31 inch waist

For my trans or NB buds who are just starting out.

To go from womens jeans to mens add 21 to your size.
Ex. Size 10 jeans for women would be 31 inch waist. Just subtract to go from mens to women’s.

Subtract 1 ½ to go from womens shoes to mens.
Ex. A size 10 womens would be a 8.5 in mens. Add 1.5 to go from mens to women’s.

Adjust slightly for diffrent body types.

a jeans company contacted me that only carries up to a women’s size 12/14ish in jeans and a size L in shirts/jackets (they have a weird size chart) offered to send me some denim in exchange for a post. i spent about 10 mins on their site looking for anything plus size and couldn’t find anything. looked for their size chart and it only went up to the equivalent to a women’s L/juniors XL.

i emailed back saying i was more than double the size that they carry and had they actually looked at my profile, they would have seen i am not their demographic and that it was fucking insulting to have to dig through their shit.

They emailed back almost instantly and said AND I QUOTE: “Hi, we do have sizes up to 4x, but thanks for your comment. I’ll make sure to be more clear to the next person”

which of course makes me feel like i jumped the gun and like an asshole so i decide to sit down and go through every last page of their site and every single post on their instagram. No plus sizes on the site, not a single plus model, no plus influencers on their instagram, no mention of plus sizes ANYWHERE. and i sent it all to my friend and she couldn’t find anything either so i wasn’t just overlooking it in a rage

so I email them back again, quoted “I don’t know what you expected me to think? Your email says nothing about plus sizes. I spent fifteen minutes on your site desperately looking for anything that goes above a women’s size Large/31 inch waist. your size chart only goes up to a 31. your instagram is full of thin models and your site uses thin models only. if you’re looking to expand to plus sizes, good on you, but this was a really really insulting and shitty experience on my end.” and later once i was done perusing the site, sent another email, word for word: “also i just went through every item on your website and did not see a single thing above a size large? you said you do have sizes up to 4x? where?”

no reply. so like i don’t want to jump the gun again here, but it reaaaaally feels like this person just lied to me about having plus sizes to make me feel shitty for replying to their auto email.

if this company doesn’t come out with a plus line in the next year or this asshole doesn’t email me back talking about plus size expansion i’m going to be pissed and maybe put the name of the company out there because that is bullshit. i was so mad and the longer i go without a reply, the angrier i get.