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The Hunt For Beacon Hills p.1 |Winchesters|

Fandom: Supernatural x Teen Wolf
Characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Allison Argent
Warnings: Swear words
Request: No
Word Count: 1,151
A/N: I’m starting another crossover series. This time it will be with Teen Wolf and Supernatural. Supernatural references will be marked with a *

PROMPT: In which Y/N is a long time friend of Allison’s and Allison calls her and her brothers when they’ve got troubles with the nogitsune.


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“Are we there yet?” I asked

“No” my oldest brother Dean answered, I sighed and a few seconds passed

“Are we there yet?” I asked again, leaning forward, between Dean and Sam. Dean was driving as usual, and Sam was in the passenger seat, as usual.

“No” Sam answered taking a deep breath. I tapped my fingers making a rhythm on the front seat.

“Are we there yet?” I asked again popping my head between theirs. They both turned to look at me and Dean pushed me back with his hand.

“No” they both answered and Sam turned to look at me

“Seriously, Y/N, you do this every time” Dean looked at me through the rear view mirror

“I’m bored, what do you want me to do?” I said rolling my eyes

“I don’t know, read a book?”

“I’ve already read all the books I have, which are only seven.” I said lying back in the back seat of Baby.

“Well read them again” Sam said

“I’ve read them four times”

“A fifth time wouldn’t hurt, now, would it?” Dean asked and I rolled my eyes at him. “Don’t do that, you’re going to be stuck like that forever”

“Shut up” I said sitting down. I tapped my foot against the carpet, not knowing what to do. This usually happens every time we’re driving on a road trip, depending on how long it is. We were going to a place called Beacon Hills; apparently a dark Japanese spirit has been haunting down some kids there. “What’s the thing we’re looking for, again?” I asked them

“A nogotseane… nogo…” Sam stuttered, I frowned and popped my head between them again. He had a journal in his hands; I took it from him and sat back down reading what my dear friend Allison had sent me. She is a hunter too, and her family was one of the first ones to come to America.

“Nogitsune, dumbass.” I could practically hear him rolling his eyes at me. “It says that the thing apparently possessed a teenage boy. It was summoned by a Kitsune…”

“A what?” Dean asked interrupting me


“What is that?” Sam asked and they both looked at me, I continued reading.

“it doesn’t say”

“Keep going” Dean said and I nodded

“It was summoned by a Kitsune back in… holy shit. Back in 1943, it was supposed to possess her, but instead it possessed her dead lover’s body… Umm, he killed a lot of people and he was finally stopped by the kitsune and… shit, a female werewolf. When he died a fly flew out of his body and they captured it in a jar, it was buried underneath a tree”

“So the thing was kept safe buried beneath a tree for like… sixty years, what exactly happened that suddenly it came back and it’s terrorizing people?”

“It says here that Allison and two of her friends performed a surrogate sacrifice. Each was submerged in a tub filled with iced water and herbs. Basically they died and came back to life” We all went silent

“Lol” Dean said, but he wasn’t laughing

“You’ve got some experience with that, don’t you, Deano?”

“Shut up” he said keeping his eyes on the road, I giggled

“I mean, you literally died over 100 times on the same day” (**) I kept laughing and Sam joined me, Dean looked at him dead serious and Sam just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Yes, when it happened it was all very bizarre and weird, but looking back at it, it’s pretty hilarious. That’s when I realized, us The Winchesters are pretty fucked up.

“Kid, if you don’t shut up I’ll throw you of the car right now”

“Fine, Pumbaa, jeez you can’t even take a joke” They both hated when I call them nicknames that Crowley used to call them. (***)

“Is there anything else on the book that can help us with this dark demon-spirit-whatever?” Sam said and I looked back to the journal

“I don’t think so… It says that they’ve tried using Wolf Lichen. Whatever that is”

“Tell your friend we’ll be there tomorrow at noon. Probably earlier, we just got to Phoenix” I nodded.

That day we went to a motel and started doing all of the research we could, unfortunately, google didn’t offer much about kitsunes and nogitsunes. When it was around six in the afternoon I decided to call Allison. She wasn’t answering and when I was about to hang up, she picked up

“Hello?” she was out of breath

“Hey, Allison, it’s me Y/N” Both Sam and Dean looked at me and mouthed that they were going out; I nodded to them

“Oh, hi Y/N, how are you?” I sat down on my bed. It was mine and Dean’s turn to sleep on a bed, Sam would sleep on the couch.

“Good, thanks. Listen, my brothers and I are in Phoenix right now, so we’ll probably be there tomorrow”

“Oh, thank God you’re coming” she said almost whispering, then I loud roar echoed through the phone

“Allison? Is everything okay?” I asked and it took her a few seconds before she answered

“I don’t know how you do it, Y/N” she started crying and I got worried.

“What do you mean? What happened?”

“I… I… We were… we were fighting the nogitsune and he hurt my friend Isaac and now he can’t control his shift” she was talking really fast, then I heard another roar

“How? What is your friend?”

“He’s a werewolf, and I don’t know how it’s possible, but he’s in so much pain”

“Okay calm down, breathe and listen to me. You can get through this; you will get through this. You know why? Because you’re Allison damn Argent. You’re a badass hunter, who will not give up and will save her friends. You understand me?” I could hear her breathing

“Yeah, but what do I do?” I started thinking

“Do you have anything that can help him sleep? Some kind of herb that will weaken him?”

“I just got an idea, I know a guy that can help us. Thank you Y/N; for everything.”

“You don’t have to thank me, I do owe you my life. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yeah, see you” I hang up and took out all of our journals in which we have information about werewolves. The boys walked in Dean handed me a cup of coffee, I took it and kept reading

“Have any news from your friend?” Sam asked

“Yeah I was just talking to her.” I told them what happened with Allison and they both seemed as concerned as I did. “They don’t really know much about what’s happening, they’ve never faced anything like this before. We’ve got to help them” I said and looked at my brothers and Sam nodded

“We will, we’re the Winchesters. It’s what we do”

PART 2: Night

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(**): In Season 3, Episode 11, Dean was murdered 103 times by the Trickster.
(***): Crowley is a Supernatural character that is mentioned in season 3, but does not appear until season 5. He’s nicknames to the boys are literally the best.


So, I’m not sure what made me want to do this, but I decided that the universes of Gravity Falls and Goosebumps would make an excellent crossover.

Mabel would find Slappy, who would try to use Mabel to get Dipper’s book to make slaves out of everyone in Gravity Falls.

Dipper would get the Haunted Mask in order to scare Grunkle Stan, but it won’t come off. Only by saving Mabel from Slappy as an act of love will save him.

Robbie, jealous of Dipper’s awesome mask because Wendy likes it, finds one of his own… only to have it backfire.

Soos finds the Werewolf Skin buried somewhere outside of the Mystery Shack, which slowly takes him over. 

Lil’ Gideon locates the Shrunken Head to use its jungle magic against Dipper and Mabel, but the jungle magic quickly goes to his head and drives him mad.

Waddles finds the Monster Blood and grows to a massive size. Mabel’s happy, Gravity Falls isn’t.

Pacifica meets Clarissa, who gives her a special necklace to make wishes come true. But her wishes may not be as they seem.

Wendy finds Curly and thinks he’s super cool and they become bros. 

Stan meets a Horror and tries to use him to sell merchandise. He also comes in contact with the Masked Mutant, and is forced to become the Galloping Gazelle to defeat him.

(I could go on forever). 

Oh, and Bill Cipher is the cause of all of this. xD

31 Days of Merthur: A Very Merthur October 2017, a Harry Potter + Merlin Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Chapter 1: Arthur participates in a modern October tradition in a slightly unorthodox manner.

Also available on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12243987

(A03 is where it’s more organized. Just an FYI)

The Dark Creatures p.4 |Creatures|

Fandom: Teen Wolf x Shadowhunters
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Request: No
Warning: Kissing (???), Allison Argent tb quote(i changed it a bit), Long-ass imagine

Word Count: 2,368



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“A what?” you asked, there was no way you were an angel

“An angel, you know those with white wings, gowns, halos…” Magnus said motioning with his fingers a halo above his head

“Yeah, we know what angels are” Derek said, not believing a word of what Magnus said

“But how is it possible? There’s no such thing as angels” you said, finally speaking up

There’s no such thing as werewolves, yet here we have two” he said pointing at Scott and Derek

“But… how? It doesn’t make sense, my parents…” Magnus interrupted you

“They’re not actually your parents” you frowned

“Then who…” he interrupted you, again

“You don’t have parents. Because you weren’t conceived, you were created”

“By who?” you asked and he shook his head

“That is something I don’t know. Only you know that, you just need to remember.” He said and you sighed; this was too much for just one day. “Listen, I know some people that might help you, why don’t you stop by tomorrow morning and we’ll talk”

“How do we know we can trust them?” Derek said with a serious voice and a frown.

“Right now, they’re the only ones who can help your friend get her memories back”

“Can’t you do that?” Kira asked “I mean, I know you can do it, you are a Warlock, after all” she said. A Warlock? You could deal with werewolves, hunters, nogitsunes, even crazy scientists and professional assassins. But Warlocks? Angels? This took crazy to a whole other level.

“I cannot. My magic does not work with angels, they are much more powerful than all warlocks in the world together” your breathing stopped. You felt sick, like you were gonna puke. You held Derek’s hand and he turned to look at you

“Are you okay? You look pale,” he held one of his hands against your cheek and the other one against your forehead “you’re cold” he said removing his hands from your face and placing one of them in your back.

“I’m fine… it’s just, too much for tonight”

“Let’s get you out of here, we’ll come back tomorrow” he said standing up but you shook your head ‘no’.

“It’s okay” you said but he didn’t move “really” he sighed and sat down.

“I have a question” Scott said and all of you turned your attention to him

“Go ahead” Magnus said

“If Y/N really is an angel, then why did we never realize, why now?”

“Look at her,” Magnus said, he frowned and looked at you, Magnus shook his head “no, not like that. With your real eyes” Scott looked at him, then closed his eyes and when he opened them they were bright red. He turned to look at you and he gasped.

“What? What is it?” you asked him. He closed his eyes, shook his head a bit and his eyes were back to normal.

“It’s… there’s an aura around you, like Kira’s, but it’s white”. Derek did the same thing with his wolf eyes.

“The reason you never knew about her, was because her powers were… asleep. She never had a reason to use them.”

“But all those times my friends were in danger, I could’ve protected them. I could’ve helped them”

“Yes, but you said it yourself, your friends were the ones in danger, not you.” You frowned, not understanding what he said, “you’ve faced bad things before, right?” you nodded. “Were you ever kidnapped?” you looked to the ground and nodded slightly, remembering that time the Dread Doctors almost used you as their science fair project. “Did you use your powers that time?”

“No” you said looking at him

“That’s because, your friends were there to help you. Your powers only show when you are in real danger and there’s no one who can save you. Those bullets they used, they should’ve had something in them, something that would stop your friends from helping you.”

“Wolfsbane” you all said at the same time.

“Probably,” Magnus said. “listen, it’s getting late and you must be tired, why don’t you go sleep and tomorrow you’ll meet my friends and we’ll help you, okay?” You nodded and you all stood up. You said goodbye to Magnus and walked away. You were about to leave the room when he called you

“Y/N!” he said and you turned to look at him. “Try to remember” he said before he walked away, you turned to your friends and walked out of the club.

Outside, Stiles was pacing back and forth, and everyone else was just staring at him

“What are you doing?” Lydia asked, Stiles looked up from the ground and looked at everyone staring back at him

“It’s called pacing, you know? I tend to do that a lot”

“Can you stop? You’re gonna make a hole on the ground” Malia said being her honest self, “I’m getting dizzy just looking at you”

“I can’t, my girlfriend and my friends are in there with some random guy trying to find out what’s wrong with her and they’ve been in there for like an hour and I can’t do anything to help her because I’m just a simple human” he rambled.

“Stiles…” you said, you walked out of the club just in time to hear him. He had his back facing you, and when he turned and saw you standing there he couldn’t contain himself and ran to you.

“Oh, my god, you’re okay. You’re okay, aren’t you?” he talked fast and you nodded. He placed his hands on both sides of your face and kissed you. You were surprised, to say the least. Considering the fact that you weren’t that much into PDA, especially in front of the pack; you would always hold hands or he’d have his arm around your shoulders or your waist, but you didn’t like kissing in front of everyone. You liked privacy, but right then, it was the heat of the moment. He kissed you and once he broke the kiss he eyed you head to toe, making sure you were really okay.

“What took you so long? Stiles was about to rip his hair out” Braeden joked

“We’ll tell you at the hotel, we should probably go. It’s been a long day” Scott said and you all agreed. When you were climbing in the car you decided to switch with Malia. But Derek stopped all of you

“Wait, can we go to the airport?”

“Why would you want to go to the airport?” Stiles asked

“I have a surprise for you” he simply said before getting in to car

You opened the GPS on your phone and searched for the New York airport, Stiles was driving; following your instructions, the rest of the pack right behind you. When you got there you parked a few streets before the actual airport so you didn’t have to pay the parking lot. Stiles’ idea. When you got there, Derek called whoever had just arrived and told him/her you were waiting outside. You wouldn’t be hard to spot, a group of seven kids and two adults was not hard to miss.

You walked to Derek and when he saw you, he smiled

“Hey, who are we waiting for?” you asked and he looked around

“Her” he said pointing somewhere. You looked to where he was pointing and found Cora walking up to you guys.

“What is she doing here? I thought she had to go back to South America” you asked him, clearly surprised that she was there. He nodded

“She did, but she wanted to be here with you” when you looked back at her she was greeting everyone , you walked up to her you hugged her

“Thank you for being here” you said and you felt her hug you back

“I wanted to be here. I know how scary all of this must be” you separated and let her say hi to her brother.

“Can we go sleep now?” Liam asked and you all laughed. It was almost one in the morning and you hadn’t sleep well the past few days. You walked out of the airport, and got to the cars. 

You opened the GPS again and searched the hotel Lydia had previously reserved. When you got there you asked for your rooms. Lydia reserved three rooms, which meant all of you would be sharing. It would be Stiles, Scott, Kira and you in one room, Malia, Lydia and Liam in other, and Derek, Braeden and Cora in the last one. The ten of you got to the elevator and had two split in two for the elevator to actually work. When you reached your rooms you all said goodbye and went to bed. But you couldn’t sleep, you kept tossing and turning and wondered how you had not woken Stiles up yet.

The word ‘angel’ ran through your mind, you reached out to grab your phone from the nightstand.

definition: One of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God.


That’s what Google told you when you searched the word angel. You wondered how it was possible that you, a normal eighteen-year-old were in fact, an angel. You put your phone back to where it originally was and started making scenarios in your mind; you pictured yourself with wings, a white gown and a halo above your head; then you pictured yourself as those ‘fallen angels’ you used to read about. With scars where the wings were supposed to be. Without noticing you started drifting away, sinking in your own thoughts until eventually, you fell asleep.

When you woke up the next morning, Scott and Kira were not in the room, Stiles was fixing his hair.

“What time is it?” you asked rubbing your eyes with the back of your hand

“About 10:30” he responded sitting next to you while he was putting his shoes on

“You let me sleep until 10:30?” you asked and got out of bed quickly, regretting it later when you felt dizziness.

“You alright?” he asked and you nodded

“Yep, shouldn’t have done that” you said standing up

“How do you feel?” he asked you. You took a moment before answering

“I don’t know” your answered made him worried and he turned to look at you

“Why’s that?” he asked

“It’s just that… everyone else had someone to teach them how to use their powers” you said before you sat down next to Stiles, he wrapped his arms around you “Scott had Derek, Malia and Liam had Scott, Kira had her mother. And Lydia… she had Meredith, I’ve got no one. What if I hurt one of you? What if I hurt all of you?”

“You won’t. And you have us, your pack; and now we’ve got more people to help you, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“But I do, I need to know who I am. What I am.” You said looking at him in the eyes

“And you will, you just need to be patient.” You nodded at him “Now go get a shower, you stink” he said shoving you out of his grip playfully. You both laughed and you kissed him.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I’d do without you” you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“You’d probably be dead by now” you slapped him in the chest laughing

“Get out of here” you told him getting clothes and a towel as well as shower supplies.

Two hours and an expensive breakfast in the hotel restaurant later, paid by your favorite sour wolf, you all jumped to the cars again. You were honestly tired of sitting all the time and the thought of actually walking to the Pandemonium crossed your mind. But you shook it out of your head when you realized you’d probably get lost in the middle of New York.

When you got there you all walked towards the main entrance, there wasn’t a security guard outside the door like yesterday. You walked in and started looking for Magnus, when you spotted him he waved at you. Two boys standing behind him, one with dark hair and the other was blonde.

“KK, dear Angel, wolves,” he nodded at Kira, you, Scott and Derek “people who I don’t know.” he looked at the rest of the pack. “Welcome to the Pandemonium”

“Hi” you murmured.

“What are you?” Malia asked and you held your breath, for once, you wished Malia wasn’t so straightforward. You expected Magnus to get angry or mad at the way Malia was talking to him, but he did not care.

“A warlock” he answered

“A warlock? Like a magician?” Malia asked, but this time Magnus just looked at her

“Like… Bibbidi-Bobbidi?” Liam asked and it took all your willpower not to laugh.

“Bibbidi-what?” One of the boys asked. He had dark hair and blue eyes, he was cute.

“It’s from a movie” you said. The one with the blonde hair looked to the other guy and the one with dark hair shrugged his shoulders

“No” Magnus said moving his index finger

“Who are you, by the way?” This time Lydia asked

“I’m Jace” blondie said

“And I’m Alec” the brunette said

“Y/N” you introduced yourself and they nodded at you. You noticed they were both covered in matching tattoos.

“I’m Scott, and this is my pack” he said pointing at all of you

“Pack? As in a pack of animals”

“Not animals,” Lydia said “we’re supernatural creatures” They both seemed completely clueless.

“These four are werewolves” you said pointing at Scott, Liam, Derek and Cora

“Ooh, we have those” blondie said

“She’s a werecoyote” you pointed to Malia. “Banshee” you pointed at Lydia. “Kitsune” Kira waved.

“Magnus told me about you… you’re the fox, right?” Alec asked Kira and she nodded

“And what are you three?” Jace asked

“We are…” you began to say “they are humans”

“And you?” Jace asked again

“I’m…” you looked at Magnus, and he nodded slightly at you. Suddenly you felt a shot of confidence running through your body, you lifted your head up a little bit, you looked at Stiles next to you, smiling. “I’m an angel”

PART 5: Heaven