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Phil, a 30yr old man who bought emoji pyjamas just to annoy his boyfriend

its funny how dan probably wouldnt be so annoyed with them if he wasnt sleeping next to them all the time!

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Can u please make 30yr old Kook who gets to know hard worker student Jimin and gets captivated by this young boy who looked he has been through a lot but still gives innocent and candid vibes.. the reason Jimin looks mature is because he has to feed not only himself but also his lil bro? Thanks, 💌

Jimin is 19, but still in highschool, but this way he is legal. Idk if you wanted like huge gap of minorxadult but… I personally am not into that. (Espiecally teen x 30+)

+ Jungkook open his gym when he was 25 and the gym has been successful for 5 years now.

+ Jungkook was cleaning the weights when he heard the doors up front. “Delivery!” Calls a soft voice. Jungkook puts the weight back as the soft grunts of regular customers fill the air.

+ Jungkook was shock at the pretty male standing in front of him with a cart of water jugs he has around his gym. Jungkook smiles at the younger boy (22? Maybe?)

+ “Hello, thanks.” Jungkook smiles at him. The male, Jimin reads his name tag, smiles back and hands him the paperwork. “No problem sir. I’ll replace your water now.” Jimin pushes his cart and Jungkook watches the younger make replace the jugs.

+ Jungkook di dnt think about the boy till he saw him again two days later to replace the water jugs again. Again, formal hellos where exchanged and Jungkook admired the innocent young man for the moment then didnt think about him till he saw him the next two days to replace the water.

+ Jungkook saw Jimin once again behind a fishcake stand, smiling and selling the cakes the elder woman behind him made. Jungkook walk up, surprise to see the young man. “Oh, hello Mr. Jeon!” Jimin chipped in surprise. Jungkook smiles back. “Hello Jimin. You also work at a rice cake stand?” “Only on weekends, cause the other job isn’t open on weekends.” “You work hard.” “Yes sir! Here’s your fish cake! Thank you so much for coming.”

+ Jungkook munched thinking about the young boy. Does he work all the time? Hard workers have always gain Jungkook’s interest cause he dislikes lazy people.

+ Jungkook smiles when Jimin came by to drop off water again. Jungkook studies the boy once more. His body seems strong but thin, his skin is tan but can’t hide the bags under his eyes, also the small bumps on his skin. But his smile is honest and sweet.

+ Jungkook talks to Jimin whenever he sees him. Jungkook learns little things constantly (like Jimin likes chocolate milk) and even gives the young male gifts (snacks) that the younger is thankful for. Jungkook laughs when Seokjin points out that he is courting the water boy. Which Jungkook agrees, Jimin is cute.

+ Jungkook though is horrified one night when he sees Jimin in a school uniform with one arm around another male. Jungkook was so surprise he didnt realize Jimin spotted him.

+ “Hello Mr. Jeon.” “H-hi Jimin. I didn’t know you were a highschool student.” “Oh, yeah… I am. I had to skip a year so I came back for the diploma.” “Mom and dad died in a fire so my elder brother tried to take over being the breadwinner.” “Jihyun!”

+ Jungkook couldn’t forget Jimin after that. Learning he is 19 but working so hard to provide for his younger brother. So stressed and had to grow up so much he looked in his twenties. Jungkook fell.

+ Jimin invited Jungkook to his graduation where Jungkook asked the younger boy out officially. Though Jungkook gets teased by his friends for dating someone so young.

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URGENT: As a novice sugar baby, I'm fairly new to the whole scene. I just recently landed myself the ideal POT. We're about one month into our arrangement. However, due to fear of sounding false or opportunistic so early on, I've yet to request anything (gifts, allowance) from him. I feel like it's now or never. Are there any ways to hint at this with subtly and grace, rather than sounding so blunt and insincere?

Why are sugar babies so worried about being subtle and graceful when it comes to the allowance talk?  I’ll never get that.  All that being “subtle and graceful” will do is land you on your back, naked and legs spread wondering where it all went wrong.  

Arrangements are about a lot of things, sure.  You’ve got companionship, you’ve got nice dates, you’ve got quality time together.  But, the fact is that the foundation of most arrangements consists of two things:  sex (what he wants) and money (what you want). Umm, are guys subtle about what they want?  Nope.  Why should you be subtle about what you want? In other words, sugar, don’t “hint” around, don’t be subtle and don’t worry about being graceful.  Be blunt, direct and straightforward!  There is no other way to get ‘er done!

As I said in Hello! Is there any advice you can dispense as to how I may bring up allowance to POTs in a graceful, yet direct manner? Thank you!

Don’t worry about trying to be “graceful”.  Concentrate on being direct!

Remember, at their core, arrangements are business agreements.  It’s like negotiating a contract.  It’s like going to a jewelry store and asking the salesperson the price of a certain item you have your eye on.  It’s like anything involving the exchange of money for a good or service.  In other words, you don’t have to be “graceful” to get the ball rolling!  

You should also check out these posts for more advice on bringing up the allowance talk when you’ve been spending a lot of “free” time with a POT:

How do you bring up allowance on the second date?

when is it ok to bring up the allowance situation?

I am more than willing to talk about terms and allowances but find that most of the men I speak to are hesitant to do so. Can you recommend a polite way to nudge them in that direction if they aren’t taking the hint?

Finally, in Hi there! I’m in need of some advice concerning an upcoming POT date. He sent me pictures of himself and through reverse search I realized he was formerly an established politician who moved to the private sector. It’ll be his first ever date off of SA. He’s a little uncomfortable with my age, reasoning that he’s not confident he could make me happy (looking for a 30yr old). Given what I’ve mentioned, how should I go about allowance talk/this arrangement in general as gracefully as possible?, I collected a bunch more posts dealing with the all important allowance talk.

If you have spent a month of your time with this POT, you are WAY past appearing opportunistic, false, money hungry or anything else.  Read my stuff, screw yourself up, and blast him with WHAT YOU WANT!  You’ll feel so much better when you finally do! ;-)

and like not to get into age gap discourse but my parents are 44 and they talk abt 30yr olds like they’re children. one of my aunts just turned 30 and she says 20yr olds are too young. another one is also like 35 and college students are like little kids to her.

and technically it would b ok for them to be interested in any of this ppl bc theyre all adults!! but the truth is most ppl draw the line at 4-5yr age gaps bc anymore is just plain weird. Ppl who are even 5 yrs apart have had vastly different experiences and are at different stages of their lives and likely want different things. And like this definitely changes as ppl get older and it doesn’t mean these relationships can’t work out, but it’s still not ideal and certainly not what most ppl are looking for.

And when youre a teen even a 2yr age gap is huge. im 15, abt to turn 16 in december, and 13yr olds already seem like little kids to me. An 18yr old is an grown person to me. Hell, I have friends who are 14 and I make fun of them for being too young. If a friend of mine started dating an 18yr old I would be concerned, no matter how ‘cute’ of a couple they were.

So, yeah, seeing grownass ppl obsessing so much over ships like otayuri, ereri and shaladin is really fucking creepy and ofc I want them to stop

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After a rough mission that lands Bucky in a nearby ER to get patched up, the on-call doctor just shakes his head when he sees an Avenger waiting for him and instead he just steps back out of the room and shouts down the hall "SOMEONE GO GET ME BARNES!" Bucky chokes on his own breath and then all but forgets how to breathe in general when a 30yr old woman comes rushing in and looks so painfully identical to him.... her names Joanna Buchanan Barnes, the granddaughter of Sgt. James Buchanan Barnes

if you dont write this I will! hahah 

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Daddy Wednesday™


What if…

inspired by several anons: “What if Ellis never got Alzheimer’s? What if she was still alive?” “What if Richard left Adele for her and they had Maggie!?” “What if Ellis kept Maggie and always forced Maggie and Mer to compete?”

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Apart from tptb being weird, the only reason for using 30yr old blood for dna is because using new one would only confirm this Red is not Liz's bio father (and confirm imposter theory) and that is exactly why they did it this way.

^^^yup. which makes me laugh even more given the fact that more viewers don’t think it’s odd that they used the 30 year old sample instead of a nice fresh sample from red that they could have taken while he’s more than likely sitting at ressler’s desk with his feet up and drinking out of his favorite coffee cup. because that would make wayyyyy too much logical (and believable) sense.


【Kagamine Len】NARAZUMONO - Eng Sub【MinusP】


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Illust&movie:456(mylist/32823152) @456log

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May kaklase kami, irreg sya. Bale dalawang sem na namin sya nagiging kaklase, pangatlo ngayong sem. So ayun, may sakit pala sya sa pag iisip, magt-30yrs old na yata yun eh, nung una, iniintindi lang namin eh, kasi dahil nga sa kalagayan nya, mabait pa kami sa kanya. Ganon. Pero netong last sem na naging kaklase namin sya, iba na ang kinikilos. Pinagbintangan nga yung dalawa pang irreg na kaklase namin na nirape daw sya. Oo, gago yung dalawang yun sa pag aaral pero mabait yun. Pagbitangan ba naman nangrape? Ang lala na. Tas kaming buong klase na regular, isinumbong kaming binu-bully raw namin sya? Langya eh hindi na nga namin kinakausap yun eh kasi pinagbintangan na rin kami non na sinipa daw yung upuan nya kaya nawasak yung inuupuan nya noon, eh wala naman syang katabi. Mabigat lang talaga sya kaya nawasak yung upuan. Sobrang taba nya tas sa marupok sya uupo. Tas yun, nilalayuan na talaga namin, hindi na kinakausap. Tapos ngayong sem naman, kung anu-ano na sinasabi samin. Bigla-bigla nalang magsasalita at mumurahin pa kaming lahat kahit na may prof sa unahan kasi ang iingay namin, nagkkwentuhan, eh break noon at hindi nagtuturo ang prof. Hindi man lang nya ginalang yung prof. Tas bigla nalang mananakit. Siniko nya yung isang kaklase namin at sinabihan ng masama, eh wala naman yun ginagawa, dumaan lang sa likod nya. Hindi ko lang talaga magets kung bakit pinayagan na mag enroll yun dun eh. Oo, lahat may karapatan mag aral, pero kung maapektuhan at sasaktan naman yung mga kasamahan nya na katulad namin eh dapat hindi na. Nakakatakot lang na baka kaming buong klase ay saktan na nya kasi, nananakit na talaga sya eh. Natatakot na kaming lahat sa kanya, baka pagpapatayin nalang kami bigla non habang nagkaklase eh.


First of all, I didn’t want to get involved in all the drama that’s been going on between fans rn. But I’m bothered that people defend their opinions with arguments to which they don’t have proof of.

(Not that it rly matters, but I genuinely believe in the probability of KD being in a romantic relationship. I’ve been into Kpop long enough to know that most companies can get very shady, (don’t ask me to explain myself, there is enough “proof” of this on the internet), and that set-up scandals are not uncommon in this sector. That’s why I always try to stay skeptical whenever rumors appear or scandals get confirmed. I’m not saying you should be paranoid orsth, but pls consider that media and big companies can say whatever they want to say and ppl will still believe it, because it’s expected from them to be truthful. Okay moving on!!)

As I said this ^ doesn’t rly matter, since it’s my personal opinion, idc if ppl disagree. But what I wanted to talk abt was the whole ‘jagi’ thing.

A lot of people are saying that “jagi” is a very common word used among close friends. I thought that was a bit weird, since I’ve been into Korea and Korean Culture long enough to know it’s used in romantical situations. I wasn’t sure tho, since I’m not Korean myself, so I decided to contact some of my friends. I’m studying Korean in University rn, so I know some Korean ppl (Korean students, Korean teachers, or just friends I met bcs of apps such as HelloTalk).

I asked a Korean teacher of mine for the meaning and use of the word ‘jagi’. I figured, since she’s not only Korean but also teaches Korean to foreigners as her profession, she should be able to explain this w/o difficulty.

According to her, you can indeed use the word among very close friends, or as an elderly to youngsters. However, she did also mention that only females do this, and guys do NOT usually* use this in non-romantical context, because he would appear to be gay or very feminine.

*so I guess, unless you are in privet, or you are openly-gay, you wouldn’t use this.

I also asked my exchange student for her opinion. She’s about 20yrs old, so I thought it would be helpful to ask her as well, because maybe nowadays “jagi” can be used among young ppl in other context (slang for example). (My teacher (prev screenshot) is very secretive about her age lol. But I guess she’s about 30yrs old, so maybe she’s not aware of slang among younger ppl).

This is what she said:

She as well said that girls sometimes use it among each other, but guys don’t. She also stated that it’s considered a to be a bit “naughty”(??)* to use this among friends.

*my vocab is not that rich yet, so I’m not sure of the exact meaning of this word. But as far as I know, it’s “naughty”. UPDATE: some readers pointed out that the translation is “in a playful way”; girls using among each other in a playful way. Thank you for clearing this up!! ^^

I also asked her if it would be considered gay to use it as a guy to another guy.
She answered, that it could be in a joking way* (A/N: when you look at the video, it doesn’t look like JI is joking tho, so I’m p sure he wasn’t fooling around), but she continued saying that it’s rather dumb to use this term in public (a guy to a guy), since ppl will suspect you to be homosexual.

*Neither one of these persons have seen the video/know the exact situation I was talking abt, so they didn’t have personal opinions on this specific matter. My friend just wanted to explain that even though it can be used in a joking way, it’s a bit dumb since ppl WILL think you’re gay.

So my thought on this matter is: when you look at the video, JI first looks around to see if no one is looking, then proceeds to call KS “jagi” to draw his attention (in some video (frm a diff angle) it would appear as if KS was already looking at JI when he called him, but that video starts later, and due to its angle you cannot read JI’s lips so I don’t think we can be certain. But looking at the first vid, KS did not look at JI before he called him (or maybe I’m blind lel)). Also the fact that they were in China, his (JI) mic was off (?), and ppl were focusing on Suho speaking, he might’ve not considered the possibility of fans noticing. Again, as many ppl stated, KS is the only one to respond, which would imply he’s used to JI calling him that. I also trust the Kfan analysis on the “jagi” thing, since it seems p legit and they are Korean after all.

Ok lol. Last but not least, this is kinda the only thing I wanna share on this matter, since I have enough shit going on irl and I don’t wish for my inbox to be filled with hatemail orsth. I’m not saying that you should believe everything i say, it’s up to you whether you trust me or not. But I persnally wanted to ask ppl I know, since I’m not rly fond of secondhand sources and stuff. 

I’d def recommend @cckaisoo, @jongsooyah and @faakeid for more analysis/theories/proof idk what else, regarding kadi.


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Why should anyone feel sorry for AE. The guy is working up his career. Who knows what the future holds. He's now touring with Stapleton, he gets to live the millionaire lifestyle free, lives with her, probably has a good chunck of his bills paid by her. What's not to love? He's dating a famous person with vices he shares. He hit the jackpot. They get wasted & high together with his crew, write songs together & love on each other. What more would a 30yr old Americana artist want.

Good points. It’s just that he has that slightly scared, dazed and confused, look on his face all the time. Maybe it’s just the weed. 🤷🏼‍♀️

- B