31 days of metal

31 Days of Metal Challenge
Day 27. Post your collection of Band Tshirts 
14 T-shirts, and my AC/DC belt.. Just for good measure.
I could probably tell you the story behind each of these T-shirts too. 
I wore my AC/DC belt to school every day last year, and I wore that Motley Crue T-shirt every Monday for all of semester one.


31 Days of Metal Challenge
Day 15. Greatest Guitar Solo
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven.
I will fight you on this one. 

(holy shit, im like 10 days behind. Fuck) 

Watch on raiseyourfistandyell.tumblr.com

31 Days of Metal Challenge.
Day 30. Your All Time Favourite Song?
Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell

Look at it this way;
Ronnie James Dio - Greatest metal vocalist of all time.
Tony Iommi - Godfather of Heavy Metal.
Geez’ & Bill - One of, if not, The greatest Rhythm section ever.
And then the Lyrics. Holy Shit. “The world is full of Kings & Queens, who blind your eyes and Steal your dreams”

Also, I’m almost done with this, so leave any questions you think I should answer as extras in my ask. Sweet.


31 Days of Metal Challenge
Day 28. Your Third Favourite Song?
Anvil - Metal on Metal.

I first heard this song when watching Anvil:The Story of Anvil, earlier this year, and lead to one awkward situation where I didn’t realise i was actually singing out loud while walking to class one day. This song actually has everything you could ever want.
Cowbells? Check.
Incredible build up? Check.
Group vocals? Check. 
A Gisbon Flying V placed with a… dildo!? Check. 

(I know I skipped Day 27, but about 4 of my Band T-shirts are in the wash.. Thanks mum! :D)