The third and last print I’ve currently got in stock. ‘Dead Winter Days’, inspired by Agalloch. 30x30cm on Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl. Available on Etsy and, among a lot of others, in my shop.

Note: I will not stock up on prints larger than 20x20cm or Din A4 due to storage problems. So once these are gone, they’ll be made to order only, which results in higher prices and longer waiting times. 

Nom Kinnear King. Margarita, 2011.

London based artist Nom Kinnear-King has a BA in Fine Art Print and Photo Media from Norwich School of Art and Design in the UK . Her paintings and drawings have been featured on Creep Machine, Caarpaccio.(Spain), in Death Mook (Australia) and currently featured in ‘ Ballad of’ magazine (London) and as the cover art for French Novel “L’Ecole des dingues” by Cornelia Read.

” My art has always been focused on creating female characters, the world around them and the narrative this creates. It is a world full of precious objects, secrecy and hopeful magic. These oil paintings and mixed medium drawings trail along a between the line of real and imaginary. My note book is vital to me, my scrapbook and camera of perhaps next importance. I begin a piece with sketching thoughts, after which go about collecting imagery the collageing these together to make the final piece and letting it develop along the way. I am inspired by a mixed up jumble of things from eastern Europe to South America, from Tom Waits to Amelie to a ornament found at a boot sale.” (bio from artist’s website)


Flower Tower by Chris Palmer

Wow I spent so long on this piece! I’ve been pretty much working on it non-stop since I saw aozoraorigami’s post on it!

The opening and collapsing really got me the first time but the second time round I was a lot quicker despite it being so much smaller. It does remind me of the Arabesque Star by Lopez Figueroa that I made a while ago so I would recommend trying that model out before attempting this one - the collapsing technique is very similar!
(Convenient link to instructions video I made)

I used 30x30cm paper for this and I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller if you want to do three layers, the top layer is about the size of my thumb as it is! 

Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Tangerine Towels Face Cloth 30x30cm

Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Tangerine Towels Face Cloth 30x30cm

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These luxurious supersoft Egyptian Combed Cotton towels are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. They are a heavyweight 600gsm towel which are highly absorbent, durable and have a lovely supersoft feel to them. The towel is available in face cloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet . Also available in other colours. Sizes: Face – 30x30cm Hand – 50x90cm Bath – 70x130cm Bath Sheet –…

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Well, I visited a Pets Place today. They sold bearded dragons and leopard geckos on sand and the enclosures were literally scattered with poop. They were walking and sleeping on it and there were dead feeders everywhere. Not to mention the water was completely green.
The enclosures for the geckos were roughly 30x30cm and they were cohabbed (like, 4 animals). Same for the beardies.

If we had one in the country, I’d call an RSPCA to confescate those animals and make them pay. They all looked close to dying.