31 day homestuck drawing challenge

31 Day Homestuck Drawing Challenge
Day 4:Day 19: Fave Midnight Crew member
Clubs Deuce

How are you even supposed to draw these guys omg.

CD is so cute and adorable I love him. After him, Hearts Boxcars is next, Spades Slick and then Diamonds Droog (mostly because whenever he appears I think it’s Slick half the time o.o)

31 Day Homestuck Drawing Challenge || Day 1: Favorite Beta Kid

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite beta kid.. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and they all appeal to me in different ways. I think, more than any one character, I like the way the four of them interact with one another. 

That being said, I thought I could use some more cool kid action on my drawing tag, so here’s a pretty crappy chill Dave Strider. He’s almost cool enough to make up for my lack of drawing skills. Almost.

31 Day Homestuck Drawing Challenge || Day 5: Favorite Page

It was only almost all the way through that I thought of twisting the prompt into some kind of pun. Sad day.

But it’s okay because this is seriously one of my favorite pages (if a favorite page is something someone can actually have with such a vast corpus like Homestuck) and since I’ve been rereading the comic from the top, I figured I’d honor the innocence of the first acts.

Plus, it’s Jade. Who’d pass up an opportunity to draw that cutie?