley’s the only one who puts up with Jokers crap)

29.She’s met Selina

30.She tends to get overly entusiastic about things (Kind of like obsession; Harley is known to be passionate (obsessed) about things.)

31.That look..

(I’m so in love with this.. She’s trying to act all hard and bad ass, but when he grabs her you can literally see her soften. It looks like she’s slowly crumbling under his touch and is giving in. More than likely just me who thinks this lo

32. If they’re considering Barbara why wouldn’t they consider Lee?  

33. She’s the only one out of all the girls who could be Harley that’s seen the way Mary Lloyd does her makeup (The heart beside the eye thing)

34. Both Lee and Harley have ‘very intellegent’ listed as one of their abilities.

35. Harley’s personality by nature is a kind, sweet, gentle person. Lee’s character is sweet, kind, caring, selfless, and isn’t afraid of the dangers that come with Jim Gordan.

36. The writers said that they might have already introduced Harley, we just didn’t recognize her. (You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.)

37. The person is somehow connected to the joker cult world… that brings me back to number one, and last night’s episode. Her and Jerome (Joker) met and when they first met she comforted him.. then he kidnapped her at the gala and used her as leverage for Jim (Breathe James, I haven’t touched a hair on your girlfriend’s pretty little head) then when he woke up and basically (I wouldn’t nescessarily call it kidnapped..) took her against her will and they had that casual, yet somewhat playful conversation.

38. She’s seen how his cult dresses as well.

39.She’s who people would least expect.

(Sorry this is so messy and unorganized, but I’m sick and my mind is really foggy. Point is I really think she’s Harley. Either her or Silver. I’m really hoping Barbara isn’t.. I love her.. but please no.)                         

Spoopy Scary One-Shots N Things

Yooooo since it’s September { I don’t care how early I am } I wanted to post this long list of some Halloween/ Fall one-shot requests for the whole month Of September & October!

So enjoy.

Reader Inserts only cause the only Canon x Canon things I think I could actually do well is some SuperBat.

Pick anything below with a character from a Fandom!

Note: I will also trying to be doing my own thing 

31 Halloween Drabbles Challenge with my favorite DC boys.

Send me “Happy Halloween!” and I’ll generate a number from 1-13 for something Halloween related for a Character to say to their S/O.

Have a smutty Halloween!

🎃 “I promised a reward if you did a couple’s costume with me this year. Well, I’m ready to pay up.”

🎃 “I’m not sure how, but you have melted chocolate on your neck. I’ll get it off for you.”

🎃 “You scared me, you jerk! Feel how fast my heart is beating.”

🎃 “I can’t look! I’m hiding my face in your lap.”  

🎃 “Bobbing for apples is so gross. If I’m going to swap spit with a stranger, I’d rather just make out with you.”

🎃 “Do you think I can lick my way down to the stick of this lollipop? Can you keep your hands to yourself while I try?”

🎃 “There’s hay from the truck-bed all over my ass. Can you help me get it off?”

🎃 “This is usually the part in the slasher flick where the horny couple sneaks away from the group… follow me, unless you’re scared.”

🎃 “I’ve never seen a sexier costume in my life. Keep it on.”

🎃 “They say you feel cold when you’re in the presence of a ghost. What’s it mean when you start getting hot?”

🎃 “How hard can you bite with those plastic fangs in your mouth?”

🎃 “Halloween is basically an excuse for you to walk the streets in lingerie –and I love every second of it.”

🎃 “I’m sorry, babe. Scaring you seemed like a funny idea at the time. Let me make it up to you?”

🎃 “It was really sweet of you to give all of your candy to my [insert any relative]. It makes me want to give you something sweet too.”

🎃 “The Ouija board just spelled ‘fuck’ and I think we should listen to it.”


  1. Watching an all night marathon of scary movies
  2. Watching an all night marathon of lame “scary” movies
  3. Eating too much candy and getting sick
  4. Carving pumpkins
  5. Putting up spooky decorations
  6. Picking out extra silly or extra scary costumes
  7. Trick or treating!

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Our muses are hanging out in a Pumpkin Patch.
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Our muses are wizards/witches that attend a magical school.
  • Dracula: One of our muses is a vampire who falls for the other muse, only to have their blood.
  • Casper: One of our muses is a ghost that falls for the other muse that lives with them in a haunted house.
  • Night of the Living Dead: Our muses are trapped in an abandon house, defending themselves from zombies.
  • Sleepy Hallow: One of our muses is a investigator, and the other muse is their lover. Both of them are solving the mysteries of the town of Sleepy Hallow, escaping from the Headless Horseman.
  • Ghostbusters: Our muses are ghostbusters, sent to bust a group of ghosts.
  • Interview with a Vampire: Our muse are living their lives in Victorian London as vampires.
  • Poltergeist: Our muses stay in a house that is haunted. Both of them fight to survive from a dangerous ghost that wants to keep them there.
  • Witches: Our muses are turned into animals by a witch that wants to kill them.
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes: Our muses are on a run from a dangerous ringmaster, only to end up trap in his odd carnival where he plans to use them for his amusement.
  • Scary Godmother: One of our muses is a witch or a scary godmother or godfather that helps the other muse overcome their fears.
  • Rights: Cardassian Julian was the concientous objector to the Obsidian order who nooo just wanted to be a doctooooor
  • Rights: But Tain exposed that his parents (service-class individuals) had him genetically augmented in his youth, ensuring that he'd out-perform other students and be able to go to a prestigeous training school
  • Doctopus: ;-;
  • Rights: So he had to choose between "Do I want to work for the Obsidian order with my parents dead"
  • Rights: "Or with my parents alive"
  • Rights: But when it came time to do the Order's dirty work he was too concientous and fucked it up and saved some lives he was supposed to be unable to save while working as a doctor
  • Rights: So Tain was like for fucK'S SAKE, JULAN
  • Rights: And then after the occupation was pulling out he was like "FUCK YOOOOOOU" and stayed on Terok Nor and traded in his slick grey Cardassian Medical uniform for Bajoran purple-and-orange ones
  • Doctopus: yesss
  • Rights: Julan lives in constant fear that what information he gets from Cardassia will be "anyways your parents are dead"
  • Rights: But that news never comes
  • Rights: Which terrifies him far more than if they'd be killed already
  • Rights: Because if they're alive, that means that the Order is /waiting/ for something. Which means they're just biding their time until they need him for something again, and his parents will be the stakes to gamble with.
  • Doctopus: *_*
  • Doctopus: yesssss
  • Rights: Of course he's also still a giant dork
  • Doctopus: yesss
  • Doctopus: spacedork
  • Rights: Even Kira's just like "I don't like Cardassians but honestly he's pretty harmless."
  • Doctopus: haha, yeah
  • Doctopus: she didn't like him at all at first
  • Doctopus: and he's a bit smarmy
  • Rights: "Annoying, yes, but all the Bajoran doctors vouche for him."
  • Doctopus but she doesn't HATE him
  • Rights: he used to get in a shitload of trouble for treating Bajorans without giving Cardassians priority
  • Rights: And for some reason all the higher-ups didn't like him, which is an A++ trait among Cardassians as far as Kira is concerned
  • Doctopus: yeah!
  • Rights: "Whoa hey Dukat hates him yeah okay I'll count that in his favor."
  • Rights: Also because imagine Dukat being a creepy asshole to him and he's just like oh my god the one person i have ever wanted to kill
  • Rights: and of course the order couldn't ask me to do that jfc
  • Doctopus: yessss
  • Rights: but also
  • Rights: Imagine how Human!Garak is trying really hard to try to implicate things to Julan, because Julan does have to make regular reports to the Order, and Julan's just such an innocent puppy baby that he does not get it half the time
  • Doctopus: ahahhaha
  • Rights: Like "for fuck's sake okay Section 31 is trying to get an ally/adversary thing going with the Order just fucking get it"
  • Rights: "You are the least responsible Cardassian I have ever met"
  • Rights: And Julan's hanging with jadzia going "look at how many regova eggs I can fit in my mouth at once!"
  • Doctopus: "That's...that's wonderful."

01. How would you react if you put money into a vending machine, but nothing came out?
02. Are you generally more of a pessimist or an optimist?
03. Would you ever even consider donating your hair to Locks of Love (if it were long enough)?
04. What would you do if someone, you didn’t know, randomly came up to you and starting talking?
05. Are you more neat and orderly or chaotic and messy?
06. Do you laugh when people die in movies; in real life?
07. Is there anyone, real or fictional, who you’re more than a little obsessed with?
08. Do you have an unhealthy obsession with something?
09. What are two pet peeves of yours?
10. What an odd fear you have, and the reason why?
11. Are you more emotional or analytical?
12. Do you google how to spell a word correctly when you spell it wrong?
13. What position do you sleep in?
14. Are there any words you can’t say in any accent?
15. What is in front of your closet? A door, curtain, sliding door, ect.?
16. Do you have any posters in your room? If so, What are they; band, movie, other, etc.?
17. How’s your medical history?
18. Do you like hot or cold showers/ baths better?
19. Ever done something stupid involving boby hair?
20. When painting something do you prefer to paint up and down, or side by side?
21. What color are your bed sheets?
22. How many dressers do you have in your room?
23. Ever tried putting makeup on a dog?
24. When reading will you sometimes speak the “spoken” part actually out loud?
25. Ever put something that wasn’t food in the microwave/ stove?
26. Are you good at putting your clothes away, or are there just a number of piles of clothes?
27. How many languages are you fluent in? What langues are they?
28. After taking a shower, do you get new clothes on while still in the bathroom, or do you go to your room to get dressed (when there’s no one staying at your house)?
29. When eating popcorn (microwave popcorn) do you lick the inside of the bag?
30. Is there an inanimate object, that just seems to have it out for you?
31. Do you still try to do things even when you you’re bad at it?
32. Do small children like you?
33. What’s something you enjoy, that most would find odd?
34. Own an animal, other than the typical pets; cats, dogs, fish, birds, rodents, reptiles, bunny?
35. How often do you plan out a story to the minuscule details, and either never finish it, or never even start it at all?
36. Have an odd talent? Something most people couldn’t think of unless they have one.
37. Have you ever written a song/ poem either to or about someone?
38. Have you ever been stalked, to your knowledge?
39. Is there a show you make sure to watch every day, or every time it’s on?
40. Have you ever promised yourself something? If so, what?
41. Have you ever kept the same clothes on for days at a time?
42. What’s an obscure fandom you’re in, that’s so obscure most people have never even heard of it?
43. When you’re bored, do you sometimes just go to stalk one of your mutuals?
44. How many blogs do you have? What are they for?
45. Have you ever just spend hours doing nothing but listening to music while on tumblr?
46. Have you ever almost gotten something painful stuck in your foot; needle, glass, metal, etc.?
47. What kind of blinds are on your windows? Are they broken at all?
48. Do you have any one room in your house where you have more than five mirrors in it?
49. Ever got your head stuck in a banister? How old were you?
50. Do you like your mom’s family better than your dad’s family?
51. Is your front yard rocky, full of dirt, grass, leaf covered, pine needle covered, what? Describe your front yard.
52.  Do you leave the seat up?
53.  Do you get annoyed when other people leave the seat up?
54.  Ever met a man with an  applause-worthy mustache/ beard?
Does your phone charge immediately when you plug it in?
56. Have you ever forgotten that you needed to pee?
57. How good (or bad) is your memory?
58. Have you ever successfully Rick Rolled someone?
59. Did you actually ever have a lemonade stand as a child?
60. Have you been to the opposite side of the country, from where you live now?
61. Ever had a movie marathon? What was it of?
62. Something you’re scared of, but you don’t know why?
63. Roughly how many selfies do you take a month?
64. Is there a mirror in your room?
65. Would you be a whale, if only for a day?
66. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal(s)?
67. How long do you keep your nails?
68. What gem is your favorite?
69. Have you ever worn a hijab?
70. What job did you always want to have as a child?
71. How much sleep do you normally get a night?
72. Have you ever tried eating dog or cat food?
73. Ever had to take meds because your acne got so bad?
74. Ever chopped off all your hair?
75. How many pillows and blankets do you sleep with?
76. Can you read military time, without thinking about it?
77. Are all four of your grandparents still alive? What about your great-grandparents?
78. Is there a bathroom that is relatively close to your bedroom? How close?79. Are you a germaphobe?
80. How many sources of light are in your bedroom?
81. Do you see your cousins a lot?
82. When do you go to bed, not to sleep to bed?
83. How often do you shower?
84. What does your body wash smell like?
85. Do you ever listen to music with headphones, and start singing the song, even though only you can hear it?
86. When working on something, do you religiously save, or rarely save, and regret it?
87. Ever showered, then put the same clothes back on?
88. What do you do when you’re home alone?
89. How many bras do you own? What colors are they?
90. Is there anything that you like to carry around with you?
91. What kind of stuff makes you cry?