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Good god Blake. What do you use to dye and bleach your hair? My colors are never that good. ;-;

i use loreal quick blue bleach with a 30vol developer, and manic panic colors!! i love this combination bc the damage to my hair & scalp is minimal. manic panic is just a colorant, no developer or activator, so there’s nothing harsh going onto my head. and quick blue is gentle on my scalp and only fries my hair a little, but it still turns my hair starch white. nothing a little mane & tail deep conditioning treatment can’t fix! :D

and my secret to getting the manic panic to stick is the ion color brilliance line! i use this before i apply the color, and this after, and it turns out vibrant and sticks for months!

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How do you colour hair? o: Tell me yer secret.

i bleach my hair twice (just using 30vol peroxide + Blue bleaching powder) when my hair is ‘virgin’ again and then use Pravana chromasilk dyes until it all grows out again :) i’ve found they’re the best for longer lasting vivid hair colours if thats what you meant? It’s all done by me/with a helping hand from friends/mum (for the harder to reach areas)

edit: the roots gradient you might seen in my hair is normally by accident/unintentional bc the top layers of hair fade faster than the ones closer to the scalp so when i apply my next layer of dye i get really cool effects :)

Late post from the weekend. Color looks much different in person. Did an outdoor lighting picture in the shade and under the sun. Used @redken5thave (4oz) 6Mv + (1oz) violet with 30vol. Straightened her hair with my @chihaircare straightener and used Healthy @sexyhair soy renewal argan oil
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My client @realitybyte_s .base formula is @schwarzkopfusa 6-12 20vol. I spray keralift protector all in blond ends. #blondme 9+ 30vol was used to #balayage with foils overlay. Final gloss of 9,5-1 of Vibrance gloss and tone 13 vol for 20mins. by guy_tang http://ift.tt/1egT2SP