More of the 4 hour process from yesterday. 🐊 First I evened out Stacey’s haircut and then began lightening with @wellaeducation Blondor, 30vol and tons of @brazilianbondbuilder. 😋 Some of that old special effects purple wouldn’t budge 🙄 but I’m a firm believer in working with what you have. I don’t like pushing hair past what I think it can handle, plus if you know the opacity and strength of your vivids then you can break the rules of not having a completely even canvas. 👊🏻 I then mixed 6 custom shades all mixed with #b3 to create our multifaceted sea goddess hair. 🌊 I even snuck some of the new @kenraprofessional neon green in there. ✅ Thanks for trusting me, Stacey! #lyssdidmyhair #hairtransformation #inspiredbyb3 #technicolortendrils #modernsalon #behindthechair (at Stylin’)

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