31 days of metal

10/17/17 – day seventeen of thirty-one days of horror!

There were a few body-swapping themed horror movies in the late 80s/early 90s, but none match the dizzying heights of Jack “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2” Sholder’s The Hidden. It’s a bugnuts bughunt through Los Angeles circa 1987, following cop Michael Nouri and the mysterious FBI agent shadowing him (Kyle MacLachlan, clearly prepping to be Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks) as they track down a body-hopping alien menace who is wreaking havoc and death on the city of angels. What makes the Hidden such a, ahem, hidden gem – aside from Sholder’s skill in taking the action into consistently crazy territory – are the performances of the alien inhabited actors, most notably character actor William Boyett, who really sells the idea of an alien wearing some poor worn-out schlub as a skin suit. More sci-fi action than straight horror, there is nonetheless some effectively gooey moments of body horror, and enough violence and mayhem to keep any Halloween genre hound happy. Featuring B-movie all-stars Clu Gulager, Chris Mulkey, Lin Shaye, Richard Brooks and an awesome soundtrack of inexpensive to license 80s pop and metal songs that sound like popular 80s pop and metal songs!


31 Horrific Days V2

2. Caged

The sounds of metal clashing against metal echoed throughout the dark and cramped hallways of the lower caverns. Within these dungeons lied dark secrets, kept closely hidden by a single being.

Footsteps rang to the beat of growls and gurgles left by a foul smelling creature, writhing in its cage in eternal agony. Muscles and arteries exposed as bleeding red flesh, twisted and sewn like a flesh doll. Before the miserable creature stood a small boy, black hair and eyes matching his dead skin. Shadows hid his face a tad bit, but it was noticeable the sharp glint in his eyes as he watched the creature in its cage. “Pitiful… Another failed creation,” he hummed to himself, watching it closely.

The creature let out a choked and gurgled grumble, staring back despite its lack of eyes. Its limbs twisted in unnatural positions, yet it tried to move comfortably. “Disgraceful. I suppose I can’t create life, nor combine lives… Oh well,” a slow and crooked smile appeared on his features. The shadows around him extending across the floor in pikes, latching onto a small lit torch, then bringing near. The creature made a small hissed, watching in horror as the torch was dropped upon the loose hay in its cage…

Slowly, the cage burned, engulfing the creature and devouring its flesh as it cried out in helpless agony. And there Alphonse stood, watching, with a crooked smile.

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31 Days of Metal Challenge.
Day 30. Your All Time Favourite Song?
Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell

Look at it this way;
Ronnie James Dio - Greatest metal vocalist of all time.
Tony Iommi - Godfather of Heavy Metal.
Geez’ & Bill - One of, if not, The greatest Rhythm section ever.
And then the Lyrics. Holy Shit. “The world is full of Kings & Queens, who blind your eyes and Steal your dreams”

Also, I’m almost done with this, so leave any questions you think I should answer as extras in my ask. Sweet.