Happy 30th birthday Lionel Messi

I can’t believe that it’s he king’s birthday, just thirty years ago a king, a legend was brought into our world. I find it so hard to believe that I’ve been so lucky enough to watch this superhuman with my own two eyes. For everything he has done for Barcelona and the Argentinian National Team. For being the best in the world, and giving me so many memories. I’ve learnt so much from him, and as much as I can tell you about Lionel Messi none of my words are enough to describe the art that is Lionel Messi. My dad use to tell me so many stories about him when I was younger, and I never believed him about what he use to say. But the first ever match I watched him play, he left me speechless. Magic, superhuman, a king and a god. Happy Birthday Leo♡

Happy Birthday Darren Criss!

Thank you for your art and your talent and your kindness and for the bits of your politics and yourself that you let us see…

For him:

And for her:

And for this incarnation too:

For your prolific musicality and physicality:

And for all the little things you do in between…

You are my favorite. Happy 30th birthday! Bring on the next decade of art.

Rooster Teeth if when they make Bumbleby canon:

And us, the Bee shippers, so shocked because we didn’t see it coming at all:

as I turn over my calendar, I’ve realised this sounds like Dan is urging me to nurture my plants until they outlive Phil himself.

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