30yrs old

Jehanparnasse reach old ??? Age

  • Preferring quieter nights in and less “don’t threaten me with a good time” nights
  • (But when they do have wild nights… whoa)
  • HotDad Parnasse picking up all of their child’s friend’s from school
  • Sleepy mornings reading the Socialist Worker/Vogue
  • Montparnasse’s first grey hair that Jean ADORES it so much that they don’t dye it black
  • Still at it like rabbits
  • Things like biscuits become 100x more important to them both
  • Actual family traditions that they insist they keep to
  • Montparnasse discovering how to work the washing machine at 30yrs old
  • Jean, a published poet, cheating at family scrabble and banning monopoly because they have no business mind 
  • Montparnasse, more refined and ready to retire after a lucky heist left him rich 
  • Getting excited about crockery together 
  • bickering over the word search and the etymology of words 
  • old man Babet still calls Montparnasse ‘pretty boy’ 
  • Slow dances together at weddings- swing dancing at Weddings 

    Middle Aged Jehanparnasse 

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After a rough mission that lands Bucky in a nearby ER to get patched up, the on-call doctor just shakes his head when he sees an Avenger waiting for him and instead he just steps back out of the room and shouts down the hall "SOMEONE GO GET ME BARNES!" Bucky chokes on his own breath and then all but forgets how to breathe in general when a 30yr old woman comes rushing in and looks so painfully identical to him.... her names Joanna Buchanan Barnes, the granddaughter of Sgt. James Buchanan Barnes

if you dont write this I will! hahah 

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Daddy Wednesday™

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Hi there! I'm in need of some advice concerning an upcoming POT date. He sent me pictures of himself and through reverse search I realized he was formerly an established politician who moved to the private sector. It'll be his first ever date off of SA. He's a little uncomfortable with my age, reasoning that he's not confident he could make me happy (looking for a 30yr old). Given what I've mentioned, how should I go about allowance talk/this arrangement in general as gracefully as possible?

First, your approach should not change just because the guy is/was a public figure.  He’s just a guy, nothing more, nothing less.  He’s got a dick, like the rest of them, and wants to use it on you.  So, in that context, you are the one with the power, not him.

Second, his “discomfort” with your age (I’m assuming that you are younger than his target age of 30) is his problem, not yours.  And, he is being silly or naïve if he is concerned that he cannot make you happy based solely on your age.  Look at it this way:  what’s going to make you happy in an arrangement with him?  I suggest that the answer is first and foremost him paying you an allowance that you are comfortable with!  That will make you plenty happy, and your age has nothing to do with it!  Now, if he is concerned that there is too much of a communication gap based on the difference in ages, I respectfully suggest that a good sugar baby can always “relate” to a much older guy and be comfortable in that situation.  I’m willing to bet you feel the same way on that score and you are confident in your ability to do so.

We finally arrive at how to handle the allowance talk.  Again, I believe that your approach should not change based on his status or his concern about whether he can make you happy.  And, as far as handling the allowance talk as “gracefully as possible”, all I can say is fuck that noise, honey!  As I said in Hello! Is there any advice you can dispense as to how I may bring up allowance to POTs in a graceful, yet direct manner? Thank you!

Don’t worry about trying to be “graceful”.  Concentrate on being direct!

Remember, at their core, arrangements are business agreements.  It’s like negotiating a contract.  It’s like going to a jewelry store and asking the salesperson the price of a certain item you have your eye on.  It’s like anything involving the exchange of money for a good or service.  In other words, you don’t have to be “graceful” to get the ball rolling!  

Be prepared to engage in a specific discussion regarding your financial expectations and his expectations regarding what he wants in return.  Be prepared to tell him what you want.  You don’t have to get fancy about it!

I’ve got a boatload of posts addressing various aspects of the all-important allowance talk.  I’ve collected a good sample of them below for you to study and read!  Do your homework honey, pore through all of these posts and the links contained therein. I think that a lot of sugar babies are too shy to talk money – to their detriment!  You will see that the common theme in all of these posts is that a legitimate sugar daddy – whether he is a novice or a seasoned pro – respects a woman who can address the subject of money in a direct and mature way. Further, in your case, that will put him at ease that he is not dealing with a teeny bopper!  Instead, he will actually respect you for being able to talk his language in terms with which he is doubtlessly familiar!  After all, money makes the world go ‘round, baby, and you have a right to ask for your share!

Hi daddy! I’m pretty new to the sugar bowl but I have done extensive research a talked to other SB’s and know the how to of basically everything, but I’ve just started talking to a POT on SA who has never done this before. Should I bring up allowances before the first date or should I go on the date and bring it up towards the end? Because I have a feeling he won’t.

Hi! I have 2 promising POTs but I don’t know how to keep their interest when I’m not with them . I send little text messages like “You were on my mind today, I hope you have a good day 😘” and little things like that but they are both 2 very busy businessmen, so I would like to know how would I keep their attention through text message ? And I don’t really know what to text them about either, I just want to keep the connection going but I don’t know what to talk about, lol .

So I’m thinking about becoming a SB, but I’m not so sure. I’ve been reading a lot of the things you’ve been posting about Sugaring and the tips and they’re rly helpful! I’ve also been looking at other blogs but I just wanted to ask how would you come about for the allowance talk?

I met this POT the other night. He’s only been on SA for like a month. We had genuine chemistry + had a long dinner/drinks. The problem: he and I didn’t set up a specific agreement on allowance or ppm (to start). He said he would give a monetary gift once we begun the next phase of the relationship. I am willing to take the step, but I can see him being rubbed the wrong way if I were to ask for $ before + prefers it to be more “natural” (after). I’ve read your blog on this. I’m still stumped.

… when it comes to the allowance talk, bring out your inner hoe!

Hey Daddy ! Question . So when a POT asks me how much of an allowance I’m looking for i never know how to answer . I always just ask them what they are willing to pay Cus I’m afraid I’ll say something to high for them and they will just dismiss me because it’s not in their budget . What should I do ? How do I get them to agree to the amount I really want ? And how do I initiate the allowance talk ??

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i dreamt about alfalfa. i was visiting u (why tho? we dont know each other) on the lonely island you apparently lived on. falf was there too but he was entirely black (but still looked like himself). i cuddled him while you watched benevolently and i shoved my head in his tummy and then he said in the voice of a ca 30yr old man "i appreciate that you like me but please dont cuddle me there, it hurts my intestines" and then i patted him on the head and said "thanks for telling me".

this is amazing. I do live on a lonely island so this is also accurate in every way

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underage shipping is so harmful i remember being 12 in a fandom where the most popular ship for this anime was a 13yr old and a 30yr old. this normalized it and made me think that pedophiles were only pedophiles if they were creepy old men and im so glad i learned from people like you who posted about it being wrong. kids are so easily impressionable

People don’t seem to realize that and if people are going to allow young fans in fandoms spaces, they need to cut the crap and stop shipping underage characters with adults 

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There's an article on Daily Mail about sott and how fans love it but critics don't and there's around 200 comments and 99% of them say they don't like the song, that it's boring and repetitive and way too long, that harry is just the new pr machine and they're obviously pushing the bowie comparisons and he's trying to cash in on prince's song being 30yrs old. I think he's really going to struggle with this song with the public because they just don't like it.

Oh my god, listen. One, the daily mail can kiss my ass. Two, people that comment on daily mail articles can kiss my ass. Three, there have been plenty of reviews that have been absolutely enthusiastic about the song. Four, the way the song made so many people feel already?!? There was so much buzz about it on twitter, so many people loved it?! 
You can never please EVERYONE, especially when you go with a bold choice like this. The most important thing for me is that he stayed true to himself and made something he loved. The song is beautiful, but tastes differ and also there are always going to be people who like to crap on things just for the sake of it.
And Sign Of The Times? It’s a masterpiece. It’s not just a song, it’s an experience

ok heres the main thing that made me feel weird abt kaka//iru & kaka//yama (id forgotten abt this until recently)

  • the 3-4yr age difference (kakashi being the oldest) - which might not seem like much around 30yrs old but
  • kakashi was irukas captain w a ~18 vs ~22 age difference
  • kakashi was yamato’s captain for years starting w a 10 vs 14 age difference

like thats. mm ,

Tueeesday stuff

Which is no different than Monday stuff, or Wednesday stuff…or any day stuff really.
Anyway..here we go –>

•No chemo again. My counts still aren’t high enough. That’s both happy but aggravating. Because that means I get another full week of feeling great but it also means it’s just pushing my surgery out another week. 🙂/ 😒

•My baby brother took me today..well, I say “baby”..he’ll be 29 this year. But he’s my baby brother to me. Anyway..he and I are a lot alike and I love every moment we get to hang out. When we were kids we were inseparable and like best friends, as we got older things changed a little but even today at 30yrs old and 28yrs old we’re still really close and I love him to pieces. And I’m super proud of him and what he’s done for himself.

•I barely slept last night. I kept waking up on and off because of stupid nightmares and weird dreams. And then waking up at 2:30am and being wide awake for about 45ish minutes…I’m fairly tired today. And-I woke up with a headache and it’s not wanting to go away.

•Yesterday was a really good day. I felt super good and went out shopping. I shouldn’t have spent the money, but whatever. I bought a couple cute new clothes and some little candles and stuff.

So anyway…. how’s your Tuesday? Talk to me.


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30yr old straight woman drawing porn of yurio: its aged up!!11!!! look!!!111!!1 he has long hair!!!1!!!!111


god and once i saw v*ctuuri nsfw,,,,,,and the person who drew Yuuri made him look like a literal child i never blocked someone so fast in my goddamn life. 

Then they made Victor look like he was 45

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Ugh, pretty sure that's the same age hating anon that comes around every few months to stir things up. It's clearly someone young, and they're threatened by the fact that harry enjoys, and sees no problem, in dating older women. They're threatened because they know that at this stage of his life harry is more likely to date a 30yr old than a 16yr old. I personally don't think he would date anyone much younger than him, he's not the typical 23yrold. He's mature with life experiences

If they want to get mad at straight facts, that’s their own prerogative. It’s just ridiculous and quite embarrassing that they feel the need to attack others simply because they can’t see what’s in front of their face.

If we’re talking seven years one way or the other, I absolutely agree with you. Harry is 100% more likely to date a 30 year old over a 16 year old. He wouldn’t even be able to go out for drinks with a 16 year old. In America, he’d have to get his girlfriend home by a certain time because in many states, 16 year olds have curfews that are set by law.

And let me be very clear about this: I am not bashing teenagers. I am quite literally just stating facts.


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