31 days nail challenge

Popsugar featured my 31 Day Challenge nails today.  Loving the upworthy-esque subtitle (“You won’t believe the lacquer skills this one woman has”)! But seriously, I very much appreciate that they took the time to ask my permission and give me credit.


My 31 Day Challenge nails this far.  I just love this challenge so much.  I can already see myself pushing my creativity and improving technique.  I’ve always heard to improve at something you have to do it for an hour every day and this challenge always brings me to a new level.  I love it!!


The 31 Day Challenge - 23 a movie

Spirited Away is one of my favorite animated movies.  For those of you who don’t know, Hayao Miyazaki  is like Japan’s version of Walt Disney.  His movies are incredibly popular around the globe, and for good reason.  Miyazaki puts incredible detail into the scenery, character costumes, and paints a beautiful story.  Typically his films involve young women overcoming a rite of passage, and being stronger for it when all is said and done.  (Although romance is sometimes a feature, there is none of that wishy-washy wait for your prince nonsense!) 

For the movie manicure, I knew that I wanted to paint soot sprites, from Spirited Away.  (Dedicated fans may feel compelled to mention that they are also briefly in Totoro…) I’ve seen soot sprites painted before, but often times they seem too “nubby” or bumpy… I wanted my sprites to have their shimmery heebie jeebie feel to them.  To accomplish this, I stippled on my black polish with a round brush, then added a bit of a shimmery grey too.  I think the result has that nice sooty, dusty feel!

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  too many… sorry…

Main:  Base of Cult Nails, Tempest.  Sprites are made using Cult Nails, Never More and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 41 Gone Grey.

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

What is your favorite Miyazaki film?


31 Day Nail Challenge, Day 31:  Recreate Your Favorite Challenge

This is a recreation of Day 24, Inspired by a Book’s stained glass nails.  The book was The Glasswrights’ Apprentice by Mindy L Klasky.  If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend it!  :D  I was going to do one of Lady H’s challenges (her thyme nails and her silver + gold splatter nails were glorious and I still plan on such,) but for this one in partucular I had gone on about wishing to one day own a UV lamp and do again, and as I took so long to get to this day that I now DO own a UV lamp… Here they are!  I got my fresh bulbs in the mail yesterday (AFTER OVER A MONTH OF WAITING AND ONE WAS BROKEN, THANKS BORNPRETTY >.<) and sat to sculpting and painting IMMEDIATELY.  And it took 12 hours.  I’d completely forgotten how long the level of detail this design requires takes on my off-hand O.O  If ever again I say I’ll do stained glass nails, kick me.  Hard.  

But FINALLY the last day!  This challenge has actually taken… 503 days.  This is not to say that’s anyone’s fault but my own.  Even I am shocked by my slowness most times.  After Lady H posts hers officially (that she did back before CHRISTMAS) I will be consulting with her for the best way to post all of the links for all of the days for both of us :) 

-Lady K, the Slowest of the Slow.